TV Appearances
The Pulse Network – Kitchen Table Talks (April 2012)
Fox (Channel 12 in Providence) Morning News – The Rhode Show (February 2010)
ABC (KAKE Channel 10 in Kansas) Morning News – Using the Internet to Manage Your Money (March 2009)
Welcome Wellness TV
– Top 5 Tips to Reduce Money Stress (November 2008)

Money On Your Mind TV Show – Hosted by Belinda Fuchs-Rosenblum
Promote Yourself!: 5 Secrets to Advance Your Career (January-February 2011)
Riches in Niches (November-December 2010)
Understanding the Soul of Money (Summer 2010)
Moving Forward Through Unemployment (April-May 2010)
Money and Relationships (February-March 2010)
New Year’s Money Resolutions (January 2010)
College Financing 101 (December 2009)
Improving Your Personal Economy (October-November 2009)
Surviving the Credit Crunch (July-August 2009)
Living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck (May-June 2009)
Making Sense of the Current Mortgage Industry (April 2009)
Money and Relationships (February-March 2009)
Who’s Afraid to be a Millionaire? (December 2008-January 2009)
The Value of Financial Planning (November 2008)
Making Budgeting Bearable (October 2008)
Saving Money and Keeping Up with Your Finances (August-September 2008)