Last day to get in!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Time’s almost up to become a member of the Money Makers Academy.

Yes, it’s time to join now because enrollment will be closed at midnight tonight.

If you’re considering why this might be right for YOU…

Here are 5 really good reasons:

1 – You’re not where you want to be financially, and it’s not simply because of circumstances — it’s because of a skills gap. You’re doing the best you can, but this is not getting better on its own and your DIY efforts don’t appear to be working.

If you had a shocking pain in your side, you wouldn’t pretend it doesn’t hurt or slap a band-aid on it (and you certainly wouldn’t ever try to remove your own appendix on your own) — so why would you assume you could or should go it alone on this?

2 – You’re addressing money problems in the wrong order, and it’s not working. You’re trying things but getting more frustrated because you’re working so hard, but the approach is fundamentally flawed.

You must have a system in place. Enter the Money Makers Academy – it’s the system you NEED. This is a proven 4 step process that’s created a collective $4 million for those who use it… and it’s NOT hard or complicated. You can complete the steps needed in only 30 minutes a week — and best of all? This program totally pays for itself.  

3 – You’re missing the necessary mindset — and so tired of none of your improvement attempts sticking. We’ll tackle this head-on right away and then revisit it throughout as needed. Mindset is key, and you can fix it with the special sauce that MMA brings (and most other courses don’t).

Now, you might scoff at this and think, “I don’t need this”, but it’s the invisible step that keeps you stuck in old patterns — SO many people miss it and it’s 100% necessary.

4 – You’ve never found the right teacher — until now. There aren’t enough role models within your family or friends — you need a compassionate guide who’s been there. Currently our Academy members are ages 29 to 73 from 14 countries. I’m helping people from around the globe from all walks of life and I can help you, too.

5 – You’ve been going it alone — but you know community is KEY. When you’re surrounded by happy, positive people who have similar goals, you can’t help but want to keep up! Also, if you add accountability, you’ll have personal help to guide you further FASTER – no need to go it alone in the slow lane.

AND if you have a business, you likely have taken a bunch of courses so far but haven’t yet created a sustainable profitable business (or you want more money for all your efforts). The Business Academy can be your lifeline and best decision ever for your business.

Don’t even put this off until later today.

Take the three minutes now and make the moves to join the Money Makers Academy and change your life.

Don’t spend another year of your life sitting on the fence.

Get off the sidelines and let’s figure this out — together.

The doors to join close TONIGHT.

Come on in – we’re ready for you with open arms!

P.S. Nair was one of the FIRST people to join when we opened our doors last week — she recognized that her resistance, fear, and her go-it-alone attitude held her back last enrollment and she was NOT going to let that happen again! Join now and you, too, can feel the instant relief of moving towards improving your money… and your life!

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