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Getting financially stable doesn’t have to take a lifetime.


The monthly step-by-step program that quickly shows you how to make more and save more

– without the confusion, overwhelm, and stress.

What is The Money Makers Academy?

Turn money into what it actually can be… your friend, ally, and a tool for the life you want.

You CAN have enough money to live comfortably and afford the things that make life worth living.

It’s not too late to live the life you want.

Have peace of mind, more control over your life, and confidence knowing exactly what to do with your money.

You will turn your entire financial outlook around.

In fact, once you learn the better way to do things – the things that no one has taught you – you can learn it once, and know it for life. Then there’s no stopping you. Even if there’s a recession…Even if you have a big money emergency…

You’ll always know how to come out on top.

These are some of the transformations you can expect after joining me in the Money Makers Academy:

On the outside (you’ll grow your net worth)

You are now using the simpler, easier, better, faster way to best earn, budget, and save your money.

You have money management and organization systems that work – so you get to spend AND save!

 You say bye-bye to paying fees and interest charges on your credit cards

You feel unafraid to open bills

You feel confident asking for a raise

You get your spouse and family on board

You’ll stop wasting money on things that don’t make you happy

If you’re an entrepreneur, you charge (and get!) what you’re worth, ask clients to work with you, and don’t have outstanding balances from clients who owe you

You invest with certainty and allow your money to work for you

…And on the inside (you’ll build your self-worth)…

 You get – and stay – motivated because you always have a place to come back to when you get stuck

You shift from scarcity mentality to one of abundance

You truly understand what it means to own your money (and live it naturally)

You are not afraid to make waves or have important conversations about money

You’ll gravitate toward other people who have a healthy relationship to money

You won’t zone out in conversations with friends because you’re worried about how you’re going to afford the meal

You’ll wake up in other parts of your life—and watch your health, relationships, and ability to have fun improve

You’ll access that sense of humor you forgot you had

You’ll stop taking care of everyone else’s needs first or worrying about other’s opinions – at the sacrifice of what you need and what is true for you

When you join the Money Makers Academy, you always have a place to go for honest, objective feedback

In one year, you won’t recognize the powerful, financially savvy person you’ve become.

What it’s like to learn from Belinda…


“Belinda Rosenblum, you certainly have helped me become a warrior instead of a worrier around my finances! It’s so freeing and empowering to shine the light on all aspects of my finances (and in all the dreaded boxes of “I’ll deal with it sometime later” paperwork!) It’s so empowering to have all the information. I’ve discovered that some of the areas I most dreaded and procrastinated getting the $$ facts around, have often turned out to be in much better order than I had imagined. There’s such freedom and power when you Own Your Money! I refer to Belinda Rosenblum as my “money wizardess”! If you haven’t taken any of her programs, or gotten private coaching with her, you should! She brings such a warmth and safety to her coaching, making it so much easier to get real around such a stressful and often “loaded” subject. I highly recommend her! Thank you Belinda Rosenblum!”

Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkins


“Before working with Belinda, I was approximately $10,000 in debt. As a single mother of three teenage girls, I was not opening mail in fear that my money issues were too large to deal with.

As a result of my work with Belinda, I have paid off ALL of my $10,000 in debt, increased my retirement savings, and continue to evaluate my expenses. I have had conversations with my employer about my future at their company. I have been able to assist my children with their decisions about financing their college educations. When I have purchased furniture, I paid it off early on a no interest deal.

Working with Belinda changed my attitude about my finances. I thought I would be in debt for the rest of my life and now I know that is no longer true.”

Shellie Franklin
Shellie Franklin


“We just can’t say enough about what Belinda and Own Your Money have done for our family and our company. As small business owners and parents of 3 children, we came to Belinda with a desperate plea to help us get on top of a mountain of debt, plan for our children’s education and grow our company to a size that will support the lifestyle we really envision for ourselves and our children.

