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Curious about a VIP Intensive with Belinda?

Group programs and home-study courses are great ways to help you make changes over time.

But the truth is this – if you don’t get one-on-one help, tailored for your specific situations, you move much more slowly. It’s easy to get bogged down in confusion (Does this actually apply to MY situation? What do I do next?) and doubt (Am I doing this right? Did I make the wrong choice?).

During a 3-hour VIP Intensive with Belinda, you get clarity, strategy, and action steps that you know are all designed for you, and you alone.

Whether you want to. . .

. . . Belinda is your go-to-resource.

She creates a safe, non-judgmental space to resolve your challenges – once and for all.

Once we receive your complete application, we’ll set up a conversation to go over everything that you’d like to cover – so we can make sure you have a totally customized day (or evening).

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When I came to Belinda, I was at a critical point from the standpoint of multiple impending changes/decisions impacting my personal life. I really wanted to understand how well prepared I was financially for these changes, and undertake an effort to get better prepared if at all possible.

As a result of working with Belinda, I have clarified my priorities and am working towards future changes with those in mind. It’s worth the investment, and it’s different than anything you’ve ever done. It’s not a financial plan or looking at you from just a financial standpoint – it’s more holistic and takes into account not just what you have but how you use it and why. The experience has given me a valuable framework to think about money that I will take with me.

Prior to working with Belinda, I didn’t have a good sense of my money: where I was spending it or on saving any money. I came from a place of lack. While working with Belinda, I felt very supported and that everything was ok. It was easy to talk with her and discover what was stopping me from looking at my finances.

I found that I had more than I thought I did and that I was actually doing a lot of the right things to get to my financial goals. My net worth was WAY more than I could have imagined it to be. I also finally spoke with people who owed me money and got commitments from them for a payment plan. I created a new context for my money which is “being responsible for my money has me be sexy, fun, and cool,” which empowers me to take on tasks around my money.

Before we came to Belinda, we were living in chaos, paycheck to paycheck with no plan. We were making tremendous efforts but all of our previous plans had disintegrated and we were very discouraged.

We left our VIP session with Belinda with hope and a plan for the beginning stages of our climb back to calm where money is concerned. It felt good that our general well-being and peace of mind were addressed in addition to the nuts and bolts of what to do with which dollars. As a result, we’ll be saving thousands on credit card interest.

Setting all the plans in motion forced us to follow through and get a post renovation appraisal on our apartment which indicated a $100K equity boost! In general, we feel more like a team again, tackling what needs to be addressed and establishing habits that will allow us to build wealth and create calm for the future.

Before we went to Own Your Money, we were stumbling through our business marketing and operations.  We knew what we needed to do, but couldn’t shape it correctly.  When we initially contacted Belinda, we felt relieved just by talking with her. She took the time, and didn’t make us feel embarrassed for not knowing all the answers in running a business.

When we met with Belinda, it was comfortable, refreshing, and knowledgeable.  We now have a sequential plan to follow and she gave us some great ideas on how to proceed.

I’ve always owned my business and my passion to teach, but I’m realizing that my self-worth for my skill set was neglected until I met with Belinda from Own Your Money. We appreciated the expert guidance with a humane touch with what we needed to do—and the sounding board they gave me and my team.

We absolutely see ongoing value over the next 1-5 years for us, and we look forward to working with OYM in the future!

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Remember –

Just enter your name, email, and phone number
to get your application.
(There is no cost to fill out the application, and no obligation once you submit.)
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