Don’t do it alone [Money Tip + Video]

by Belinda Rosenblum

Working instead of partying today? Me too!

PotogoldEspecially after 4 years at Boston College and living on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade route in South Boston (that’s where the boa and “jewelry” came from), I’ve learned to create my own “luck of the Irish” and want to share a few pieces of gold with you today.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned in over 25 years of working with money and wealth (yes I’m older than I look) is this…


You are not alone. The support is all around you, but you may need to open your eyes to appreciate it – and oftentimes may need to even ask for it.

You can do it alone, but the path is often harder, scarier, costlier, and drains the joy out of you along the way.

(So who wants that?) Yes you do have an alternative (to follow the rainbow to YOUR pot of gold).

If you’ve been struggling to take action lately, especially when you may be literally snowed under, I’m here to get you started on a new money making path, with the support of my “March” to money videos of 31 Daily Money Minutes. Here’s #1!

Daily Money Minute
Day 1 Commit to Owning Your Money

When you commit to owning your money, you commit to owning your dreams. You don’t have to put off your dreams for a “someday” in the future. Your someday can start today.

One of the most important ways I want you to take action is to make (and keep) the money you are meant to make. (Don’t stay stuck with earning potential – earning power is where it is at!) So here are three tools this week to help you make that happen…


# 1: If you are – or want to be – a COACH who actually makes a sustainable income, then be sure to join my colleagues Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher today (starting soon!), for this powerful new webinar: “The Truth Behind the Business of Coaching: What You MUST Know to Get Clients, Earn Money, and Make Your Biggest Impact.” 

You’ll learn the 5 steps critical to getting your business set-up and organized, quickly – along with a step-by-step system for creating a highly organized back office system that allows you to feel calm and confident, all the time.

Get Organized, Get Profitable <<< Webinar Access

#2: AND on Tuesday March 28th, I’ll be a panelist to help “Ladies Get Paid” in Boston!

Join us for a “town hall” where we’ll share stories about money: how it’s tied to our identity and self-worth, why it’s taboo to talk about it, and ways women can be more supportive of one another as we move up in our careers.

60% today’s college graduates are women but less than 24% of us make it past middle management. Only 4% become CEOs for Fortune 500 companies. If you look at the decision makers in every industry, it’s nowhere close to parity. We need to change this.

Money is power. Money is value. Money makes the world go round. Let’s talk about it.

Tickets are only $15 and you are invited!
(Definitely send me an email once you sign up so I’ll look for you there!)

#3: Lastly… Need to get some business debt paid off? Check out these 6 Methods To Pay Off Business Debt Quickly, including my strategy on creating a “sale” or a “special” promotion. Here are all 6 of the tips on (originally on

File Mar 17, 12 56 14 PM resizedGenerating more income is often the easiest way to pay off business debt – instead of feeling like a victim to your balance. This way you get to share your expertise, add more value to the world, and get paid for it. In the Nasdaq and articles above, I share my story when I had decided to relaunch a service that I occasionally offered, with an added bonus, and used the related extra income to pay off $10k in debt.

Yes even after years in business, there are temporary times when I have created business credit card debt to fund company projects. But remaining committed and with a plan to pay off that debt has helped me keep my sanity through it all.

Have a great weekend – and stay tuned for more videos as we continue to “march” into money.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day too!

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