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Given that money is one of the top issues for real estate agents, I’m thrilled to bring you Belinda Rosenblum, Wealth expert and Money Management Coach, to share her secrets to help you manage the naturally inconsistent income in our business. Create a new life with money that takes you off the financial roller coaster ride. Be sure to sign up now and join us live!

Belinda has helped thousands discover how to create their own money certainty and financial independence. Join us here, so she can do the same for you too!

Are you making good money, yet living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even think about saving for retirement or your children’s college education?

Could you use a little extra money every month – to pay your bills with more ease and get out of that uncomfortable debt – yet you wonder where it all goes to?

Do you feel confused about how to make your dreams into reality…Owning a 1st or 2nd house? Funding your business? Ever retiring?

Here’s the good news: Whether you are stressed beyond belief about your financial situation, or you’re wondering how to do more with what you have, there are plenty of smart, practical, and highly effective steps you can take, starting now.

You aren’t alone.

One of the biggest things that successful busy professionals and entrepreneurs struggle with is creating a money management system that helps them know where their money is going and how to keep more of it on a consistent monthly basis.


My money situation was Piss Poor.


“Now I am fantastically inspired! I actually made a plan. I learned where my money was going and found the confidence (and the cash) to pay down those credit card bills. I love her special Making Money Easy templates. I am now using this regularly to see where my money is going.”


Join me as Belinda shares with you her secrets to finding the time, motivation, and energy to make 2014 your year to STOP WORRYING ABOUT MONEY.

Imagine – a life with money where you don’t have to worry about how to pay for your next vacation, school bill, or mortgage/rent. Where you release the panic of not knowing where your money goes each month. Where you don’t just have money—you own your money. This is ALL possible. . . with the right financial groundwork in place.

Find out on this content-packed 60-minute training call:

  • How to fall in love with money and release your worry and stress about it.
  • The biggest error people make in managing their money – and how to make sure you’re not doing it.
  • How to never create a budget again (yes, I’m serious).
  • Where all your extra cash is “hiding” – and how to get it (and keep it) in your savings accounts.
  • How to end the frequent (or even occasional) wondering if you will have enough money to pay your bills each month, without any juggling or tapping into your credit cards.

On the other side of your money stress is the wiser, confident, and richer YOU.
It’s time to enjoy that power, fun and freedom… with more money in your bank account.

Join us for this training call to find out how!

Attitude shift – avoiding to "in control" – already saved $3,200…and counting!

Working with Belinda has been a great experience for me. I completely changed my attitude towards managing my money. I used to avoid making big or small decisions and used to spend all I earned like there is no tomorrow. I was putting things off for weeks, months…and it’s been years!"

NOW it feels great to be in control of earning and spending my money and of following a short-term and long-term plan. In the 1st month, I already saved $3,200 of expenses a year…and counting! There’s a lot we are doing together and it is making me realize how much I was ignoring. It’s not so daunting anymore. I feel more free every day!


Before working with Belinda my money situation was cloudy and stuck, with limited income.


I love Belinda’s positive approach, encouragement, and real perspective that gives me the inspiration, information and boost I need. Now I have money to save! A few hundred dollars extra each month, which is a new and wonderful experience. Now I am freed up to breathe and handle things one at a time.

Move past your frustration, embarrassment, and fear so you make 2014 your year to take control of your finances. You’re smart and successful in your job or business. Let Belinda show you how to be smarter and more successful with your money too.

If you are ready to claim your financial power, be sure to join us and sign-up now!

This training is live. It’s free. And it can support you in shifting the course of your financial future—from the cash in your pocket to the balance in your retirement funds.

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