MMA FAQ + NEW LIVECAST Announcement Wed 12-4pm

by Belinda Rosenblum

What happens when you bring together me teaching live, rock star guest experts and 4 money makers with BIG results?

You get an inspiring all-star afternoon of teaching, prizes and the answers to your big questions about where you need to go NEXT with your money.

Watch Didi and Armand in Holland share how they radically changed their mindsets and how they earned an additional 2500 Euros in August. Affiliate - Livecast 2

Or Jen who when from “how can I afford it?” to tripling her income now that she is no longer afraid or embarrassed.

You’ll even get to meet Andy Dooley — one of our guest experts — rocking his Vibration Activation process to transform your relationship with money.

We’ll be laughing, learning, and chatting LIVE for four hours STRAIGHT, so tune in when you can between noon and 4pm EST.

If you are just tuning in to our recent emails, enrollment for our Money Makers Academy is open right now and closing in 48 hours (THIS Thursday night. This is the LAST TIME we’ll be open until mid-2018, so now’s your chance!)

(The Money Makers Academy is my super-affordable, members program which shows you how to make more, save, and manage your money — all in less than 30 minutes/week!)

I love seeing you make SMART money decisions,  so I’ll do my best now to help you confidently decide if our Money Makers Academy is right for you!

I’ve had a LOT of good questions come in, so I’ll share the top 10 here for you:

1 – When do we get started — and when is the deadline to sign up?

As soon as you join, you get immediate access to the Making Money Flow mindset course, the Ditch Your Debt mini-course and our most sought-after templates — so if you are ready to get started, we are here to support you! Your first Academy lesson is delivered November 6th.

The deadline to sign up is in ~48 hours — THIS Thursday October 19th at 11:59pm PT.

2 – I’m busy! How much time will this take?

I hear you. I’m busy, too! In only 30 minutes a week (hint – as much time as it takes to watch a TV show), you get practical, step-by-step advice that’s easy to apply so you close the skills gap quickly between what you know and need to know about money.

Joining the Business version? You can expect an additional 30 minutes per week of “on the business” training to directly increase the revenue and profit of your business.

3 – Are these recorded or live sessions? And if live, when are they (and what happens if I miss any)?

It is a healthy combo of live and recorded! You’ll get three pre-recorded videos / audios (all fully downloadable) to complete on your own time. Then 2x every month, we have LIVE group sessions so you get your personal and business money questions answered and can enjoy not having to handle all this on your own anymore.

We do not have an expectation that you can make ALL the sessions live. You can submit your questions ahead of time and in the Facebook group anytime for answers from the community. We will post the replay link within 24-48 hours so you can just listen when you can.

4 – Does this work if I need to save more / earn more / pay down debt fast / hate talking about money altogether?

YES! This program focuses on four main aspects of your money, and it works in a way that builds from the ground up so you can achieve ALL your financial objectives. No matter what your biggest struggle is, we address and correct it.

5 – What if I’ve tried other programs before – how is this different?

Rather than offering quick fix solutions or just teaching loads of unconnected individual tips, we teach you the right things to do with your money, in the right order, AND adjust your whole approach to money so you DO them.

Instead of telling you what to do, we also tell you HOW to do it and WHY it’s happened in the past so you never repeat mistakes in the future. We focus on the outside circumstances AND the inside factors so you can let go of the shame of past mistakes & adopt a positive mindset for success.

6 – There’s a lot of free information out there. Can’t I figure it out by myself?

True, there IS a lot out there – more than ever.

But it can also be so confusing to figure out how to process it all and where to even start. And we’re also in DEBT more than ever before too.

Another article won’t change anything. You need a system. That’s where The Money Makers Academy comes in.

We’ve also taken the “math” out of the equation. You get forms where you don’t have to calculate a single thing. All you do is plug in your numbers and everything is INSTANTLY calculated – easy!

This system has worked for thousands of people – and it’ll work for you, too. Come join me in the Academy!

7 – I own a business. How will The Money Makers Academy help me?

Owning a business makes money twice as tricky. You ask for every dollar you earn, you’re always proving yourself, and it’s hard to separate yourself from your business.

You wonder, “how do I double my revenue… without working twice as hard and burning myself out?”

First, you’ll get the foundational training on personal finance in Essentials. AND then to build your business and better understand your business money, the answers are inside the Business Academy.

You’ll learn exactly how to have the profitable, fulfilling business you’ve always wanted — and still have time for yourself.

8 – Can I join later? Or if I start at Essentials, can I add Accountability or Business later?

We do not plan on opening enrollment for the Academy again for a while (and who wants to put their future on hold anymore anyway?), so jump in now if this is calling to you. (And do so risk-free → See Q10 below for your 30-day test drive.)

If you are in Essentials, then yes you can add Accountability or Business later – if there is room. (The Business level only has 14 spots left as it caps at 30.)

But if you are NOT in Essentials by tonight, then no you can’t just call us next month to join or add Business. Enrollment in the “front door” closes tonight midnight.

9 – I need to get my spouse on board with financial decisions – can I bring them for free?

You sure can! Email us details at after you enroll and we will grant them the same access as you. If you need help getting him/ her on board, hit reply and we’ll help you figure out what to say and how to say it.

10 – Is it REALLY risk free?

Yes! if you ask for a refund, I’ll send you a set of questions to confirm you’ve been participating in the program and watched the video trainings. Assuming you answer the questions correctly by Day 35 in the program, you’ll get a FULL refund (yes, even if you pay-in-full).

So that’s it.

You have the all information you need to make the best choice for you, your money… and your life.

Are you ready for all of this and MORE? Join us in the MMA!

If you have any other questions, be sure to join tomorrow’s Livecast — I’ll answer as many as I can right then and there.

Also – remember you can try Money Makers Academy risk free. You can try the lessons inside for up to 30 days, and if it’s just not right for you, simply email our team, show your completed work, and we’ll send you your full refund.

See you in the Money Makers Academy!

PS — Still have a question? Go here and click on the purple ‘Chat With Us’ button in the lower right-hand corner and we’ll get you the answer you’re after.

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