Marc and I had been dating a year. We had met each other’s family and friends. Things were getting serious. And then… Valentine’s Day was fast approaching.

Oh no – I worked myself into quite a tizzy wondering, “How much do I spend? What do I get him? I don’t want to spend too much, but I don’t want to spend too little either… and what if I spend more than him and make him feel cheap…”

The mind chatter went on and then I figured out how to stop it!

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This is an interesting few days here in the U.S… with Groundhog day today and Superbowl Sunday in 2 days, I got to thinking about how both of these events are actually related…Pats in game

Not because the Patriots keep getting into the Superbowl, or because it is no surprise that we have 6 more weeks of winter, but instead because…

MONEY TIP: If you are not actually IN THE GAME, then every day can feel like every other day (and you’ll feel stuck in the Groundhog day mentality).

Why? Because you aren’t allowing – or supporting – yourself to makeprogress. And you can’t WIN the game of money unless you are actively, consistently, and intentionally playing the “game.”

Progress is reserved for the people in life who take action.

Those who take a stand for themselves.

And those who stop buying into the lie that this reality is how it has to be – and take baby steps even in those moments when they feel stuck and disappointed that the now is not nearly as plentiful as the life they truly want.

(Need some help figuring out what those action steps need to be? Grab one of the last 3 spots to talk with me if you aren’t currently in a program with us and I’ll help you get on track for 2018!)
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Oh no not again… did you fall victim to January 17th’s Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day?

Cartoon NY resolutions

Wait, do you even remember this year’s goals and resolutions…?

So how are you going to make THIS year the year to enact those changes?

THIS year, I’d love to help you create a different result. Follow these critical secrets and let’s shift the likelihood of your success.

MONEY TIP: 3 Simple Shifts So You Can Achieve Your Goals THIS Year:

1. Ground yourself in your WHY. Have you set your goals based on what matters most to YOU… or to meet some societal expectation or someone else?

All of your goals need to have a solid, strong benefit back to you, so that you actually follow-through. Or, you just won’t do them, and then will have more evidence for why you aren’t good at follow through.

When you are grounded in a WHY that matters to you, you execute the HOWs with willingness, vigor, and even FUN. And you don’t want to have a lot of goals – have one major and up to 2 minor. Too many will cause overwhelm and no action at all.
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My hands used to literally shake…

I would put my key in my mailbox, hold my breath, and pray that there wouldn’t be more mail and bills I had to deal with inside!

In my 20’s, I was a total avoider when it came to my mail – and my money. I just couldn’t deal.

How to handle those piles of mail!

My lifeline out was creating actual systems – so I knew what to do and when – to not let everything pile up and get out of control.

So to help you start your year off right, I’m going to share with you exactly why and what to do in the first 30 seconds you walk in your house with your mail…

MONEY TIP: What is missing in your life, causing you all that paperwork stress? You are in dire need of a system – specifically a mail system (and an easy regular practice to keep up with it).

The mail will keep coming. The bills will keep coming. The overwhelm will keep happening. AND it all gets solved with a system that you can actually keep up with. The key is that whatever you set up has to be easy to maintain – and even fun and rewarding to do.
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