This only happens once a year [Abundant Program Registration Closing Tomorrow!]

by Belinda Rosenblum

You may have missed our webinar last week. I get it – not all opportunities are right for everyone!

Personally, I hate when I miss out on something, though, so here’s just what you’d be passing up.

You see, we only offer Abundant once a year and the doors are closing in less than 33  hours.

Tomorrow night’s deadline for Abundant is coming up fast.

Be AbundantWhat’s Abundant, you ask?

Well, all the details are right here.

On a more personal level, though, Abundant is the program that helped Mary Ann go from afraid of money to confident, and from constant money fights with her husband to discussing finances with ease.

It’s also the program that helped Nicole go from her “worst financial situation ever” to increasing income, spending less, and finally having the money to go on an international vacation with all the money saved up before they got on the plane.

Like I said, all the details about Abundant are in the link above, but before you head over there, I wanted to tell you a few more quick things.

One, we offer so much personal time and advice in Abundant that we limit it to an intimate group of 20 students. (Really, imagine how only 20 people for weekly live sessions creates such a supportive, safe and confidential environment to share your challenges, fears, and soon your successes too!)

We’ve already filled 9 spots, so that means we only have 11 spots left.

Two, enrollment closes tomorrow night, so you don’t have a lot of time left to make this decision.

That’s ok, though, because…

Three, everyone who applies for Abundant goes through a simple application process to make sure it’s a good fit for them. If it turns out we realize together that this is not the right opportunity for you now, your deposit is completely refundable.

So now you can go read all about Abundant and decide to apply if it’s right for you.

You can make the choice to move forward and earn more, spend less, and change the course of your life – and remember, because of our refundable deposit, this is a 100% risk-free move.

Are you ready?

We hope to see you in Abundant!

PS – I’m the type that would rather invest more to learn faster and direct from a mentor and in a similarly small group environment. For 4 years, I invested $23,000+/ year to study with an expert mentor, even at the start when much of the cost had to go on a credit card. I chose that level of service though instead of a larger group program she offered of $10,000 or even her more DIY options of $497 each.

And I don’t regret that investment for a moment. In those same 4 years, I brought in over $830,000 in revenue, paid off that debt, and “launched” 5 different online programs, my book, and … 2 babies – that’s a 900% Return on Investment, not to mention the peace of mind, fun, family, and clarity I got along the way!

This kind of an opportunity is not right for everyone – and that’s totally ok.

If you know that you would work best…

✅ With me personally explaining the step-by-step money training and customizing it for your situation each week

✅ Getting templates for everything to take the math and guesswork out of money

✅ On the fast track, so we have your whole situation figured out and on track in less than 3 months

✅ With specific direction so you can pay off your debt/ save more and finally stop worrying about money
✅ When someone directly checks in with you regularly to help you follow-through (yes, that means weekly accountability), and
✅ A tight knit family of empowered action-takers…

Then this opportunity is literally made for you!

If this IS you, then I’d love for you to join us today  – and claim one of those last 11 spaces as yours!

PPS – If you have any questions if you should even apply, I and my husband Marc will be available directly on chat today/tonight or at 855-866-6398 ext 0. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stay tuned on Facebook Live today for some surprises too!

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