Business Consulting

*ATTENTION* Consultants, Designers, Contractors, Coaches, Realtors, Service Providers, Solopreneurs, and all business owners who are ready to build a thriving, manageable and more profitable business:

  • Did you start your business because you are top in your field but are now finding you need some guidance to manage a profitable business?
  • Could you use some encouragement and strategies to promote yourself better(and make more sales calls)?
  • Would you like to move from barely surviving to thriving in your business?

This program fast-tracks you through everything you need to know about creating a successful small business – at your own pace and with 100% commitment and backup of all Belinda’s expertise, experience, and know-how.

I know that this program will make the difference for you…whether your business becomes a statistic of this recession…or a story of success and triumph over adversity in difficult times.

The size and profitability of your business is proportional to how you think. If your business isn’t as big or as profitable as you want it to be, there might be something going on with you as well, and no business or marketing plan can win if you aren’t aligned with the potential of your business.

You can expect mental blocks, procrastinating tendencies, and ineffective work habits to arise and affect your progress. Belinda’s unique style not only gives you the practical tools, but also the emotional tools you need to be a successful business owner free of any frustration, anxiety, and guilt. Allow Belinda to help you work through those as well.

How can Belinda’s expertise benefit your business? You will…

  • Quickly, easily, and consistently find new sources of revenue.
  • Never fall behind in attracting new, high-paying clients.
  • Find out exactly where your best clients come from (HINT: it’s 1 of 2 places), do more of what works and stop wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t bring in business.
  • Stop Haggling Immediately! Sell on value and pick the price that works for you.
  • Learn how to let people know that they need what you do—and they need it from you! (all in 30 seconds or less)
  • Never let technology get away from you again. (you don’t need to turn ‘techy’, but there’s great tools you can easily learn to use that will save you hours of time and bring in more money)
  • Stop spending money on advertising that doesn’t work.
  • Start investing in marketing that brings in orders, gets your phone ringing off the hook, and drives paying customers to your door.
  • Run your business finances like Belinda ran a hundred million dollar corporate division —keep your personal life and your grocery bill out of it.
  • Approach your business like a business person. (and finally make the ‘business’ part fun and profitable)

To have a successful small business you require 2 important things:

  • You need to be highly skilled–providing a great service to your clients.
  • You need to be even better at core business building skills guaranteeing that you make money…

What this means is that having a successful business is about more than being great at what you do– it’s about becoming great at running a business. I have helped small business owners develop these core business skills, while releasing their previous money and success blocks, using them to consistently bring in more and more money every month.

You deserve the guidance I was seeking and couldn’t find when I started out. I’m so passionate that small business owners, especially solopreneurs and home based business owners, receive the help that they so desperately need.

I believe that small, nimble businesses (your business) can adapt and thrive in today’s economy. You are perfectly positioned (with the right help) to take advantage of this trend. You are the future–with directed focused action.

To build the kind of business where…

… You’ll never have to wonder where the next check is going to come from.

… You’ll never have to wonder how long you’ll be able to ‘keep going at this rate’.

… And you’ll never, ever, ever have to wonder how you can work so hard all month long and have no money to show for it.

It’s time to STOP wondering and take control!

Read and listen to a sample of our client’s success stories!

To set up your initial consultation with Belinda to see how her 1-1 coaching can help transform the success of your business — starting today, call 855.866.6398 or email