How to Get Hired Every Time [Money Tip]

by Belinda Rosenblum

Do you ever wonder why some people get the YESes in life, and others don’t?

OWN YOUR MONEY TIP:  I’ve found there are two main reasons that directly affect if you get the YES’s in life – or lots of NO’s:

1 – The context and energy when you are doing the asking

(my friend and master Business Coach Jeanna Gabellini goes into a lot more on this with her newly released – and free! – 11 Easy Mindset Hacks and her Mojo For More Yeses! reports)


2 – Your ability to get in the mind (and heart) of the person that you are talking with.

Consider this: I just gave a reference for a team member who is leaving us to get a full time job with benefits. (There are LOTS of benefits of working with my company, like flexible hours, a fun caring environment, and such interesting transformative work… but not health insurance and 40 hours. Lol)

And I checked first to make sure she really wanted the job, because when I give a positive reference, the person gets the job. You may be wondering… WHY?

WIIFMBecause I ensure I understand the job and specifically how this person is a great fit for the job. I DON’T spend much time on what isn’t relevant and I DO get in the head (in a good way) of the employer so I am communicating and focusing my feedback on the alignment of the employer’s goals with the applicant’s skills.

So whether you want to apply for a job, improve your performance at work, sign more clients in your business, or enjoy your personal relationships more, it’s all the same skill.

Stop thinking about what YOU will get from their YES (which loads the conversation with expectation and often entitlement), and instead think about what THEY will get from their YES. And do it with a smile and enthusiasm.

Think of this as one more skill to make you more marketable and even enjoy life more. You are not being manipulative – you are being considerate so you focus on what is important and not wasting time (yours or theirs).

Remember the radio station that everyone is naturally tuned into: WIIFM… What’s In It For Me. Don’t fight it, embrace it.

And since my assistant DID get the job, my company is now hiring TWO people (1 local and 1 virtual):

HIRING OPPORTUNITY #1 – LOCAL: We are currently looking for a Boston area  Personal Assistant to work a flexible 10-20 hours per week in Littleton, MA. The right person will help to give me (a dedicated mom and business owner) greater piece of mind that all the little (and big) things are getting addressed to create a peaceful and thriving business and home environment. For more information, and to apply or share this information with a colleague, click here:

HIRING OPPORTUNITY #2 – VIRTUAL: We are looking for a high-energy, service-oriented Online Community Manager to handle all aspects of our thriving membership programs! Must be a self-starter with strong communication, customer support, administrative, and computer skills. For more information, and to apply or share this information with a colleague, click here:

LEARN FROM THE BEST: And now for the new BONUS section – new resources so you can trade your research time in and instead maximize your learning time from my colleagues and mentors who are the masters:

Comment below and let me know which of these opportunities you find helpful. Can’t wait to help you shorten your learning curve, build your confidence with money, and fast track your success in 2017!

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