Daily Money Minutes Recap

by Belinda Rosenblum

We did it!  We’ve Marched into Money with these Daily Money Minutes from Own Your Money every day this month.

Today, you can catch up on any videos you missed and watch the whole set here.

Feel free to comment on any of the videos or share your comments or questions below.

Day 1 – Commit to Owning Your Money

Day 2 – Lower Your Grocery Bill

Day 3 – Are You Pushing Money Away?

Day 4 – Save Money While Traveling

Day 5 – Talking Salary

Day 6- Adding a revenue stream

Day 7 – Buying in Bulk

Day 8 – Shopping “Sales” and Returns

Day 9- Getting More Done in Less Time

Day 10 – Credit Cards

Day 11 – Take Care of Your Money

Day 12 – Driving Your Financial Car

Day 13 – “It’s just too hard”

Day 14 – Asking for what you want

Day 15 – Find the Fun

Day 16 – Make and Save More Money TODAY!

Day 17 – Stop Hiding from Money

Day 18 – Make it the best day of your life!

Day 19 – How easy is your filing system?

Day 20 – Asking for Help

Day 21 – Be Prepared!

Day 22 – Speak Up!

Day 23 – When Things Go Haywire!

Day 24 – How to make more money

Day 25 – Subscription Savings

Day 26 – Celebrate Good Times

Day 27 – Make time for a money date

Day 28 – Is Your Financial Back Door Open?

Day 29 – Organized Chaos

Day 30 – Do you have a money monkey on your back?

Day 31 – Phone Apps

Please leave a comment below now to share your “aha” moments with us or tell us which video is your favorite and why. These were fun to record and even more fun to see how you are going to put them into action!

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