Own Your Money on “Mind Your Own Business” Radio Show – March 2012

by Belinda Rosenblum

Have you ever wondered how (and why) someone can have $28 million one minute, and then in just a few short months have spent it all down to less than $2 million? This may seem like a luxury problem for someone to have, yet you may find yourself facing this one on a smaller scale every day.

I recorded this great segment for “Mind Your Own Business” radio yesterday and it will air today 2-3PM EST.

The show will stream online at www.MYOBTheRadioShow.com (click the “Listen Live” tab at the top) or you can listen in the Boston area at: WBNW 1120 AM – Needham, MA; WESO 970 AM – Southbridge, MA; and WPLM 1390 AM – Plymouth, MA.
Listen to the recorded show here: http://www.24-hourturnaround.com/myob/1272.mp3

Here’s a quick video we recorded of how (and why) I founded Own Your Money and what a difference owning your day-to-day finances can have for you:

I was double-teamed with questions from two hilarious show hosts who certainly kept me on my toes! We covered lots of topics, stories, and tips… from our kick-off “Show Me the Money moment” (pictured right) with my “Think Bigger” tool to the $28M business owner who couldn’t handle his riches–and what you can do to expand your own comfort zone with wealth.

The “Mind Your Own Business” Radio Show provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies. Tune into MYOB today between 2-3 PM to hear my segment!

I was so right on that one of the hosts asked if his wife asked me to be on–ha! This all really got me thinking about helping more people with their mindset, behaviors, and attitude to money… hmmm, sounds like I’d better get going on something special for you… In the meantime, hope you’ll listen soon at: www.MYOBTheRadioShow.com (select the “Listen Live” tab at the top) and then post your comments below too!

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