I won’t beat around the bush—you’re making this money thing more complicated than it needs to be.

The good news is this:

You are NOT alone, and I can help you.

(and it can be so, so easy)


You are probably here because you’ve fallen into 1 of 2 categories:

You’re making decent money. But you seem to come up short on a regular basis.

Up until now, your strategy has been to do your best to keep up, use the credit cards to float you when times are tight, and pray you don’t have to overdraw your accounts.

Maybe have more than enough. Your bills get paid every month. You may even be saving for retirement. But you know you haven’t saved nearly enough to reach your goals.

  • You want things for your kids, like private school, college, or family trips. But, even though you had planned to set money aside for them, you know you’re going to come up short.
  • Maybe you’ve had a big change in your life, like a divorce or a new home, and it feels like a financial wake up call. Now that your money situation has changed, you have a nagging feeling that you’ve got to do something about this.
  • Or perhaps it’s as simple as your priorities are shifting. You know you’ve been spending money on clothes, eating out, and things that may not be that important to you—and you’re realizing that you want to spend your money in a different way.

Up until now, you haven’t been looking at the stuff you want to have in your life and how you can fund it—and your savings account sadly reflects that. And you can feel your financial clock ticking…

(And if you’re an entrepreneur, then you know how much harder it gets with an inconsistent income. When you’re already living paycheck to paycheck (or client to client), not really sure how much you need each month to get by, you live in fear of losing an opportunity or not finding your next gig.)


And the truth is—

You may feel like you can’t change this.

You’ve made your bed.

And now you’ve gotta lie in it.

You may feel discouraged and powerless.

If only you had started saving and paying attention to your money years ago…

Okay—so are you ready for some good news?

You can pay all your bills, have more than enough money left over.

You can affordthe lifestyleyou want now…AND

have plenty of money

left over

for anything

you want.

  • You pay your bills every single month with absolute confidence. Instead of juggling things around in order to pay your rent or mortgage, and then scrambling to pay a school bill, too, you could feel good—because you know there’s money in the bank.
  • You live in the home you want, drive the car you love, take the vacation of your dreams, and are certain that you can afford it.You don’t have to make decisions from a place of fear—but from a sense of, “We can have this,” and, “If I want this vacation, here’s how I’m going to get it.”
  • You know in your bones that the money is there when you need it.You can have the peace of mind that you’re saving for long-term goals like retirement, college, or a new home—and also know that you have a fund for life’s unexpected expenses, like a car repair or emergency trips to see family.

Before I go further, though, I’d like to share with you

my philosophy about money.

No one has ever taught us how to do this—how to navigate the emotional side of money AND use a simple system. But when you do learn how to manage your money in an easy and fun way, you go through some paradigm shifts…

Money is easy, straightforward, and simple. You own your money instead of it owning YOU.

Once you first take the emotional charge and energy out of it, and add a simple system you can stick to, it’s quite black and white. The answers become clear.

Money then serves as the tool to help you have exactly what you want. Once you take responsibility for your money, you open the flood gates for more freedom, joy, and fun.

Instead of feeling like money is working against you as the external factor that’s in your way to having what you want (“I can’t do that because I can’t afford it”), you feel empowered because money is on your side.



You trust money is there for you when you need it.

We live with an underlying shame, guilt, and feeling of scarcity around money. There’s a lack of safety and security—a lack of trusting yourself. And people spend a lot of energy, hiding the fact that they’re not where they want to be with money.

But what if you bring love to it? Money doesn’t have feelings. You’re the one with feelings about it. And those feelings are manageable. You can get to a point where you trust yourself with money. You likely have more judgment on yourself than anyone else actually has. You did the best you could, with what you knew at the time.

When you shift to a place where you’re good with money, you no longer have to hide your “money shame,” because you know where it’s going and that you’re making good decisions.

It all starts when you learn what to DO with your money, so you can take actions that you trust, rather than question.

You feel calm and clear around money choices. You are decisive and sleep well at night, knowing you have money in the bank for whatever could come your way.

We think that “money management” means you have to give yourself a strict budget that stifles and limits you. But there are times where you can absolutely indulge. And sometimes, spending more actually helps you SAVE more.

In fact, money helps fund the fun, both physically and mentally. Physically, it’ll pay for a trip. Mentally, you’re more relaxed and present in your life when you’re not worried about money.

