Before You Say “Happy New Year” One More Time…[Money Tip + Action Steps]

by Belinda Rosenblum

Brace yourself—this isn’t just one more “Happy New Year” or “New Year, New You” email. I’m pretty done with those and maybe you are too.

(I of course wish you THE BEST for 2018, and I want to actually show you HOW to live into that.)

Before you open your mouth with one more “Happy New Year!” I want you to stop and ask yourself — even just for a moment…

* What specifically am I really wishing for this person?
* Is “Happy” overused and underachieved?
* What does it even mean to me to have my own “Happy New Year”?

I see the same thing happen the first week of every year… we all wish each other a “Happy New Year!” set resolutions, and then take very little (different) action.

Yup, the definition of insanity right there. Doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result.

MONEY TIP: For 2018 to create different results for you, you will need to commit to different actions and beliefs. But this is NOT a suggestion to create a laundry list of unsustainable wishes, aka goals, for the new year. That is what most people do and that will likely not set you up for success.

ACTION STEPS: Start today with these 3 steps to create your own “happy new year”:

1- Make a list of what “happy” is for YOU. Not what “should” make you happy. Or what your parents/ children/ friends/ family want for you (or themselves) to be happy. Or what you can do to make everyone else happy. I care about YOU, so this is about what makes YOU happy.

2- Make a list of the things that make you UNhappy. These are the stressors in your life. Learn to solve them, eliminate them, or accept them. This is where money comes into play. Ask yourself if you live with WAY too much curable stress — especially around money.

[Hint: Most people live with a ton of stress about money—whether they have it or not—so you are not alone. I am committed to helping you cure this stress in 2018. It IS possible and IS NOT too late.]

3- Build on what DOES make you happy, LET GO of what makes you UNhappy, and set ONE financial goal for 2017 — yes, just ONE — and focus on that. Take small (even TINY) steps EVERY day to increase your happiness quotient.

If you achieve that one goal before 12/31/18 11:59pm ET, then set another one and aim for that next. But when people set a lot all at once, it gets overwhelming and confusing fast and then nothing gains traction.

And if credit is one of those areas you want to work on, then you’ll love my article today for Women’s Money Week with A Quick Hack To Raise Your Credit Score Before You Apply For Credit!

Add a comment or question below now once you get started on these three steps.

I am committed to helping you make 2018 different. Let’s do it together!

PS> All this money stuff really can be easier. Stay tuned for an incredible year with me as your guide along the way for simple ways to help you get started curing your money stress—once and for all.

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