3 simple strategies to minimize the cost and maximize the fun for your next vacation [Money Tip]

by Belinda Rosenblum

File Mar 10, 9 59 42 AM resizedAre you tired of postponing that vacation you really want to take?

Well I just got an email from a client who said, I booked my trip!!! The kids and I are going on a Disney Cruise in 3 weeks!!! My first vacation EVER with my kids (aside from family stuff). I was so excited I cried. It feels good to keep playing big and keep proving to myself that not only am I worth it, but I am more and more stepping into the person I desire to become.

And it got me thinking… going on a great vacation is a combination of having enough income to cover it (and the related mindset to charge/ask for it, my client’s case) or having the money saved up already.

AND the more you are able to stretch your dollars, the less money you’ll actually need to cover it. (Look how much fun you can have just hanging in a hammock!)


Instead of resigning yourself to waiting another year, let’s make your trip happen in 2017 with these 3 simple strategies:

1 – Make up a spending plan (yes, a vacation “budget” of sorts) so that you know how much you will really need. (This is your “most likely” not your “best case” so that you can plan appropriately.) Beyond including the largest basics, such as airfare/ car expenses, hotel/ house rental, and rental car, be sure to also consider food, entertainment (such as theme park tickets), and other incidentals that can all add up.

2 – Then review each item and consider how you can minimize the cost and maximize the benefit. For instance, on the airfare, if you are flexible on dates, you can travel midweek, keep an eye out for airline sales, and set alerts for the lowest fares (My client above just booked a $175 roundtrip instead of a usual $500/ticket using these tips!).  For lodging, you can rent a timeshare, a house or apartment via airbnb.com or vrbo.com, or use travel points (check out AwardMapper.com or HotelHustle.com) instead. For your rental car, check out last week’s article highlighting AutoSlash.com. For entertainment, you can check for online discounts, advance purchase savings, or Groupon.

3 – Ask your friends, family, and online Facebook groups (like our public Own Your Money or private Money Makers Academy) for suggestions in the areas you are traveling to. People love to share the “deals” that they scored and can share with you.

If Disney is your vacation of choice, you have LOTS of options to look for savings, such as Mousesavers.com, ThemeParkInsider.com, OrlandoOnTheCheap.com, or if you can qualify as “media” (as a blogger or journalist), you can get two (2) 1-Day Park Hopper tickets once every 12 months at http://wdwnews.com/courtesyticketpolicy/. Plus, check out these resources to Take Your Family To Disney World For Free or Visit the Happiest Place on Earth on a Budget: 6 Ways to Save Money at Disney World.

Once you have minimized the costs and know how much you will need, you’re ready to jump start your savings, so…


Next check out these 7 simple ways to save $2000 for your summer vacation. They include 3 tips that I shared so you can save thousands of dollars for your next trip: https://www.gobankingrates.com/personal-finance/7-simple-ways-save-2000-summer-vacation/

Plus these new articles answer questions I get almost every week…!

How Can I Keep Being Motivated Paying Off Student Loan Debt? By Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars

How to Budget When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck By Alaya Linton of Hope and Cents

Lastly, an inside interview direct with Anthony Robbins by my colleague Larry Ludwig of Investor Junkie on Tony’s new book “Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook” – my favorite lines: ““If you want to have financial freedom for your family, there is no way but by becoming an investor.” and “I think we’re trained to be consumers from the time we’re children, and we’re not trained to be owners.” Yes Tony, let’s help everyone own their money and own their lives.

Who says taking control of your money means scrimp and have no life…? Certainly not me! Good financial management allows both – the fun and the savings. #FundYourFun

Have a great weekend – and let me know where you want to head on vacation so we can get you the money to start packing your bags!

PS> As promised, here is the link to the new Go Banking Rates article I was featured in: 7 simple ways to save $2000 for your summer vacation.

Comment  below and let me know which way you are going to get started with!


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