That’s a wrap! OWN IT Interview Series replays available

by Belinda Rosenblum

Could you use a little inspiration on this Friday afternoon?

After a full week of work, play, and everything in between, a laugh and a pick me up always helps.

So join the 5,407 people watching the inspirational, informational, and even humorous support that came from the 7 interviews I held LIVE this week.

(My face was even tired from all the smiling and laughing in that 2 days — and yes we did talk about money!)

Money Makers Academy member Catherine said it well -

Belinda:  Can’t thank you enough for the absolutely fascinating interviews with the interesting women from your [OWN IT] conference.  Like many of the Academy experts, these women came to encourage, inform and inspire: the Trifecta of sisterhood. Those conversations were thought-provoking, insightful and humorous. Really a jolt of “go get it” that I needed.”

If you could use a “go get it” jolt, all the interviews are here (for FREE) >>

Whether you need to…

* get the quickest ways to save $1000+ on groceries with Erin Chase,

* reduce – or even payoff! – tuition bills with Jocelyn Paonita,

* lighten up the conversation of money with comedian Kelly MacFarland,
* become a “powerful woman with your money” with the help of Barbara Stanny,

* shift out of the poverty mindset and kick ass with Emma Johnson,

* make more by negotiating higher pay or rates with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, or

* get moving on your own – or on the same page with your partner to “own your money” as a couple – join me and my husband Marc as we had an uncensored live conversation about money and business.

Yes LIVE came with its fair share of unexpected surprises along the way, and you get to see it all. Because this is real life.


MONEY TIP: Dealing with MONEY is real life too. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows. So let’s not expect that either. Some months you may find yourself juggling expenses, or considering which card to use that has room on it, or just wondering where all that money that just deposited went to. BUT the more you’re in control of it, and the more you learn to live with the sense of confidence and “owning your money” that we talked about in these videos, it does all get easier. I promise.

I realized that even just a year ago, there is no way that I would have done these live or on video. Just the thought of that would have given me a panic attack!

But since then, I’ve come to realize that you can either resist progress or you can change with the times. (Audio only is just not nearly as exciting as video, so why resist that?)

And I’m actually getting so much more ok with making mistakes in public. Sounds odd I’m guessing. But try that on for size for yourself — how much energy do you use protecting yourself from making a mistake? The striving for perfectionism can be exhausting.

So if you can shift your perspective and appreciate that mistakes — or what you may have even called “failures” in the past — are all helpful feedback, you can take the pressure off yourself. (Lynnette gave a great definition of “positive feedback” that I hadn’t heard before so listen for that too!)

Be gentle on yourself and enjoy some learning with a laugh (or 5) along the way when you check out these interviews this weekend.

You can access the replays (for FREE) here!

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