After just three months, we have reduced our monthly expenses to a much more manageable level, created a debt-management plan that will allow us to be debt-free in 5 years and begun to map out a business plan for the coming year that will have us well on the way to financial security. We both feel much more confident about our relationship with money and are dreaming bigger than we ever thought possible. Imagine money discussions being fun and exciting rather than anxiety-provoking and destructive! We never would have believed it, but here we are, and here we will stay!”

David and Mari-Chris
David and Mari-Chris


“It’s amazing what you can do when you just pay attention and stop feeling guilty!

The weight of the debt I had was something I wasn’t even aware of. I truly feel a lightness now! I see life without the debt, which is super exciting. There are so many possibilities for our future savings and investing. It’s about what you gain and not what you lose by doing this.”

Meg D.
Meg D.


“Belinda is an amazing financial coach. She has helped me to achieve goals that have taunted me for years around money. She helps me to stay on track, provides me with tangible insights and gives me the strength I need to continue to move toward my professional and personal dreams. She has been an invaluable asset to my life.”

Judy G.
Judy G.


“I had such an “aha” moment on how I unconsciously thought about money… I now know that I can be rich, deserve to be rich, and will be rich, and even have the tools and team to get started!”



“I’ve always owned my business and my passion to teach, but I’m realizing that my self-worth for my skill set was neglected until I met with Belinda from OYM. We appreciated the expert guidance with a humane touch with what we needed to do—and the sounding board you gave me and my team. We absolutely see ongoing value over the next 1-5 years for us, and we look forward to working with OYM in the future!”

Amy G.
Amy G.


“Because of this, many things happened in just 30 days! I implemented a new group coaching program that made me $4000, my rental house got rented($855/month). I received guidance on how to look at my situation fearlessly and take action! You should definitely take the program. We are not trained to deal with money issues in society that’s why more than 50% of people are struggling or in debt. This program teaches you that money is not the enemy! THANK YOU MONEY GODDESS BELINDA!”



“I joined Money Makers Academy in October and WOW! There were tears and deep revelations that have helped me changed my mindset with money.

I was definitely living with the “ostrich effect” with my money. When forced to face money I quickly did it and ran to put my head back in the sand.

My successes so far are my relationships – First my relationship with money! Second my relationship with Husband especially regarding our finances!

Now I actually enjoy working on my money and finding ways to save! AND since I began taking an interest in money, my husband is back working on our finances too. Now we are working together!! And without an arguments!! (Well, most of the time lol!)

When you have had a lifetime of a negative mindset around money or made poor choices around money; it doesn’t just stop. They are deep within us, but it is up to US to decide if we are going to stick with those stories, mindsets and patterns or let them go so we can begin living the life we are suppose to live.

A full life where we are not avoiding or burying our heads but where we are addressing our debts, our income and liking it because we know we are worth the time and the hard work.”



“Since starting the course last year, I have paid off over $18,000 of credit cards and a car loan! This is the first time in 30 years that I don’t have a car payment…oh was a feeling!!! What a weight has been lifted of my shoulders I think I even walk a little taller.

This course has been life changing for me! It has opened my eyes and made me look at my story in a very gentle way with not beating myself up like I have in the past, which is why my story has now changed and especially with the help of my money coach Tamra Nichols. It really helps having a coach hold you accountable every week and to have someone celebrate your wins!”

Susan Herrmann
Susan Herrmann


“A year ago I was overwhelmed and felt like a failure regarding debt and little growth in our business over the past ten years.

I figured I would always have debt. Belinda opened my eyes to the real possibility of being debt free.

The greatest gift of the program has been the money mindset. I’ve changed my relationship with money and feel more optimistic and in charge of my finances.

I am delighted to report my wife and I have worked together and in 10 months have saved over $4,000.00 in transferring our balances to 0% interest and in creating a household budget!! I just began a new side job… that has already increased my income by $500.00 this month!!”

Pat Perdue
Pat Perdue


“If I only had 3 minutes to exchange words with someone that would significantly change their life; it would be that it would be a massive mistake to not get involved with Belinda’s program!

