It all ends today! Money Makers Academy enrollment closing!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Don’t miss out on this TODAY.

Wondering what all the hype is about?

You may have noticed that I have been giving away LOTS of free trainings for 2+ weeks.

Well all this excitement is coming to a close today and we are about to get back to “business as usual”, taking care of our clients and students, and sharing weekly money tips.

But before we do, I would be remiss in not taking 2 minutes to fill you in now, because enrollment for my most popular signature progam ends TONIGHT. Here’s the scoop:

The Money Makers Academy is the only step-by-step course that helps you master the inner AND the outer game with money.  When you have the mindset AND the practical skill-set, you take action and achieve positive results.

No more wondering about what you need to do with your money. You’ll know WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

And all for less than the cost of a dinner out each month! (If you’re not even sure you can spare the cash,  then you’ll love the bonus I just ADDED so you can make back your investment for the entire YEAR — in the first month!  

It’s the easy, smart, money-making choice.

Tonight’s deadline for The Money Makers Academy is coming up fast.

Become a Money Maker!

Join The Money Makers Academy to…

Master your money with the right training

  • 2 x per month get short laser-focused training (1 practical and 1 mindset) on must-know topics like earning, spending, tracking, credit, debt, saving, and investing — be ready to skyrocket your income and confidence with money
  • Monthly Guest experts or case studies so you have inside access to top experts and the behind-the-scenes of implementing the monthly topics.
  • Monthly “Money Dates” where you’ll come together with the group online to get your money To-Dos DONE!

Stay on track with support + community

  • Monthly support from me during Live Question & Answer sessions, so you always have the BEST advice from the source
  • 1-on-1 weekly support when you choose Weekly Accountability
  • A private community filled with other Money Makers to learn from and lean on for support

… Plus get your hands on the $3,381 of sweet extras, including!

  • Make Your Money Back In The First Month!  Just like I mentioned above, you’ll get this bonus which teaches you in only the first month how to get a great Return on this Investment.
  • Making Money Flow mindset course to literally attract money to you at EVERY opportunity. (Immediate access with sign-up!)
  • Tech Assist Bonus walks you through everything you need technology-wise in the Academy, PLUS these tips & tricks will help you use your computer better… whether you’re taking another course or just organizing family photos.
  • PLUS Bring your Spouse or Partner for Free! … and there’s MORE bonuses where this came from, too.

Check out some of the results our 6 clients shared on yesterday’s livecast.

Ooooooh and if you own a business…

Join at the Business Level and get specialized attention to grow your business profitably, plus everything in the Essentials level. (This add-on is limited to 30 students.)

You can stop cramming your life around your business and instead design your business to help create the life (and extra cash) you want.

Here’s just a sneak peek at what you’ll learn with our add-on specialized business training…

  • Find your DREAM clients (the ones who’ll pay what you want to earn)
  • Master the zero-drama process for raising your prices
  • Confidently state your pricing and packages, so you ask for money — and feel great about receiving it
  • Create a reliable revenue stream (no more roller coaster income for you!)
  • Spot your fastest route to fast cash and let’s fast-track you there!
  • Create an easy, streamlined banking process so you can trust yourself to bring in mor money  (cha-ching!)

You can afford anything you want.

BUT you need the training and support to make that possible.

Let’s make it happen – starting today. Join The Money Makers Academy!

[Just don’t push this “money stuff” off any more. We all work better with deadlines, and this one is approaching tonight. I have no plans to open the Academy again for a while (and who wants to put their future on hold anymore anyway?), so jump in now if this is calling to you.]

P.S. I truly get in my core how alone you may feel with money. You CAN put me on your team – but only if you take action today.

Imagine where you will be in just 1 year. Learning all the skills you need, spending time with me in a video or live call training — for just 30 mins each week — and talking with your accountability coach weekly (if you want one)… all while connecting with your fellow action takers in the private community as much as you want?

You CAN’T stay stressed or stuck around money with that much support! We’ll help you work through whatever it is for you.
Please don’t miss this chance to have the money and life you REALLY want.

Become a Money Maker now!


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