Why Your Goals May Be Failing – Instead Make The Change A Habit [Money Tip and Action Steps]

by Belinda Rosenblum

Oh no not again… did you fall victim to January 17th’s Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day?

Cartoon NY resolutions

Wait, do you even remember this year’s goals and resolutions…?

So how are you going to make THIS year the year to enact those changes?

THIS year, I’d love to help you create a different result. Follow these critical secrets and let’s shift the likelihood of your success.

MONEY TIP: 3 Simple Shifts So You Can Achieve Your Goals THIS Year:

1. Ground yourself in your WHY. Have you set your goals based on what matters most to YOU… or to meet some societal expectation or someone else?

All of your goals need to have a solid, strong benefit back to you, so that you actually follow-through. Or, you just won’t do them, and then will have more evidence for why you aren’t good at follow through.

When you are grounded in a WHY that matters to you, you execute the HOWs with willingness, vigor, and even FUN. And you don’t want to have a lot of goals – have one major and up to 2 minor. Too many will cause overwhelm and no action at all.

2. Simplify. Most of us overcomplicate. Everything.

Change your thinking to seek out the simpler way. Literally ask yourself: “What could be a simpler way of doing this?” Last week’s money tip on systems for your paperwork is a great example of how a few tweaks to your filing system can completely eliminate the stress.

I promise you—completion gets much less scary once you break your goals into smaller tasks with a fresh perspective. And once you get some things done and the momentum kicks in, then you’ll want to create even more results!

3. Make it a new habit. Yes, we have some reprogramming to do. You’ve created habits, some good and some not so good, and thus you have created the results you have today. So just as you created your results step by step, action by action, you can create different results the same way.

Decide what you want to be committed to and create a small new habit to support your commitment.

For example, if you want to take better control of your money, start looking at your main bank account(s) every day. One of my clients does this and saw an error the day it happened. Because she caught it so quickly, she averted a huge disaster and lots of fees.

Literally… make your desired change a habit. You can’t expect your will-power to suffice, because it can easily turn into will-later and lose all its power.

Remember, financial “independence” does not mean you have to do it alone. [If you haven’t had the incredible opportunity to learn from us yet, I’ve even opened up 4 sessions on my calendar over the next 2 weeks to personally help you reach – and even fast track – your goals!]

No one teaches us this stuff, yet everyone feels they should know what they are doing. It’s really so silly, yet we all should on ourselves way too much. You can stop that pattern and ask for help with whatever pieces of this puzzle have remained a mystery to you—until now.

Comment below on which of these shifts you are going to make this year.

YES, it is possible to realize the joy, success, passion, and fulfillment… what a way to start 2018. I hope to talk with you soon.

PS> When I recently asked one of our Academy members Candace what she was struggling with when she decided to take control and talk with me, she shared “I was making money, but I didn’t have a clue how to keep it around/ or didn’t know how to attract more of it. I was so worth more than this, that there had to be a better way to manage this. I believed there was a better way that was not in my awareness.

What Candace told me is not unusual. You may have had similar struggles too.

And it may be adding a whole lot of worry and stress to your otherwise happy life.

This really gets to me, so I’m doing something about it! Just click here to claim one of the 4 coveted spots now to talk with me 1×1.

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