Do you ever find that instead of cute kids knocking on your door, you find your own fears knocking – and keeping you up at night?

With all the talk about fears around Halloween time, I wanted to chime into your inbox with the fastest and easiest way to shift from fear to excitement.

MONEY TIP: Take a breath.

ACTION STEPS: Instead of falling into the usual downward spiral of fears around money, try a new easy 3-step approach:

  1. Take an extra breath.ezine11317
  2. Remind yourself of all you have going for you in your life.
  3. Recognize that whatever you are afraid of or worrying about is only a temporary problem. (Your new mantra can be “This is only temporary” and your new theme song can be Pharrell’s “Just A Cloud Away”. Go check out the lyrics and you’ll see why!)

Because really the only difference between fear and excitement… is one breath. Literally, the only physiological difference between fear and excitement is in the exhale.

Either you tighten up and hold your breath when you’re afraid, or you release it with an “ooohhh,” an “aaahhh,” or even a “wheeee!” when you’re excited.

You may have lots of fears around money — fear that you won’t understand what it all means, fear of taking the wrong action, fear of the math involved, fear that you’ll fail at it, fear that you’ll be found out that you don’t have it all together, fear you… you get the point.
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Last day to get in!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Time’s almost up to become a member of the Money Makers Academy.

Yes, it’s time to join now because enrollment will be closed at midnight tonight.

If you’re considering why this might be right for YOU…

Here are 5 really good reasons:

1 – You’re not where you want to be financially, and it’s not simply because of circumstances — it’s because of a skills gap. You’re doing the best you can, but this is not getting better on its own and your DIY efforts don’t appear to be working.

If you had a shocking pain in your side, you wouldn’t pretend it doesn’t hurt or slap a band-aid on it (and you certainly wouldn’t ever try to remove your own appendix on your own) — so why would you assume you could or should go it alone on this?

2 – You’re addressing money problems in the wrong order, and it’s not working. You’re trying things but getting more frustrated because you’re working so hard, but the approach is fundamentally flawed.
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What happens when you bring together me teaching live, rock star guest experts and 4 money makers with BIG results?

You get an inspiring all-star afternoon of teaching, prizes and the answers to your big questions about where you need to go NEXT with your money.

Watch Didi and Armand in Holland share how they radically changed their mindsets and how they earned an additional 2500 Euros in August. Affiliate - Livecast 2

Or Jen who when from “how can I afford it?” to tripling her income now that she is no longer afraid or embarrassed.

You’ll even get to meet Andy Dooley — one of our guest experts — rocking his Vibration Activation process to transform your relationship with money.

We’ll be laughing, learning, and chatting LIVE for four hours STRAIGHT, so tune in when you can between noon and 4pm EST.

If you are just tuning in to our recent emails, enrollment for our Money Makers Academy is open right now and closing in 48 hours (THIS Thursday night. This is the LAST TIME we’ll be open until mid-2018, so now’s your chance!)

(The Money Makers Academy is my super-affordable, members program which shows you how to make more, save, and manage your money — all in less than 30 minutes/week!)

I love seeing you make SMART money decisions,  so I’ll do my best now to help you confidently decide if our Money Makers Academy is right for you!

I’ve had a LOT of good questions come in, so I’ll share the top 10 here for you:
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WOW … Did you hear Facebook went DOWN?

(Right when we were supposed to go live today — so we’ll be on tomorrow 11am ET and giving you special access to yesterday’s replay for a limited time!)

We gave it 3 hours to work itself out… but apparently the FB gods had other ideas.

And since I’ve been on the edge of my seat all day to tell you, we are moving on to Plan B before I burst..

The Money Makers Academy is now OPEN for enrollment again!

>> WOOHOO! Join the Money Makers Academy NOW!

(You can get the amazing Opening Day bonuses — EXTENDED through Thursday Oct 12th midnight given the tech challenges!)

This is my private, super-affordable, members program which shows you how to make more, save, and manage your money — all in less than 30 minutes/week!

If you’re ready to end the sleepless nights, finally pay off any nagging debt, and earn more money WITHOUT spending more hours at the office,

The Money Makers Academy is perfect for you.

This is the only step-by-step course that gives you the mindset AND the practical skill-set you need to take action and achieve positive results.

This exact system has been proven with THOUSANDS of my clients — and has created over $4 million dollars in earnings and savings for them.

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