The group calls were very impactful for me and gave me a whole other view of others and the forgiveness possible around money.

I am making a greater income in my business… I am really enjoying calculating, strategizing and creating towards how I view money. I am so grateful for the team at OYM. It is life changing to be here.”


Who I am…

I’m Belinda Rosenblum, the wealth expert with a big heart.

I run a multi-six figure business, spend quality time with my two small kids every day, and crossed $1 million in net worth at 33.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I know what it’s like to feel crushed by bills and frozen with all there is to learn. In my 20s, I became the financial head of my family after my father suffered a stroke.

There were multiple credit cards to juggle, 7 different bank accounts, and I didn’t know what to do first.

Belinda Rosenblum

So I did nothing – until I could no longer keep living a lie that I had everything handled. I didn’t – not by a longshot. And I was now putting my whole family at risk.

I stacked all the family bills and mail in three piles on my dining room table. (If you have any similar piles you’ve been avoiding, you can imagine how scary collecting them all in one place can be.) They were taller than I was at the table. My months of avoiding was now staring me in the face – and felt as if they could crush me.

But it was in that moment that I chose to reclaim my life. Reclaim my health. Reclaim my wealth.

I Stepped Up To Own My Money – and Own My Life.

That day I made a decision to turn things around. It took me a while to learn how, but I got support and committed to it.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to showing others how to make more, save more, and make friends with money so they can finally get ahead.

What I know from teaching thousands of people is that it doesn’t have to be so hard anymore. And you can learn in a fraction of the time.

And who I’m NOT…

I’m not promising a million dollars overnight. Sure, there are a lot of “experts” (or scam artists) who do. They just want to get you in, take your money, and spit you out.

I do things differently.

I built my business and my reputation on the belief that if you:

  • Learn the right things to do with your money & set yourself up so you can DO them…
  • Get help to let go of the shame of past mistakes & adopt a positive mindset for success…
  • Get support to let go of avoidance & overwhelm so taking action becomes second nature…
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded action takers to cheer you on…

Introducing the

Money Makers Academy | Let Your Money Fund the Life You Want with Belinda Rosenblum(1)
A year of robust training and a supportive community that gives you everything you need to stop stressing and start using money to make life fun again.

Achieve Your Money Dreams In Less Than An Hour a Week

The program consists of four building blocks broken up into week-by-week lessons. You’ll focus on one section at a time to set yourself up for abundance – even if you have inconsistent income, marks on your credit, or haven’t been able to stick with a system before.

Mindset & Earning

No matter what your situation, start increasing the money that comes in NOW.

  • Take the mystery out of getting more money and getting paid what you’re worth.
  • Turn “money” into a conversation that increases your bank balance.
  • Take stress, fear, and shame out of the equation.
  • Become a master at reframing every situation to be a money-making opportunity.

Credit & Debt

Know when to use credit and debt to your advantage – and how to get out of debt quickly.

  • Understand credit scores once and for all… so that you can get the highest score possible and get better rates on a new home, car, CC, or even for your next job or apt.
  • Master what to pay off when, and do it in a fraction of the time.
  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars a year on interest – and put that money to good use.

Tracking & Spending

Enjoy spending money because you’re confident that you have enough.

  • Learn to love paying for the things you want and need – so you stop avoiding and instead feel great when you need to pull out your wallet.
  • Learn where your money goes and have more control over where it’s going.
  • Learn to make “boring things” like tracking & budgeting awesome, the smart way. Address changes that need to be made initially first, then we’ll help you identify the 3-5 items that are your biggest money leaks. Then you can focus on those without feeling every penny is a restriction. (You will likely even get some FUN money out of the process!)
  • Make “scraping by” a thing of the past.
  • Know how to spend money smartly on things that bring lasting joy.

Savings & Investing

Increase your money while you sleep (and sleep better) with smart investments.

