The ONE thing that could make all the difference!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Hey there!

Taking road trips is a great American pastime, right? We’ve all had that experience of the excitement, packing up the car, getting snacks ready, and heading out on the open road, ready for fun and adventure.

Except… it’s not so fun when you’re halfway to your destination only to realize you’re lost, you’re running low on gas, and you’ve got no signal, so you have no idea where to go.

(And forget paper maps – does anyone even own those anymore?)

This has happened to me before – we went out apple picking, and wound up on more of a detour than we bargained for!

I was starting to lose hope – would we wind up stranded? – but eventually, we stopped and asked for help, drove in the right direction for ten minutes, got gas, regained signal, and we were back on our merry way. Phew!

It’s funny how many things in life feel this way – you can feel lost on a road trip, you can feel lost trying something new on your own, or (and this is a big one) you can feel lost with figuring out your MONEY.

But you do NOT have to go it alone. Here’s the next step on your journey – and I’m pointing you in the right direction!

I’ve got a brand new workshop for you – it’s called “Right On the Money,” and it’s all about a journey – your journey to eliminate financial stress, get clear on your finances, and make more money.

You’re invited to join us LIVE for one of two events on October 10th. We’ll talk about the factors that are holding you back AND help you develop that plan to move ahead in the right direction. Oh, and yes, it’s FREE.

Go here to sign up now – you’re going to get SO much out of this training!

Even better – I know it’s hard to get going sometimes, so I’ve created some pre-workshop videos and training to give you a little jump start. When you sign up for “Right On the Money” today, you’ll get the first lesson on what it takes to be a Money Maker right away.

Join me for “Right On the Money” – I’ll be your map and your guide on this awesome journey!

PS – You have a lot on your plate and attending a workshop might feel like too much… Oh I get it! But what if this is the “thing” that speaks to you enough to actually start you on a new path of sustainable change with your money. Now THAT’S exciting to consider! You can even just start by watching my new video — taking small steps NOW always makes a big difference later, so give it a shot. (-:

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