3 Months for the Big Money “WIN!” [Abundant Program Open!]

by Belinda Rosenblum

I am SO excited to announce that Abundant is now open for applications – so excited that I couldn’t wait until Monday to check in with you on this!

All the details are right here

Over the last few days, we’ve hosted a live workshop with a taste of the training you’ll find in Abundant, had fantastic live coaching sessions with early-bird participants, and started changing lives and futures for the better.

Let me ask you a question – what do you have planned for the next 90 days?

Probably work, family obligations, weekend chores – normal stuff, right? (As it’s Sunday, it got me thinking how every week seems to be like every other week…)

What if in those same 90 days you could completely change your relationship with money?

What if you could grow your income, multiply your savings, and shrink your debt – all without working harder?

I KNOW – it might sound too good to be true, but it’s completely possible with the tools we teach in Abundant. Don’t just take my word for it, though –

Before Mary Ann and her husband joined Abundant, any discussions they had about money turned into fights. Because of this, Mary Ann was afraid of money altogether and didn’t know how to dig her family out –

After Abundant, though? Big changes.

“As a result of participating in the Abundant program, my husband and I can talk about money without fighting, we are tracking our spending and we’ve found “money leaks” – awareness of those money leaks helps us redirect those dollars toward our new room above the garage. Best of all I feel more confident about money! WIN!

Take the plunge – you will learn lots, have fun and will be guided with love to your goals!”

- Mary Ann

Christine’s story is a little different – she was starting a new business, but felt a lot of anxiety about it because she still didn’t have control over her finances. She’d literally been praying for someone to give her guidance with her money and her business, then she found Abundant –

“I didn’t realize I was carrying around money stories that were standing in the way of truly living the life I came to live. I had done lots of healing work and released many stories, however these money stories were buried but Belinda has a way of helping you dive deep into them.

I received support where I was able to release these stories and redirect my thoughts. Also, direct teaching and hand outs that helped me own my money.

Belinda is so knowledgeable and intuitive. I feel confident that I will see the numbers in my business that we set as a goal, which in turn is making me feel happy and confident in all areas of my life.

Abundant is amazing and an eye opening experience. One a-ha moment after the other!”

- Christine

Those are just a few of the success stories from Abundant. I designed this program specifically with live coaching, group support, and all the tools you need to get those kinds of results, too.

You’re receiving this email because you know your financial health is not perfect, and you’d really like to improve it.

If you want to take the first step, go here and get all the details on Abundant.

If you think the program might be a good fit for you, submit your application with a 100% fully refundable deposit. Because we put SO much time and personalized attention into this program, we’re only accepting a total of 13 more students, so don’t delay.

Enrollment is open today (yay!), but it’s only open for 4 more days, or until the remainder of our spots are sold out.

Is the next 90 days your time to completely makeover your finances and future?

Click here to learn about Abundant.

Once you’re in control of your finances, you can experience confidence in all areas of your life. Abundant can help you get there.

Here’s to your success – enjoy your day!

P.S. If you’re still on the fence and want to see what kind of information we cover in Abundant, the workshop replay is up for a few more hours – you can watch it here. A word of warning, though – once you’ve seen what kind of progress we can make in Abundant, you’re going to want it for yourself!

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