  • Set yourself up for retirement.
  • Decode the lingo so you understand what you invest in. Feel confident that you’re setting yourself up for success to be secure. Now is your chance. You can’t do it 15 years ago and 15 years from now could be too late. Let’s do it now.
  • Get started funding the perfect vacation, car, house, or that big ticket dream item.
  • Implement while you learn – consolidate those confusing multiple accounts.
  • Understand your 5 different insurance options and when and how you should be buying what to fit with your life plan.

Emerge from the 12 months having these major things handled.

The Curriculum

For each of the 12 months, you’ll get short trainings, support, and Q&A time to build your successful future where money funds your dreams – without the stress and confusion.

Week #1: Training

Get step-by-step lessons you need to make money work for you. I don’t just tell you what to do – I show you how using online tools, exercises, and hacks to keep it both fun and easy!

You might know some of what you’ll learn here – and other things will be completely new.  And it’s these gaps which are REALLY costing you money, so I’ll teach you the important information you’re missing which is keeping you from meeting your money goals.

Week #2: Implementation and Mindset Support

Break through your own roadblocks and confusion so you can follow through and get results.  I want you to change your future, and that means getting out of your OWN way and making it happen!  Our inner game is critical to mastering our outer game, so mindset is essential to you taking the action you need. 

Week #3: Training in Action

See case studies and success stories from people, just like you, who decided to transform their financial futures. Learn what to do, and what not to do, from people who’ve been there and done that. You’ll also get select advanced trainings from guest experts who will take your knowledge to the next level!

Week #4: Group Q&A

Meet live with me, our coaches, and our incredible community with our monthly Live Q+A’s so you get your questions answered and have the guidance you need along the way.

Bonus: Group Money Date

If you know what it’s like to have all sorts of emotional stuff come up the moment you think about
dealing with money, you’ll love the Money Date. In this virtual hangout, we start out with inspiration and
head right into getting ‘er done – going through bills, mail, and paperwork and get it taken care of, together!

And if you own a business…

You need all this and more.

That’s why in The Money Makers Academy Business Level,
you get both the Essentials Level and specialized training to grow your business profitably.

As a Business Academy member you get a monthly…

Business Q&A
How-to template
Training video

Plus bonus! Twice yearly virtual ‘Get It Done’ sessions

With the Business Academy, you’ll…

  • Find your DREAM clients (the ones who’ll pay what you want to earn)
  • Master the zero-drama process for raising your prices
  • Confidently state your pricing and packages, ask for money — and feel great about receiving it
  • Manage your business money #likeaboss (because you ARE!)
  • Collect payments painlessly knowing ALL your options (like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, and more!)
  • Handle people who don’t pay with ease (you’ll love my surefire plug-and-play email template!)
  • Create an easy, streamlined banking process which makes you squeal with delight every time you see what’s in there (cha-ching!)
  • Spot your fastest route to fast cash and fast-track you there!
  • Create a reliable revenue stream (so you never have to stress about unpredictable income again)
  • Rest assured knowing your legal assets are covered
  • Expertly track money how it best suits YOU – whether it’s a good ol’ spreadsheet, Freshbooks, or Quickbooks
  • Tap into and unlock the hidden resistance which keeps your business (and bank account) small
  • Make your accountant’s jaw drop (and even school them a thing or two) since you’ll be tax savvy — never get stuck with a ‘surprise’ $10K bill in April
  • Develop online programs & courses which rake in SERIOUS money (I’ve brought in over $500k+ in the last 5 years!)

Ready to grow a profitable business?

(Business Level limited to 30 students)

Enrollment is now closed but get on our Waiting List!

Sign up now for our exclusive VIP waitlist to gain early access (no wait lines, system overloads
on sign up day, etc.), plus you’ll be able to take advantage of the early-bird bonuses!

