Money and Relationships 2010

by Belinda Rosenblum

This show’s topic is Money and Relationships.  To explore this further, Belinda speaks with guests, Jeffrey McIntyre and Nancy Miriam Hawley.

Belinda’s guests are Jeffrey McIntyre, President, and Nancy Miriam Hawley author of the original “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and CEO, of Enlignment, Inc., a business coaching and consulting company specializing in leadership development, systems thinking and organizational change. The show is an engaging discussion of how money has such an impact on how we are in relationships, and specifically in the context of (1) the life of couples and (2) the meaning we give to money in all areas of relational life that couples have to give attention and intention to.

To watch the show on television visit:
Somerville Community Access TV Channel 3,
Airs Weekly Every Thursday @ 7:30PM
Cambridge Community Television Channel 10,
Airs Weekly Every Monday @ 4:30PM and Fridays @ 6:00PM

To watch the show online click here

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