You just need an easy PLAN (not an unmanageable budget) that helps you stay on track, have fun, and takes out the questioning and self-doubt around money decisions.

It is possible and it can be way easier.

No matter who you are, how much money you currently make, or your marital status,

you are likely not keeping as much money as you could be.

In fact, I bet you are sitting on an extra $500 to $1,000 of potential savings EVERY month.

Imagine having an extra $6,000 to $12,000 this year.

Would that help you to get out of debt?

Build a “cushion savings?” Feel more secure?

From all of my work, especially with busy women and couples, I know the response would be a resounding “YES!”
Which is why I’ve brought back the popular “Making Money Easy” program.

Here’s even more good news—I’ve put together everything you need

to get started and find this extra money in your life.


The “Making Money Easy” program is an 8-week course where you will get a simple step-by-step system to look at your money, track it, and find ways to keep and save more of it, every single month.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a collection of my templates, checklists,

and cheat sheets to make this process even easier.

Plus—you’ll be able to ask me YOUR specific questions, so you don’t

have to worry about getting stuck or left behind.

I believe in taking the complex, overwhelming, and guilt-ridden topic of money management and making it simple, organized, and tailored to YOUR daily life.

The #1 source of panic with money often comes from not knowing where your money goes each month. Yet fear, shame, and self-judgment may have kept you from looking closely enough to figure it out. Up until now.

In the first week, we will rip off the proverbial band-aid. (It’ll only hurt for a moment, I promise.) We’ll take a good look at what’s really happening and uncover the truth about where your money has been going.

You’ll discover. . .

  • The 3 SIMPLE steps in my non-judgmental money-tracking process—so you truly understand where your money is spent each month.
  • How to pinpoint your unconscious spending to save yourself thousands of dollars every year.
  • The #1 pitfall most people make when tracking their money – and how to avoid it.(Hint: it’s not all reflected in your bank statement.)
  • How to identify and ditch your self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from holding onto your money.
  • PLUS: Easy-to-use Cash Flow TemplateIn just 1 page, this worksheet details all of the areas where you receive money and spend money. You’ll be able to use this template every single month, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your money.

You are now empowered to act. So what do you do? This is where you start to discover how to use money as a tool to create your ideal life—so that how you relate to money can be conscious and meaningful (not accidental, frustrating or scary).

In this important week, you’ll learn…

  • What to do first with the amounts you calculated (it’s not what you may be thinking).
  • The 3 options you have when your expenses exceed your income.
  • Where your extra cash is “hiding,” how to make it yours again, and then where to put all that new extra cash you’ll be generating—and why.
  • Why not having a big “WHY” could send you back to inaction—and how to find yours.
  • The 5 key areas to stop the money leaks and start to KEEP more of your money—immediately.
  • PLUS: 50 Ways to Live More on Less Cheat SheetThis cheat sheet provides creative ways you can look at your spending and learn how to spend less money—while actually enjoying your life MORE.
  • PLUS: The I.D.E.A. System HandoutThis system gives you the step-by-step process to achieve your personal finance goals with ease.

I’m giving you a LOT of content over these 8 weeks, but the whole point of this program is to make sure you’re able not only to learn, but to take action in a way that’s easy.

So I’m mixing in some Action Weeks to give you time to track your money and start to make the real changes necessary to tame your spending, put more money in your pocket immediately, and then allow you to put almost everything on autopilot.

In Week 3, you’ll receive a video from me, and then you’ll have the entire week to catch up on everything you’ve learned so far.

When most people think of getting their financial ducks in a row, they immediately think that they have to limit and stifle themselves with a budget.

But I’m going to show you why a PLAN is so much better. You’ll discover…

  • The pitfalls of typical “budgeting”—and how to avoid them.
  • How and where to indulge and still save even more money than last year.
  • The 3 key questions to ask yourself before you buy one more thing!
  • How to know the ROI (Return on Investment) of every dollar you spend.
  • When it’s good to use your credit cards—and when it’s not!
  • What percentage of your income you want to be saving—and how to make sure you do it each week, month, and year.
  • PLUS: Saving & Spending Plan TemplateThis worksheet easily links where your money is going currently to where you want your money to be going. You can use this template every month, even after the course is over.

It takes time to build your plan and money management system, so I’m giving you that time! Instead of rushing ahead to new training material before you have a solid foundation, you have an extra week to get a good hold on your cash flow and make the changes needed to save more right away.

