Answering your questions before the Money Makers Academy enrollment closes tonight! [FAQ]

by Belinda Rosenblum

Nothing fires me up more than seeing people make SMART money decisions!

People who ask the questions, get answers, and make purchases which make their life better.

That’s why I LOVE seeing all the questions roll in about The Money Makers Academy.

It shows you’ve got exactly the right attitude you need to get on track with your money.  (And you’re exactly the kind of person who will SHINE in the Academy!)


But there are literally only a few more hours to join.

If you already know it’s the right choice, don’t waste another minute.  Click here to become a REAL money maker!


So… as I sit here typing this message, I’ve decided I’m going to do something for you that some people might think is absolutely bonkers…

I set up a cell number that you can call or text with a direct line to ME.

Here it is → 617-299-7236.

If you’ve been really thinking (or even overthinking) about joining the Money Makers Academy but have some lingering doubts or questions, reach out to me right now, and let’s talk for a few minutes.

I’ll answer / reply to the number myself.

This is your life. Let’s get money on your side (instead of feeling like it is working against you).

Call or text me → 617-299-7236.


Just have a quick question you want answered now to help you get off the fence?  Ooo… that hurts.  Let’s get you moving.

I’ve had a LOT of good questions this week, and I’ll share the top ones here for you.

Q1 – “I’m already struggling with money – should I be spending to join The Academy?”

I get it.  And congratulations – this question shows you’re already sharpening your savvy money skills.

But there are CRITICAL skills you’re missing.

No one instinctively knows how to manage money, so guess what?  You’re totally normal!  It’s learned just like any skill… like swimming, piano playing, or driving a car.

The Money Makers Academy teaches you, step-by-step, the 4 master money skills you need to make and manage money. We actually made it EASY.

Plus, with my new bonus, you’ll learn how to pay for the entire YEAR of the Academy – in the first month! (To be clear though, we don’t pay it for you. We teach you how to do it which is actually even better for you.)

Your ability to earn is unlimited – IF you have the right skills.  Learn how in the Academy!

(And by the way, this is likely a deductible expense on your taxes if you are in the U.S. — as a business expense if you have business or as a Schedule A tax preparation expense — I’m a CPA too.)

Q2 – “I’ve tried learning about money before but didn’t get anywhere… how is this different?”

This isn’t just some one time book, or podcast episode, or article.

It’s a community and you are following a system.  You have the support from other people who totally ‘get it.’  They celebrate your wins, give you tips, and motivate you.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

Q3 – “Can I join later?” or “If I start at Essentials, can I add Accountability or Business later?”

We do not plan on opening enrollment for the Academy again for a while (and who wants to put their future on hold anymore anyway?), so jump in now if this is calling to you.

If you are in Essentials, then yes you can add Accountability or Business later – if there is room. (The Business level is limited to a starting group of 30 so I can personally get to know everyone.)

But if you are NOT in Essentials by tonight, then no you can’t just call us next month to join or add Business. Enrollment in the “front door” closes tonight midnight.

Q4 – “I’m not great with computers. Will I be able to access the Academy easily?”

Yes!  I understand technology can be a sticking point.

First, the Academy is very easy to use.

Second, I’ve created a special Tech Assist Bonus which walks you through everything you need to know.  Not only will this help you in the Academy, you’ll be able to use your computer better using what you’ll learn in this bonus!

Q5 – “There’s a lot of free information out there.  Can I figure it out by myself?”

True, there IS a lot out there – more than ever.

But it can also be so confusing to figure out how to process it all and where to even start. And we’re also in DEBT more than ever before too.

Another article won’t change anything.  Especially since you’ve probably read a bunch already… and your finances STILL aren’t where you want them to be. Am I right?

You need a system.  That’s where The Money Makers Academy comes in.  Each week you get quick, bite-sized training which makes it EASY (dare I say fun!?) to know what to do.

We’ve also taken the “math” out of the equation.  You get forms where you don’t have to calculate a single thing. All you do is plug in your numbers and everything is INSTANTLY calculated – easy!

This system has worked for thousands of people – and it’ll work for you, too.  Come join me in the Academy!

Q6 – “I own a business. How will The Money Makers Academy help me?”

Owning a business makes money twice as tricky.  You ask for every dollar you earn, you’re always proving yourself, and it’s hard to separate yourself from your business.

You wonder, “how do I double my revenue… without working twice as hard and burning myself out?”

Yes you will be able to get the foundational training on personal finance in essentials. As Maryann said yesterday, “Until you have confidence with your personal money, you can’t have confidence with your business.”

AND then to build your business and better understand your business money, the answers are inside the Business Academy.

You’ll learn exactly how to have the profitable, fulfilling business you’ve always wanted — and still have time for yourself.

Q7 – “I’m busy! How much time will this take?”

I hear you.  I’m busy, too!  In only 30 minutes a week, you get practical, step-by-step advice that’s easy to apply.

In the same amount of time as it takes to watch a TV show, you’ll take the small steps to take control, build your self-worth, and become confident with money — all which give HUGE results.

Q8 – “Is it REALLY risk free?”

I know how important your money is to you, which is why I’ve taken all the risk on myself.

This program works if you actually do it. So if you ask for a refund, I’ll send you a set of questions to confirm you’ve been participating in the program and watched the video trainings. Assuming you answer the questions correctly by Day 35 in the program, you’ll get a FULL refund (yes, even if you pay-in-full).

Q9 – “Can I really bring my spouse/partner for free?

You sure can! Email us details at after you enroll and we will grant them the same access as you.

Q10 – “Are these recorded or live sessions? And if live, when are they? What if I can’t make some of them — will I get ‘behind’?”

It is a healthy combo of live and recorded! Live sessions will be at varying times to accommodate differing time zones and will be recorded. Your accountability coaching is of course all live. (-:

We do not have an expectation that you can make ALL the sessions live. You can submit your questions ahead of time and in the Facebook group anytime for answers from the community. We will post the replay link within 24-48 hours so you can just listen when you can.

Remember, you may know 80% on some topics but only 20% on others. So let’s fill in the holes so you get to feel confident about all of it.


So that’s it.

You have the all information you need to make the best choice for you, your money… and your life.

Ready to become a money maker?
Join The Money Makers Academy!

(Enrollment closes tonight at 11:59pm PST – so time is running out – with the first lesson begins on Monday, July 3, 2017, and you can access some bonuses now.)

PS… LAST NIGHT to join The Money Makers Academy!

Your chance to be a money maker is slipping away by the hour.  Don’t miss out on the chance for the life you really want… Join me in The Money Makers Academy.

PPS… Still have a question? Go here and click on the purple ‘Chat With Us’ button in the lower right-hand corner and we’ll get the answer you’re after.

Or just call or text me → 617-299-7236. Seriously, this is THAT important. YOU are that important. I want you to trust yourself and jump in — we are here to catch you!

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