8+ Valentine’s Day ideas for singles and couples [Money Tips]

by Belinda Rosenblum

File Feb 10, 1 58 19 PMAfter a snowy week here in Boston (pic from our “busy” snow day yesterday), I have a quick note with some FUN Valentine’s day ideas – from me and my financial blogger friends.

I totally understand that pull (which sometimes is a gut-wrenching claw)… you know, that part of you that wants to spend money on those you love yet that other part that also wants to save, pay off debt, and be financially responsible.

It all starts with that real commitment to “own your money” – to take care of yourself and your financial future with responsibility, releasing the shame around it and replacing it with a willingness and even excitement dare I say to create a new life for yourself!

OWN YOUR MONEY TIP: This Valentine’s Day, put on your creative fun hat and let’s get going… I wrote an extensive article with for you. Here are two ideas as a start:

Bowling pin1 – If you have a special someone – Think back to…where you met, your first date, or a special moment. Create a gift that is super meaningful and likely won’t break the bank. For example, my husband Marc and I had our first date at King’s (a hip Bowling alley) in downtown Boston. I bought a new bowling pin from them and wrote a fun note personalized to him on the pin. It’s his favorite gift yet–total cost of $25 bowling pin and $2 sharpie pen. (Estimate= $0-30, usually the less money you spend, the more creative you inspire yourself to get.)

Bonus: And if you’re not living together yet… clear out a space in your closet or a drawer – or if you are, then clear out a cluttered space that he’ll notice – I bet that will create a wow! Lol

2 – If you’re single (I spent many a Valentine’s Day unattached, and often had to remind myself that I could love myself more today not less…) – Love yourself up with some awesome self-care time. No need for sadness – keep becoming the person that a partner would LOVE to be in relationship with (and most importantly, that YOU love to be in relationship with). Curl up with a good book you’ve been meaning to open or a bubble bath (Estimate= $0, but really priceless!)

Read my full article here.

If it’s your relationship with money in particular bringing you down this Valentine’s Day, then I can help with that one… GO HERE NOW and request a 1×1 call with me (if you haven’t had one before).

LEARN FROM THE BEST: Since this section seems to be getting a lot of great feedback, here are some great new resources to maximize your money – and this week to maximize your Valentine’s Day fun too!

More Valentine’s Day Ideas:

Money Mindset, Management, and Client Attraction Tips and Tools:

Comment below and let me know which of these tips and opportunities you find helpful. Here’s to abundant relationships (with money too) in 2017!

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