Smart, successful, and a little bit stuck? This is just for you. {MONEY TIP & FREE WEBINAR}

by Belinda Rosenblum

Hey there!

The bad news? Being smart and successful can actually HURT your future and your money’s growth. (I hate to bring you bad news on a Monday — really, I do. Don’t worry — being smart can HELP you too plus there’s GREAT news at the end, so keep on reading.)

I just did a Facebook live on Friday where I talked about this very topic. It’s right here if you want to check it out (and I’d love it if you liked our page while you’re there). (You’ll even get a tour of our new offices — and yes I do look at the camera too I promise!)

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Back in my corporate roles, I was in the same boat — first person in the office, last to leave, working like crazy — only to wonder… why? Why was I working so hard and still not on top of my life financially? I mean, what was all this hard work and perseverance for if I was just barely getting by?

It took some time — years, actually — and some serious soul-searching to figure out where I was going wrong.

Once I figured it out, though, my whole life changed. I’m not exaggerating.

I used to feel like my life was just the hours I spent working so I could pay the bills. I felt out of control, and time was my worst enemy. While I really enjoyed my work, not having control of my money made dragging myself into the office feel pointless.

Now, though, I’m the one in charge — of my money AND my future — and I’m actually delighted to get out of bed every Monday!

Today’s MONEY TIP is a simple one that you MUST take to heart before you can feel this way, too —

There’s more to life than just paying the bills. You are NOT too late to get on top of your money, and it’s ok to ask for help if that’s what it takes. When you’re ready to own your money, you have options.

What do I mean by that? Well, we’re breaking it all down in my brand new training this Thursday — if you haven’t signed up yet, you can still get in right here.

In this free training, we’ll go over the three money mistakes so many smart women and couples make, and then I’ll turn it around and we’ll talk about the tools you need to use your relationship with money for your advantage.

I’ll also give you the one essential key you must get in place before all your hard work can actually pay off. This isn’t hyperbole — it’s the ONE thing I changed to make this massive difference in my OWN life, and it can do the same for you even if you’re not sure how to get started.

If you’re ready to feel in control of your finances, you’re invited – sign up here.

Here’s to YOUR richer life!

P.S. I only offer these free webinars a few times a year, and the next one is happening THIS Thursday. There’s only limited space for the right people who are ready to ditch the worry and start making and keeping the money that you can.

When you know how to avoid these 3 money mistakes and then learn the three step formula to know exactly where YOU need to focus on to be in control of your money, then you have what it takes to get off the financial hamster wheel and live the life you really want — now.

Claim your spot on the webinar and claim your financial freedom >>


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