Owning it when you screw up {Money Tip}

by Belinda Rosenblum

File Jul 26, 10 22 20 PMGreetings from Storyland!

My family and I are enjoying a much needed vaca and I didn’t plan this week’s money tip in advance.

Yup, even I, a master planner, can miss one detail and screw up.

But instead of beating myself up, I just owned it and took action.

(Try this approach yourself, it can be so freeing!)

I was going to just skip a week for you, but consistency and excellence are also key values for me, so I decided that being honest was my best bet.

And of course helping you get an essential learning in the process.

MONEY TIP: Whether you are just starting out in your career/ business, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in the middle, it is essential that you decide the key connection points that you want to maintain — and that you give it your best to really keep those up.

(Even when it isn’t convenient, you don’t know what to say, or you seem to be “too busy.”)

5 minutes for a quick email or phone call is always better than 2-10x that of wasted time stressing or feeling bad about what you didn’t do.

Own it – and follow through.

(Where have you “screwed up” and owned it? How did it go? Remind yourself how good it feels afterwards when you are “clean” about your past mistakes (because yes, we all make them) and then more powerfully move forward.)

Beyond keeping up connections, the same thing goes for you and your money.

I’d rather see you take one small action step to follow up with a client/ making money opportunity, make a phone call to pay less for your phone/cable, or even just checking your bank account online – instead of having that weight, or even shame and guilt, burden your otherwise fun and successful life.

ACTION STEP: Today it is like a “choose your own adventure” (along the “storyland” theme)…

The EASY step: Pick up the phone or send one email to someone (or perhaps hundreds/ thousands at once like I am doing) to stay or get back in connection.

After all, we crave Love and Connection as human beings – so let’s make sure we are giving the gift to ourselves too.

The NEXT LEVEL step (note I didn’t say “hard”): Choose one item you may be consciously or unconsciously procrastinating on. Then look at your day today/ tonight/ weekend. Schedule in time to get that item done and then … Just Do It. No drama or story. Take it off your plate by just taking action on it. And then celebrate!

Whichever step you take… add a quick comment below  with what action step you’re going to do (and even how it went).

P.S. If you missed last week’s money tip, I gave you an opportunity to get on the wait list now to be the first to know when we will be opening enrollment again for our awesome membership community, the Money Makers Academy.

We got a ton of emails from people who missed the one week window when registration was open, so we want to make sure that if you are interested for the future, you get plenty of notice and even special rewards for raising your hand to own your financial life with support from me and our incredible support system of members.. You are my people and I’m here to help.

OK back to family time… and know I appreciate you… and you’re awesome!


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