During this Action Week, I’ll give you 3 simple challenges to help you implement your new plan with ease. It’s all about taking action on what you’ve learned, and turning those actions into real, sustainable, and consistent actions.

Now that you feel more financially secure, independent, and free, it is absolutely crucial that you know how to continue this feeling all year long. This class will give you concrete steps to prioritize your money and time, get focused, and become more productive—all in one!

You’ll learn…

  • How to automate your money management, so you can spend less time thinking about it each month (I told you this was easy).
  • How to continue making money from this program for months and years to come.
  • 5 easy ways to make sure your bills are paid on time—every month.
  • The power of “money dates” in your life—and how to have them by yourself and with your partner.
  • The organizational system that I use to file my financial paperwork (the exact one that rescued me from the paralyzing stacks of bills and a huge “to file” pile).
  • PLUS: Must-have Money Date Checklist This worksheet helps you standardize what you need to be doing each week and month, so you can develop new habits and best leverage your limited time (and desire) to work on your finances. We’ll send this to you in soft copy so that you can use this every week/month.
  • PLUS: 5-Step System to Organize Your Finances ChecklistThis special report and checklist will help you take the guesswork out of your filing system. From Gathering to Purging, you’ll have the exact steps you need to enjoy the confidence of knowing where everything is, what to do with it, and how long to keep it all.

Here’s your chance to catch up on everything you’ve learned and need to implement. Via video, I’ll go back over the key points we’ve covered, give you some new secrets to best leverage your learning, and give you the entire week to get all of those action steps finished.

By now, you have found your money, decided on a new way of spending within your means while building your saving, created a plan, and know exactly what to do to sustain this new financial life.

Week 8 is all about how you can continue to implement the shifts you’ve made in this program. Because those shifts have the power to change your entire financial future … which, in turn, changes the future of your entire life.

OMG, this woman is really spectacular! She totally lifted my spirits and I realized I AM in the poverty mentality, not just for me but for all others in my world too. I’m so worried that others can’t pay my rates, even the wealthy ones and I undervalue my gifts. YIKES. Total reality check. Belinda completely turned my thinking inside out and expanded my vision to limitless. As always it’s up to me (and the team) but I feel so much better. Belinda is such a gift. Thank you. ~Jackie



I am fantastically inspired! I actually made a plan. I learned where my money was going and found the confidence (and the cash) to pay down those credit card bills. I love her special Making Money Easy templates. I am now using this regularly to see where my money is going. ~Ryan


Who am I, and why am I here?

I’m Belinda Rosenblum, Wealth Expert and CPA.

And I know what it’s like to worry about money and be afraid that you’ll never get it figured out.

Even as an Accounting major from a top university, I was never taught how to quickly and easily manage my money—or how to have an abundance mindset about it.

Basically, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. (Know what I mean?) And I learned the hard way how much that could hurt me.

My Life-Changing Moment:

When my father had a debilitating stroke, I was left to figure out our family’s finances—at age 21.

A few years later, I was established in the accounting field and on the road 4 days a week. I was overwhelmed. And I started avoiding my money responsibilities at home.

Eventually, I found myself staring at 3 huge stacks of bills and other mail that I hadn’t touched.

I had the scary realization that my credit was going to suffer, my employer or family could find out, and my father could even get kicked out of his nursing home if I couldn’t pay the bills.

That day—staring at those piles of bills—was one of the toughest days of my life.

I felt completely owned by my money.

But it was on that day that I found a solution that I can’t wait to share with you. I had the realization that I could CHOOSE the relationship I wanted with my money. And I could make it EASY.

From then on, I devoted myself to learning about the psychology behind money and creating the simplest step-by-step money systems I could—and I’ve been sharing my systems with as many people as possible

what’s included?

4 high-impact training modules with Belinda Rosenblum (you can access

the LIVE Q & A calls via phone or computer)


These special calls happen the third week of each month during your program.

I’ll be on the live with you, in a safe environment where you can talk to me about anything that may be tripping you up.

You’ll get personalized answers and support from me-so you can get total clarity on your next steps and feel a new power to move forward.

Want to make sure you can have all this material for years to come? We’ve got you covered! The downloadable recordings of the modules are all yours to keep.

You can return to them whenever you need a refresher, a pick-me-up, or a good kick in the pants to get back in gear.

Print out the transcripts, take notes on them, or put them on your e-reader or smartphone. Use them to jot down notes as you listen to the calls. Highlight your favorite parts. Reread them as many times as you want-it’ll be easy to come back to specific spots for inspiration whenever you need it.

