Tell me if this has ever felt familiar…

You just got paid on Friday. Great — right?

So you paid your bills (well most of them) and had some fun on the weekend.

Now, it’s a new week and… your money is GONE. There’s barely anything left from your Friday deposit.

So what do you do now?

You dip into your savings, use your credit card to survive, or just don’t spend money over the next few days (even on essentials like gas or groceries). And you start to worry. Again.

Where did your money go? (Find out here.)

On paper, it seems like you make enough money to live a reasonable lifestyle. You don’t feel like you’re splurging… but there just never seems to be much extra.

As one lovely but frustrated woman just emailed me over the weekend, “We make too much money to feel broke all the time!!!”

You just want to feel FREE.

Free to live your life. Free to buy what you want. Free to be present without the nagging worry of money.

I know how discouraging this scenario can be. And I know it doesn’t need to be this way.
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You’re smart. You’re driven. But are you financially where you want to be?

I get how frustrating that can be.

It can even be downright demotivating to look and see your bank account balances lower — and likely your credit card balances higher — than you expect given how much you are working.

I’ve been there too, ready to just give up…

So before you head out for the weekend, take this simple step to help yourself get on track — and quickly!

Sign up for my brand new FREE LIVE webinar training:

The Three Major Money Mistakes Even Smart Women and Couples Make That Sabotage Their Savings (And How To Avoid Them!)

Can’t wait to see you there — have a great weekend!


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With all going on this summer, I didn’t want you to miss out on tomorrow’s one time opportunity…

I’ve asked my colleague to share his top productivity tips with YOU for FREE – specifically on how to use the application Evernote (my secret weapon to fight overwhelm).

Follow this link now to join us:!
(live or for the limited time replay)

You’ve heard it before… time = money.

Well, it’s a fact.  And if we can create time (by saving it), we can create $$.

What if at the same time we are making more money, we are able to save our sanity in the process?

Great idea, right?

The answer is just one day away!
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File Jul 26, 10 22 20 PMGreetings from Storyland!

My family and I are enjoying a much needed vaca and I didn’t plan this week’s money tip in advance.

Yup, even I, a master planner, can miss one detail and screw up.

But instead of beating myself up, I just owned it and took action.

(Try this approach yourself, it can be so freeing!)

I was going to just skip a week for you, but consistency and excellence are also key values for me, so I decided that being honest was my best bet.

And of course helping you get an essential learning in the process.

MONEY TIP: Whether you are just starting out in your career/ business, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in the middle, it is essential that you decide the key connection points that you want to maintain — and that you give it your best to really keep those up.
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