5 Ways to Fall into Cash

by Belinda Rosenblum

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Craigslist, eBay, a garage sale – these are all great ways to sell your stuff and generate cash. If you’ve exhausted these options, or are looking for other things to do on your upcoming fall weekends, how can you “create” cash for yourself?
Below we’ve included 5 unique and often-overlooked ways to convert what you’re not using into cash or services that people will pay you for:

1) Review your current bills

Review your latest service bills. Are you paying for services you’re not using? Cable channels that you don’t watch, or can’t even find on your remote control? More phone/texting services than you need? Cancel services that you don’t need and call your service provider to see if they will give you a discount for bundling certain services with them.

2) Maximize your use of reward programs

Many people today are part of reward programs either through credit cards, hotels, or airlines. When you’re planning a vacation or planning an activity, don’t forget to see if your reward program will allow you to use points or get a gift certificate for the vendor instead of expending additional cash. Also, sites like Points.com allow you to convert certain points into gift cards for a variety of services and stores.

3) Leverage a unique skill

Ever had someone say “I wish I could do that” about something that you’re good at? Think about teaching a class on your unique skill or trade/barter your skill with others who are good at something else. Either way will mean more cash in your pocket by charging for your skill or not paying for someone else’s time.

4) Sell or donate your books

Sell books on sites like Amazon.com or Cash4Books.com Some sites pay only for newer books so make sure to read the requirements. Also, many sites provide free shipping and charge only a minimal service fee for the sale. Donating your books to your local library is a great win-win too – keep an itemized list of the books that you donated for a tax deduction and enjoy more room in your home or office while sharing your books with your community.

5) Reclaiming money

Ever wonder whether there is money waiting for you out in the “universe”?  Check out these websites to see if you can find any lost money for yourself or other people in your life: www.MissingMoney.com, www.PBGC.gov, www.IRS.gov, www.Unclaimed.org, www.TreasuryDirect.gov. Who doesn’t love free money (even if it really was yours in the first place)? I reclaimed over $1000 from an old Citibank account my father had opened in New York over 20 years ago!

How will you use the next $500 (or more) that you generate with these 5 tips?

If you have any more interesting ways that you “create” cash for yourself, email us at info@ownyourmoney.com to let us know. Now is your time to create and welcome the cash available to you as you own your money today!

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