• Frustrated you aren’t saving as much as you want to every month?
  • Overwhelmed with all the financial education out there and not sure how or where to start?
  • Ready to find an alternative to avoiding and instead set yourself on a clear, inspired path to financial freedom?

The 7 Day System to Take Control of Your Money




  • 5 keys to “own your money” so you can stop feeling and being “broke”

  • 3 simple strategies to get out of your own way

  • 4 easy steps to tracking your money and then fixing the money leaks in your life – NOW – to find $100-1000/month extra cash

  • One simple formula for achieving your personal finance goals with ease

  • 5 resources to check your credit score, report, and payoff schedule

  • Better way to manage your wallet–and what your wallet says about you

  • 5 ways to make your financial goals S.M.A.R.T.

  • 3 stories that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and ask for (and make) more money

  • 6 key areas to look for the “extra” money you could be saving (without sacrificing your lifestyle!)

  • 5 fresh tips to save money on food and groceries

  • 20 website links to further develop your financial savvy and education

  • Power establishing “money dates” and a support system can bring to your financial life

  • 15 most common non-supportive “B.S.” keeping you from thinking bigger and realizing your earning and saving power

  • and much more!

Transform who you have been with money as you gain financial confidence and know-how to truly start taking control of your money!


Your INVEST IN YOURSELF program includes:

  • 2 Audio CDs

  • Companion Audio Guide filled with practical strategies, tools and techniques

You”ll finally be able to move from the overwhelm and avoiding to start saving.

This program literally pays for itself.


By following and implementing the 7-day INVEST IN YOURSELF system, you will make or save AT LEAST your investment within 90 days of completion of the audio program, or your money-back.


Putting these tips into action can have life-changing results for you
(and your business).

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our clients had to say:

We just can’t say enough about what Belinda and Own Your Money have done for our family and our company. As small business owners and parents of 3 children, we came to Belinda with a desperate plea to help us get on top of a mountain of debt, plan for our children’s education and grow our company to a size that will support the lifestyle we really envision for ourselves and our children.

After just three months, we have reduced our monthly expenses to a much more manageable level, created a debt-management plan that will allow us to be debt-free in 5 years and begun to map out a business plan for the coming year that will have us well on the way to financial security. We both feel much more confident about our relationship with money and are dreaming bigger than we ever thought possible. Imagine money discussions being fun and exciting rather than anxiety-provoking and destructive! We never would have believed it, but here we are, and here we will stay!
~ David and Mari-Chris Russell, Owners, Russell Education


“Belinda’s creativity in approaching a difficult subject shined through and has made it a lot easier for us – right now – to talk. It was really the first time in a long time that we objectively worked together on our finances. Yesterday after dinner we tackled the rates on our cards and in three calls, saved ourselves $33,000 in interest alone…We pulled our free credit reports…and we were pleasantly surprised on our scores. Cha-ching!”
~ Chrissy, Sales Manager


“Belinda has been instrumental to the growth of my business and my ability to “think bigger”. Before working with her, I was unclear about what I wanted my business to be and so things were moving very slowly. With Belinda’s guidance, I was able to focus my interests and intentions, clarify my goals, and really start designing and building my business. Belinda helped me make some important decisions and take some big steps, and now my business is much further along than it would have been without her!”
~ Suzan Czajkowski, Owner, Elemental Leadership Solutions


“Working with Belinda has been a great experience for me. I completely changed my attitude towards managing my money. I used to avoid making big or small decisions and used to spend all I earned like there is no tomorrow. I was putting things off for weeks, months,…and it’s been years! (Since 2005 even on 1 major item!)

NOW it feels great to be in control of earning and spending my money and of following a short-term and long-term plan. In the 1st month, I already saved $3,200 of expenses a year…and counting! There’s a lot we are doing together and it is making me realize how much I was ignoring. It’s not so daunting anymore. Belinda has given me great resources and accountability to get a new accountant, financial advisor, and bookkeeping set-up support. I’m now following through with my own ‘money dates’ and taking action. I feel more free every day!”
~ Tania Naaman, Banking Operations


“My relationship with money (in both my personal and professional life) went from almost completely unconscious to concrete. I realized that my belief system (my “B.S.”) around money had me ‘giving my work away’ for over 20 years. Since that time, I have raised my service prices by 25% and I finally feel like I am charging what I deserve.”
~ Tricia Newell Bennett, Family Therapist, Martha’s Vineyard MA

  • How much is actually having an easy step-by-step system to take control of your money worth to you?
  • How many thousands of dollars have you missed out on by NOT being in control?
  • What if you could actually re-set your entire financial course for just the price of one dinner out?

The price of this 7-Day System could be well over $1000 for all of the money you will be making from it. Yet to keep it very reasonable and take away any excuses for you to put this off any longer, the price is only $77 for the entire INVEST IN YOURSELF system. Plus, you have a choice to download it and get access right away or have it shipped direct to your door.


Take control of your money now…or it will keep controlling you!

“Yes Belinda, I’m ready to INVEST IN MYSELF
so I can have more power, fun and freedom in my life!”

“I’m now saving $50 a month for ever and ever, so the CD more than paid
for itself. Go get it!”

~ Betsy Tretheway, Founder and Sales Trainer, Cirque Du Sales


Call received within 4 days of purchase:
“I loved listening to your CDs. I just bought them a few days ago and already listened to both with my son in the car. I want to be able to teach him how to be good with money too. You took away the scary from my finances so I don’t have to feel so bad. I was so excited that I already called my bank and got a $75 credit for bank fees. I’ve already doubled my investment! I also liked the part where you talked about my financial fears and how to get past them. I can’t wait to go over my financials with you and see what you can clarify for my personal situation. Thank you!”

Listen here for more on the additional $7500 Maureen will be saving!

~ Maureen


“I really enjoyed your “style” and found your information relevant and inspiring. I already opened an automatic withdrawal to kick up the savings!!”
~ Lisa Alonge, Director of Development, Governor’s Conferences for Women


“I am loving the INVEST IN YOURSELF CDs. Belinda is so conversational and engaging. It’s like she is right there in my passenger seat. Her sparkle even comes through in her voice– not canned at all. She is so in the moment and so motivating. I’m such a fan and can’t wait to start taking more action!”
~ Alesia Latson, Principal, Latson Leadership Group

Belinda Rosenblum, Financial Success Coach and CPA, is a self-made millionaire and a woman bold enough to be changing today’s money game. Belinda is the founder and president of Own Your Money, a financial coaching and education company teaching individuals and couples how to make personal finance and business success rewarding, manageable, and profitable. Her expertise is in high-demand as she hosts her own TV show, radio show, and is frequently quoted in Yahoo!Finance, SmartMoney.com, and even in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Belinda’s ability to inspire action in others is fueled by her passion for helping people appreciate their self-worth and realize their financial goals.

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