These downloadable templates make sure you don’t sit down to do your action steps and end up staring at blank sheet of paper. You’ll be able to get the work done quickly and without extra stress.

And because my goal is to make this process
as easy as possible, I’m also adding. . .


$500 VALUE

This is a private call, just you and me … And it’s all about you- my entire focus will be on you and YOUR specific situation.

The group Q&A calls are powerful on their own. But this private session with me will give you the exact answers and motivation you need. You’ll be able to ask your personal and confidential question without any fear of embarrassment or judgment.

We’ll talk about what has gotten in your way in the past, and what your specific best steps are to move forward.

Trust me: there’s nothing quite like an expert coach to review your cash flow, clear up your confusion, and customize your action steps for the easiest and most profitable plan designed for you.


$500 VALUE

The community in this program is incredible. You’ll be able to share your questions and celebrate your actions, plus hear back from both your peers and me directly on what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can keep up your new money management system.


$100 VALUE

Provided by Business success coach and EFT Master Ingrid Dinter, these new, powerful scripts will support your upgraded approach to money.

Working with Belinda has been a great experience for me. I completely changed my attitude towards managing my money. I used to avoid making big or small decisions and used to spend all I earned like there is no tomorrow. I was putting things off for weeks, months … and it’s been years!

NOW it feels great to be in control of earning and spending my money and of following a short-term and long-term plan. In the 1st month, I already saved $3,200 of expenses a year … and counting! There’s a lot we are doing together and it is making me realize how much I was ignoring. It’s not so daunting anymore. I feel more free every day! ~Tania





This is a real step-by-step system for REAL people.A lot of financial advice, magazines, and books are designed for high-level investment strategies, or how to save when you’re just out of college – but that’s not really where your life is now. So this program is designed to help you wherever you are NOW. You’ll get powerful, easy-to-use tools that will affect your everyday life in a really wonderful, big way.This course doesn’t assume you already know money.It’s a judgment-free zone. It won’t be filled with confusing jargon and concepts that leave you even more confused than when you started. This is a safe space. Most people have the tendency to avoid money and not look at it. I don’t expect you to know everything right away, and I make it easy to learn what you need.I’m not going to put you on an unrealistic, unmanageable, or stifling budget.

This is not about setting you on a strict budget that you’re not going to follow. It’s about planning, being conscious, being able to have a life now, AND save. It’s about being intentional with your money choices.

I teach you how to continue with it—by automating your systems.

You’re not done at the end of the 8 weeks. It’s designed to STICK. We’re going to pull off the band aid, do what we need to do, then automate as much as possible, so this is easy for you to sustain in the long term. The tools and simple steps are EASY to do. (Plus, you’ll want to keep doing them because it actually feels GOOD.)

You get ME and my guidance—right there with you, as you go through this process (plus, a whole community).

When you read a personal finance book, you still have to figure out which advice will be best for YOU. The author isn’t there to answer YOUR questions, to help you make the right choice for YOUR situation. With “Making Money Easy,” I’m there. You get a private Breakthrough Call with me, AND 2 open Q+A calls, where you can pick my brain and get personalized guidance plus benefit from the questions of your peers. And you get access to the private forum, where you’ll find a whole group of people going through the same process and cheering each other on. You don’t go through this alone.

Before working with Belinda my money situation was cloudy and stuck, with limited income. Now I have money to save! A few hundred dollars extra each month, which is a new and wonderful experience. Now I am freed up to breathe and handle things one at a time. I love Belinda’s positive approach, encouragement, and real perspective that gives me the inspiration, information and boost I need. ~Katie



Now, since I have a track record of helping people find anywhere from an extra $500 to $3,000 per
month, this kind of investment makes sense. Actually it makes it a no-brainer…

Option 1

Pay in full

(best deal)


4 Payments

(14 days apart)


8 Payments

(7 days apart)

right-arrow date-select-header left-arrow

Start Date

September 5, 2016


my personal ‘make-you-happy guarantee

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in this program. I’m giving you 30 days to test-drive the program. If for some reason this course doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll send you questions to prove that you’ve been participating in the program. Assuming you answer the questions correctly within the 30 day period, just ask me for a refund up to 30 days from the Start Date of your course. You have my word on it!