Dana Chapman


“The mere thought of starting to track & organize my mail, paperwork & cash flow totally overwhelmed me. I can’t even begin to tell you the power it’s brought back into my life, even with growing my business. I’ve had amazing opportunities come my way. It is directly related to paying attention to my money every day. It’s true what Belinda says… You really CAN feel joyful about money. I wasn’t quite a believer before the program. I wanted to believe it, but it wasn’t my current reality. This program truly inspired me to just do it! Within two months of completing the Make Money Joyful program, I doubled my revenue from January to February, and then doubled that from February to March! Now I’m doing $10k+ a month. THANK YOU!!!”

Dana Chapman
Margaret Aranyosi


“I was afraid to look at our business finances for any length of time because whenever I did it seemed like bad news. I had a lot of grief and even panic over the fact that most of the time our money was spent before we even collected it. I did not know what to do to change that picture and felt like I had no choice.

I doubled the cost of my largest contract and was able to hire another person to help me with delivering the work. I also collected over $10k in outstanding debt owed to the business. I feel like for the first time ever in my life I understand where our business money is coming from and which clients/jobs we’re better off saying “no” to. I’ve learned how to manage spending and saving to “close the leaks” where money was flowing out with no benefit to us. If you are willing to get a little uncomfortable for a little while for the sake of learning how to be truly happy with your finances for the rest of your life, then you are in the right place.”

Margaret Aranyosi
Sonja Viehmeyer


“I noticed that I have avoided my money for quite a few years and that it was about time to claim responsibility and take some action to pay my debt off. I know now that I can handle my debt, that I don’t need to be ashamed of it, and that there are gorgeous people who are absolutely willing to help me keep going. But most important was the awareness that I do not need to be ashamed or get emotional about money. It really is just money.”

Sonja Viehmeyer
Janell Pineda


“And of course I love the financial wins journal because even me with a very small income (at the time) am somehow manifesting BIG wins, with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what it is I already have. I am soooo grateful for this forum and the positive ways that it has affected my life, thank you for allowing me to share and celebrate the wins!!”

Janell Pineda
Peggy Davalt


“These modules are completely and totally inspirational. They are chuck full of valuable information. Belinda…you are an amazing individual and I am blessed to have found your programs.”

Peggy Davalt


“I felt completely lost, financially irresponsible, and disorganized. Belinda taught me how to take action steps and stop avoiding out of fear and denial. This has been one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my life! It’s the best money I have ever spent because I am moving towards a healthy financial future. Belinda has put together a program that works in real life.”



“Better than a diet! How many pounds equal nearly two years of avoidance and denial? Thanks to Belinda, I’ve caught up on two years in back tax filings. I feel lighter every day!”



“Belinda is awesome at what she does to help you get to the “core” of the matter. I learned a tremendous amount about being a better steward of my money and to truly make it possible to own my money.”



“I advise others to take this program without hesitation. You will not regret any part of it. It is alive. It is functional. It’s powerful. It’s magical…”



“I was unconscious about money, especially about spending. But Belinda was non-judgmental and inspired me to take action. It feels as though the universe is supporting you.”



“I was really floundering with my finances. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Belinda gave me loads of information to get me transforming my financial situation. I no longer internalize money issues as black marks. It’s just something to work through.”



“Excellent tools to become organized and get focused about my money priorities!”



“I felt trapped and really lost in my financial madness. I was desperate for a way to get out and gain control instead of being controlled. Belinda gave me this and I’m excited about getting my life on track!”



“Life was pretty darn good…except I always seemed to be a hiccup away from debtor’s prison. I seemed to have a belief that money either blocked the flow or when it flowed in, it flowed right back out, and I wanted to change that belief. Well, Own Your Money is just what it advertised: I changed my belief and became a responsible manager.”

Dyrene Bell


“Thank you Belinda for taking the scary out of money!”

Dyrene Bell


“DO IT! Working with Belinda has been life changing, literally.”


Enrollment is now closed but get on our Waiting List!

Sign up now for our exclusive VIP waitlist to gain early access (no wait lines, system overloads
on sign up day, etc.), plus you’ll be able to take advantage of the early-bird bonuses!