I thought I was a bad mother [Release the shame and learn the skills — for your money in the Money Makers Academy]

by Belinda Rosenblum

As my son turned 2, we had some concerns that he wasn’t talking, running, jumping, and processing as expected for his age.

But I didn’t want to believe it was true. He was only 2 — how could he already be behind?

I resisted getting testing at first because I created a story that if he really was behind, then it meant I was a bad mother.

After talking myself off the ledge and getting some support from friends and family, I took him to an extensive 3 hours of testing by 4 specialists.

Even in the moment, I was torn to make him seem better than he was, or be totally honest with the evaluators (and myself) about his current level of skills.

When it was confirmed that our son had a developmental delay, I was devastated.

All I could think was, “Is there something I could have done to prevent this?”

Then I felt like an even WORSE mother for not taking action!

(I’m not saying this was rational… but I was stuck in feeling bad that it was happening.)

Once I realized that my internal game was off, causing me to have this heart-wrenching shame, I saw that it was getting in the way of my ability to DO something about it.

Only then could I realize how much power I DID have.

Power over my thoughts.
Power over my story.
Power to take action and make changes — yes, even the changes that I had been dreading owning up to.

Good news!

Seth’s been getting help for 16 months now with direct attention from 3 different therapists every week, plus some soccer and the daily playground, to add extra fun and learn in community all at the same time.

I’m happy to report that he is responding and progressing well — getting help is making a HUGE difference.

File Jun 17, 12 36 13 AM resizedNow when he is climbing up a rock wall or a ladder, I am actually smiling so big — inside and out. Just yesterday he brought home his book from pre-K showing me his progress from when he started, and he too seemed so proud of how far he had come.

I realized that this special attention is actually a really good thing (and not at all a bad thing!). Pretty soon, he may even push past others at his same age level.

File Jun 17, 12 10 25 AM resizedFortunately, when I started to see signs of a similar delay with our daughter Rebecca, I had learned my lesson and was on it!

We had an early assessment for her at 15 months, and have noticed significant improvement in just 6 months of services, possibly because I was an advocate for her special needs from the beginning. With added gym classes and intentional activities, she too is excelling — this is her “ta da” with her new medal when she graduated from her gym class this week.

But for me to be able to address Seth’s and Rebecca’s challenges, I first needed to address why I was stalling getting them help, and then could get them the practical help to make it better.

There is an inside and an outside game. And it’s just like that with money.

If you have ever felt resistance around getting help, ashamed, confused by money, scared of it, think it’s hard, want to avoid dealing with it, are underearning, overspending, or in debt, then there’s an inner problem that needs to be addressed.

And I want to be the one to reassure you that…

It doesn’t have to be confusing, hard, or overwhelming.
It’s not challenging to fix.
It doesn’t have to take hours and hours. (Not the way I do it!) (I know you’re busy — and I know that if something takes a long time, you’re less likely to do it, which is why I insist on solutions that are quick, easy, and even fun.)

It does take some attention, love, and guidance.

If you haven’t mastered the inner and outer game of money yet, let’s do it together.

I encourage you to check out the Money Makers Academy.

The program is designed (at a SUPER low investment) so you can stay connected to me and to a community who will hold your hand every step of the way as you develop your money making and money saving muscles. (We’ll be there with support for 12 whole months.)

Yes… Even if you have inconsistent income. Even if you are super busy. Even if you are rebuilding. Even if it feels late. Even if it feels early. (Our newest members span from 29 to 73!)

Because I know how one little hiccup can keep you from moving forward in the right direction… like wondering what should be your priority — debt repayment or savings, or both? (So you do nothing.)

Let’s get you and keep you moving. Check out the new program here.

There is no shame in getting help. It is actually an act of courage.

This exact system has been proven with THOUSANDS of my clients — and has created over $4,000,000 in earnings and savings for them. It has even transformed my business and my life, and led me to double and even triple my income and savings.

Now it’s your turn.

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