I lost my engagement ring… (Money Tip)

by Belinda Rosenblum

I frantically rummaged through EVERYTHING.

Every jewelry box.
Every drawer.
Every ‘safe spot.’


The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach nearly made me want to throw up….

What is my husband Marc going to say?  How do I even tell him? How could someone as responsible as me make a mistake like this…?!

Let me rewind.

It was the night before filming the videos for the Money Makers Academy enrollment.

I admit — I was a teensy bit stressed about filming.

With an ambitious goal of filming 13 videos in one afternoon, there was understandably a lot on my mental plate.

Add to that the voices that wondered… Am I going to sound good? Will these new lessons be inspiring and move people to action? Will you be able to see my grey hair showing through since my hair dresser cancelled on me? (Yes, seems funny now… but all true.)

So I took a dose of my own coaching and I took control of what I could that night before. I laid out my clothes so there’d be less to think about the next morning and started heading to bed early.

THAT’S when I discovered my engagement ring was missing! In the morning, I looked again — nothing. I’d have to film without it. But worse, where was it??

I thought about it during breakfast.
While Erica the makeup artist did her magic.
While Colin the videographer set up.

I even had my assistant search all my jewelry boxes to see if it had gotten moved. No luck.

Well now it was show time, and I put it out of my mind. I had important work to be done. I shifted into a place of total trust that it would be found, but that it was not going to be this stressful energy that would find it.

Filming started, and I got in the ‘groove.’ (If you watched any of last month’s free workshop videos, then you saw the results of these efforts – you’ll have to let me know how it turned out for you!)

And you know what happened after I was finished filming?


With the stress of the day over, I instantly remembered where I’d put my ring.

-> I literally took a picture of my finger with the ring and sent it to my assistant to express my jubilation!  

This is what stress does to us.

It makes the easiest things more difficult, painful, AGGRAVATING.

And money stress is the WORST stress.

It sucks the enjoyment out of life.  It’s hard to be present.  You’re always distracted, worrying, trying desperately to avoid it.

(I know – I’ve been there.)

MONEY TIP: Notice with a gentle awareness if/ when you find yourself stressed about money. Consider these common concerns:

* Do you need to make more money each month to more easily pay your bills (and even have some fun)?

* Do you have debt that suffocates you at times, but you’re not sure how to pay it down faster?

* Do you cringe at the word ‘retirement’ because you don’t quite have enough saved?

* Or are you trying to ignore your bills and mail but they are starting to pile up?

ACTION STEP: Taking even one small action to relieve your financial stress goes a long way. It puts you in the drivers seat again – and, just like me and my ring, it allows you to think clearly and be the most present, productive, and positive version of yourself when you aren’t burdened by stress with money.

Are you ready to ditch that money stress?

It doesn’t have to take a lifetime or cost a fortune.

Enrollment for our most popular program, the Money Makers Academy, can help you relieve your money stress once and for all … but registration is closed right now.

You CAN get on the wait list now to be the first to know when we will be opening enrollment again for our awesome membership community.

Our new group just started July 1st, and our Money Makers Academy members are already getting big results!

* Abigail shared she is “Not fighting with my husband about money – for once!” and got a surprising win just in joining the group: “by stepping up in itself has changed something so I’ve noticed that as a family we now have a few extra opportunities to bring extra cash this month!”

* Em already noticed a “huge turnaround” and has paid down $4000 from her Line of Credit AND still has created money to set aside to pay for taxes (which she inconveniently didn’t do last year).

* Cat committed to paying off her credit cards by $2000 every month, and triumphantly made her first month’s pay off this week.

Use these stories as inspiration. What can YOU do to take action to relieve your stress now? (And joining our wait list is an easy action you can do now!)

PS – Money does not have to be laden with stress and worry. There is another way. In our Money Makers Academy, our students are committed to learning the practical and mindset skills they need to be successful with money – all in just 30 minutes per week. And definitely without the overwhelm, confusion and stress they have been used to.

The only way to find out when enrollment will be opening is to…

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It’s your time to create an upgraded life with money for yourself – let’s do it together!

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