When you get hate mail disguised as a “love” note from your mailman to PLEASE empty your mailbox, it’s definitely time…

Time to end the avoidance, take in your mail, and handle the paperwork.

Like their motto says, “Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we deliver your mail!” They will get it to you… whether you want it or not.

(In this case, my client had been that afraid to open her mail for fear of one particular bill. Within 2 months of our work, she had that bill opened, settled, and the debt completely paid off. We gave her back such a sense of freedom!)

But with our busy lives, handling the barrage of mail and paperwork can often just feel like one more thing to do.

The result: Piles – and lots of them. Instead, here’s a much better answer…

OWN YOUR MONEY TIP: You need a system – specifically a mail system (and an easy regular practice to keep up with it). The mail will keep coming. The bills will keep coming. The overwhelm will keep happening. AND it all gets solved with a system that you can actually keep up with. The key is that whatever you set up is easy to maintain – and even fun and rewarding to do.
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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while growing my business online is…

It doesn’t matter how GREAT you are at what you do, if no one knows about you, you will stay broke, struggling, and wondering if you have what it takes to run your own business. (Spoiler: Without a large following, everything is tougher, but help is on the way!)

This was one of my toughest lessons to learn.

Belinda- Full ShotAmidst big excitement from me and even bigger skepticism from nearly all my family and friends, I set up my virtual “shingle” of OwnYourMoney.com and announced I was leading my first 2-day workshop December 1-2, 2007.

(This was my first headshot from then…it’s ok to laugh!) — >

I had HIGH hopes and put down a deposit for an event room at the John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center in Downtown Boston that fit 100-150 participants.

After several emails and passing weeks, I had registered only… wait for it… 2 people!
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File Feb 10, 1 58 19 PMAfter a snowy week here in Boston (pic from our “busy” snow day yesterday), I have a quick note with some FUN Valentine’s day ideas – from me and my financial blogger friends.

I totally understand that pull (which sometimes is a gut-wrenching claw)… you know, that part of you that wants to spend money on those you love yet that other part that also wants to save, pay off debt, and be financially responsible.

It all starts with that real commitment to “own your money” – to take care of yourself and your financial future with responsibility, releasing the shame around it and replacing it with a willingness and even excitement dare I say to create a new life for yourself!

OWN YOUR MONEY TIP: This Valentine’s Day, put on your creative fun hat and let’s get going… I wrote an extensive article with for you. Here are two ideas as a start:

Bowling pin1 – If you have a special someone – Think back to…where you met, your first date, or a special moment. Create a gift that is super meaningful and likely won’t break the bank. For example, my husband Marc and I had our first date at King’s (a hip Bowling alley) in downtown Boston. I bought a new bowling pin from them and wrote a fun note personalized to him on the pin. It’s his favorite gift yet–total cost of $25 bowling pin and $2 sharpie pen. (Estimate= $0-30, usually the less money you spend, the more creative you inspire yourself to get.)
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Learn from the Best [Bonus #2]

by Belinda Rosenblum

New resources so you can trade your research time in and instead maximize your learning time from my colleagues and mentors who are the masters:
Need more clients? Check these out from client attraction ninja Jeanna Gabellini:
11 Easy Mindset Hacks to Become a Client Magnet (http://bit.ly/5SC1OYM)
Mojo For More YESes! Template (http://bit.ly/5SC2OYM)
Considering creating an online course? Learn from the course building master Danny Iny of Mirasee:
Course Marketing Momentum: Advanced Strategies to Attract Your Next (Or First!) 5, 50, or even 500 Paying Students… FAST! (http://mirasee.com/2017/tagr/workshop)
Want to understand the science (and art) to successfully launching an online program? This advanced course from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Social Triggers is only open for 1 more day and changed my whole business:
Yes Engines: Discover the new “selling system” proven to make more sales and create customers for life (https://socialtriggers.com/join/yesengines/)
Feel alone as a female entrepreneur?
THE MYTH OF BALANCE: How to Thrive as an Entrepreneurial Change-Making Mother – brand new live virtual event this Tuesday with Kate Northrup (http://katenorthrup.com/myth)
How Female Entrepreneurs Can Help Each Other Succeed by Catherine Alford for CentSai (http://centsai.com/how-female-entrepreneurs-can-help-each-other-succeed/)
Afraid you might be too frugal?
Frugal Confessions: When Saving Money Backfires by Susan Johnson Susan Johnston Taylor for U.S. News & World Report (http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/spending/articles/2017-01-25/frugal-confessions-when-saving-money-backfires)
Buying a new home?
A 6-Point Checklist For Buying A New Home by Jessica Ozar for CentSai.com (http://centsai.com/a-6-point-checklist-for-buying-a-new-home/)
Not sure where to start to improve your financial life in 2017?
10 ways to get your financial life in order by Teresa Mears of LivingOnTheCheap.com (http://livingonthecheap.com/organize-financial-life-save-money/)
Comment below and let me know which of these opportunities you find helpful.
We can’t wait to help you shorten your learning curve, build your confidence with money, and fast track your success in 2017!
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