Remember—you can’t do anything about the past. Sitting in the guilt and shame of that will not add cash to your wallet, your bank account, or your retirement savings.

I’ve come into your life for a reason—to alleviate the stress around your money. I just have to teach you what to do.

So if you’re ready to take a stand for yourself and say that you’re through with not having the lifestyle you want, not being able to support your kids the way you want, and having to cover your expenses with the credit cards—if you’re ready to move past that, then it’s time to take the first step.

And that’s when you get to change your life…

When you stop avoiding and tell yourself the truth, you can have what you want.

It’s just a choice between saying “someday” and doing something NOW.

It stops when you say stop.

You just have to make the decision.

Thank you for being my lifeline just when I was feeling such despair. My money DEFINITELY owned me (or lack thereof).

I am so ready to be done with shame, fear and struggle and feeling like a failure without a safety net. I know they are just thoughts (with financial evidence) but they have got me held prisoner at the moment. So, I have been sad and very disempowered. Considering I have HUGE dreams and a big purpose, I am open and ready. ~Sarah






My courses tend to fill up quickly.

That’s because people who have been following me know that I only lead a few courses each year. My private clients pay me over $5,000 a day to help them with their personal and business finances. But this course gives you the chance to learn my secrets—and get my personal attention—for a fraction of that price.

But I get that you may still have questions…

Why would I spend money to save money? I don’t have extra money, so how am I going to pay for this?

You can stay in this pattern of “get by, get by, get by.” But if you want to stop the madness and find a different way of being, I need to teach it to you. You’ve just never learned this stuff in this kind of an immediately actionable practical way.

What if you find an extra $700 a month? You make a 1-time investment in this, and then every month, you’re enjoying the spoils. I have a number of clients who made back their money before they even finished the program.

I’ve read books, and I’ve tried to track my money before. It didn’t work. How do I know this is any different?
I get it. The problem with what you’ve done in the past is this: when you pull from different sources, it’s great advice, but it’s not a system. It’s hard to stick with it when it’s not put together. One person says this, and another person says that, so then there’s conflicting advice—and you get confused on what to do.That’s why I offer a simple step-by-step SYSTEM. It’s designed to fit in with your daily life. I’m not going to teach you more than you need to know (or it may all get confusing and paralyzing again). You’ll save as much as possible, get on solid financial footing, and know that you have enough each month. (Plus, I’ve read all that stuff so you don’t have to.)
What about my partner? He/She is doing the spending, too.
Perfect. I let couples do this course together, without charging for the extra person. Even if you’re gung-ho and your partner is ho-hum right now, I’ve found that once you start the material and share what you’re learning, the other person gets hooked.
Okay, I’m on board, but my spouse still thinks this is a waste of money/doesn’t like to do things like this.
This is a chance to explain to your partner what this money strain is really doing to you. You’re living with so much more stress than you need to be. And what if your family actually had that extra money? You could take that trip you’ve talked about for years. This is an opportunity to grow closer as a couple, so you are on the same financial page and no longer disagree on money.

Option 1

Pay in full

(best deal)


4 Payments

(14 days apart)


8 Payments

(7 days apart)

right-arrow date-select-header left-arrow

Start Date

September 5, 2016


P.S. If you believe that you can’t find the money for this program now, I get that. But then nothing changes. You keep living this experience of not having enough. Or you can change it by joining this program today.

This is one of the best courses I’ve ever created. I share my favorite secrets to managing, keeping, and saving more money than you ever have before! With the tools in this course, you can change your life. For good.

P.P.S. Remember, the course is GUARANTEED. If you’re not pleased with your investment for any reason whatsoever we’ll send you questions to prove that you’ve been participating in the program. Assuming you answer the questions correctly, just ask me for a refund up to 30 days from the Start Date of your course. You have my word on it!

I noticed that I have avoided my money for quite a few years and that it was about time to claim responsibility and take some action to pay my debt off. I know now that I can handle my debt, that I don`t need to be ashamed of it, and that there are gorgeous people who are absolutely willing to help me keep going. But most important was the awareness that I do not need to be ashamed or get emotional about money. It really is just money. ~Sonja





Well, I’m feeling much better today, my moments of desperation and despair have passed. Thank you so much for your reassurance. ~Tracy



Better than a diet! How many pounds equal nearly two years of avoidance and denial? Thanks to Belinda’s recent coaching, I’ve caught up on two years in back tax filings. I feel lighter every day! ~Cynthia



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