Daily Money Minutes Day 25 – Subscription Savings

by Belinda Rosenblum

Let the March to Money continue! Here’s Day 25 – Subscription Savings

What do your credit cards and Oprah Magazine have in common? As we near the end of this 31 day video adventure, I wanted to share 3 important points relating to subscriptions (and how my client just saved $1200!) and credit cards vs. debt cards. Check out this new VIDEO 25 for our Daily Money Minute from Own Your Money.

Then leave a comment below about your own subscriptions and use of debit vs. credit cards (for subscriptions and at retail or online stores) – where can you be canceling and/or saving $ too?

Share this video because no one is really looking at money and credit this way, and it’s all so key to you paying off debt and keeping it at $0! ‪

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