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We all know that group programs and home-study courses are great ways to help you make changes over time.

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If you don’t get one-on-one help, tailored for your specific situation, you move much more slowly.

It’s easy to get bogged down in confusion (Does this actually apply to MY situation? What do I do next?) and doubt (Am I doing this right? Did I make the wrong choice?).



What’s a Laser Session?

It’s a 15-30 minute call with either Belinda or our Enrollment Coach Robin. During your eye-opening, clarifying and inspiring call, you can. . .

You’ll also be able to learn more about the different programs at Own Your Money, and see if any of them are a good fit for you.

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*These sessions are reserved for people who are ready to create a better financial life for themselves and have not already had an intro session with me. My time is limited and I want to take care of the people who have not had this opportunity before, or who have and know they are now ready to move forward.

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When I came to Belinda, I was at a critical point from the standpoint of multiple impending changes/decisions impacting my personal life. I really wanted to understand how well prepared I was financially for these changes, and undertake an effort to get better prepared if at all possible.

As a result of working with Belinda, I have clarified my priorities and am working towards future changes with those in mind. It’s worth the investment, and it’s different than anything you’ve ever done. It’s not a financial plan or looking at you from just a financial standpoint – it’s more holistic and takes into account not just what you have but how you use it and why. The experience has given me a valuable framework to think about money that I will take with me.

~Meline, VP, Financial Services

It’s amazing what you can do when you just pay attention and stop feeling guilty!
The weight of the debt I had was something I wasn’t even aware of. I truly feel a lightness now! I see life without the debt, which is super exciting. There are so many possibilities for our future savings and investing.  It’s about what you gain and not what you lose by doing this.

~Meg D.

Working with Belinda has you see very quickly the “shell” we limit our financial lives around. Once seen, she pushes you to crack open that shell. She then mentors you to stretch, extend and reach to a greater world of financial well-being. This kind of work is an adventure, and worth every moment!

~Dan, Sales Manager

Belinda is an amazing financial coach. She has helped me to achieve goals that have taunted me for years around money. She helps me to stay on track, provides me with tangible insights and gives me the strength I need to continue to move toward my professional and personal dreams. She has been an invaluable asset to my life.

~Judy Giovangelo, CircleWorks

Thank you for being my lifeline just when I was feeling such despair. My money DEFINITELY owned me (or lack thereof). I am so ready to be done with shame, fear and struggle and feeling like a failure without a safety net. I know they are just thoughts (with financial evidence) but they have got me held prisoner at the moment. So, I have been sad and very disempowered. Considering I have HUGE dreams and a big purpose, I am open and ready.


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