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by Belinda Rosenblum

How’d she do that?

Happy Sunday!

We’re having a great weekend over here at OYM HQ (that’s Own Your Money Headquarters, aka my house!).


The kids devoured some morning pancakes and Marc and I were catching up on some of the recent Facebook posts from our clients encouraging their friends to join Tuesday’s workshop.

Here are clips of what Niki and Bethany had to say…



Are you joining us too?

After all, everything we do is in service of YOU. This company exists to help you understand and best use your money so you can live your life without the constant stress money problems can bring.

That’s why when we hear stories like Niki, Bethany, and Shellie’s, we get excited and happy — what we do is working, it’s really working!

Do you know Shellie yet? I’d love for you to meet her…

As a single (widowed) mom of 3 teenage girls, Shellie worried she’d be trapped by debt for the rest of her life. She says:


“A few years ago, I knew I was going to have an issue paying for computers and necessities for my daughters who were about to graduate high school. The social security money they had been receiving would end the day they graduated. I was overspending, not tracking, and definitely not making enough money to help fund the things they needed for college.

Typically I would avoid anything that had to do with money and bury my head in the sand.”

When I first met Shellie, she was in debt, afraid, and terrified of what the future would bring for her and her daughters. Her life’s a bit different nowadays…

“I was able to pay off $10,000 in debt. When my children went to college, all of my credit cards were paid off.

I have learned it is OK not to do things perfectly; “progress not perfection.” I check my bank account daily. I’ve even started my own business – which is something I never thought I’d do!”

She’s not afraid anymore, and she single-handedly paid off ALL her debt, increased her retirement savings, is helping her daughters through college — AND is now an Accountability Coach for our Academy members.

Amazing transformation, right? How DID she do that?

Well, it’s not rocket science, and it’s not impossible. With commitment, a plan, and following the right steps at the right time, just about anyone can do what Shellie did.

Want to know what those steps are?

Want to hear all of the directions that took her from afraid and in trouble to in control and inspiring others?

I thought you might! In fact, I’ve got a live workshop coming up to tell you the rest of Shellie’s story AND teach you how you can do the same.

And it’s happening THIS Tuesday!

We’ll go over the entire Roadmap that shows the process Shellie and hundreds of others like her go through to earn more, save more, and pay off debt faster.

We’ll also have live hotseat coaching – you can hear exactly how we break down our clients’ situations and then give them their next steps – along with some fun and prizes, of course. This is NOT your average workshop.

Want in on this? Of course you do! Sign up right here.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

PS – Even if you can’t make it live on Tuesday, you can get started today with the brand new FREE video series and downloads that I created for you. (These are my best ones yet — I’m even funny lol!)

Literally, in just 4 minutes with the quick assessment that you get access to right away, you’ll have clarity on the exact skills you need to start tracking your money, pay off debt faster, make more, and stop wondering how your money seems to run out so quickly every month. And that can be just the beginning…

We start in ~48 hours — save your spot now!

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