“By studying the right role models, you could learn in a week what might otherwise take you a decade.”

Swoon.  Tony Robbins is a smart cookie, isn’t he?

This is exactly what I do when I start learning something new.  It shows me what’s possible — AND I get ‘insider info’ about how to accomplish my goal faster.

Affiliate - Livecast 1Wondering how you can do this for your finances? Check this out…

In less than 24 hours… success secrets are about to be revealed, live on air!

Meet our Money Makers, learn their best tips and tricks, and even ask them (and me) your own questions.

>> Save yourself a seat for this brand-new livestream where we go over 5 case studies so you can understand exactly what they did to create their success… so you can too!

You’ll meet Kiana and Billy…
Cashing bigger checks after raising her rates and charging what she’s worth, Kiana’s business is no longer stuck in the cycle of overgiving & underearning.

Plus… Love is in the air between Kiana and her husband Billy.  Find out how money has made their relationship stronger — instead of being a sore point, it brings them closer together.

(It may help that now he is even making an extra $1000 a month!)

30 years of owing money to someone else is over.  In less than a year, Susan paid off a WHOPPING $18,000 worth of credit cards AND a car loan!

And you’ll love what’s coming up next for her…
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Small shifts create MORE money.

Susan croppedJust ask Susan, who’s been a member of The Money Makers Academy for just a year…

And in that time, has paid off an ASTOUNDING $18,000!

She’s debt free now — and has BIG plans.

>> Save yourself a seat for a brand-new livestream when I interview Susan on exactly what she did to create such amazing results… so you can too!

Here are some highlights from Susan’s story…

“My relationship with money was total avoidance.

I charged on my credit cards for most everything and didn’t have the money to pay for it. Just getting more and more in debt and unhappy.

Since starting the course last year, I have paid off over $18,000 of credit cards and a car loan!

This is the first time in 30 years that I don’t have a car payment…oh was a feeling!!! What a weight has been lifted of my shoulders I think I even walk a little taller.

I did this by selling a snowmobile, a piece of pilates equipment, many items on ebay and paying myself because before this program I totally undervalued myself.

I am spending $500 less a month on groceries and will continue to try and cut more, and I also cut my medical expenses by changing doctors. I now pay cash for everything and I no longer am buying things “to make me happy.”

This course has been life changing for me!

It has opened my eyes and made me look at my story in a very gentle way with not beating myself up like I have in the past, which is why my story has now changed and especially with the help of my money coach… It really helps having a coach hold you accountable every week and to have someone celebrate your wins!

I am now looking forward to the future with budgeting, setting goals and saving for the future and staying DEBT FREE!!!”

You too are *this close* to having a similar story.
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How often do you celebrate your wins?

(Check out the PS so you have something extra to celebrate today — in addition to all of the awesome fathers in your life!)

I am a firm believer in making celebrating a habit! (Celebrate early, often, and every win.)

And it’s easy when Academy members have so much to celebrate — every single week.

We’re about saving money…

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And paying debt off.

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We LOVE making more money!

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As my son turned 2, we had some concerns that he wasn’t talking, running, jumping, and processing as expected for his age.

But I didn’t want to believe it was true. He was only 2 — how could he already be behind?

I resisted getting testing at first because I created a story that if he really was behind, then it meant I was a bad mother.

After talking myself off the ledge and getting some support from friends and family, I took him to an extensive 3 hours of testing by 4 specialists.

Even in the moment, I was torn to make him seem better than he was, or be totally honest with the evaluators (and myself) about his current level of skills.

When it was confirmed that our son had a developmental delay, I was devastated.

All I could think was, “Is there something I could have done to prevent this?”

Then I felt like an even WORSE mother for not taking action!

(I’m not saying this was rational… but I was stuck in feeling bad that it was happening.)

Once I realized that my internal game was off, causing me to have this heart-wrenching shame, I saw that it was getting in the way of my ability to DO something about it.

Only then could I realize how much power I DID have.

Power over my thoughts.
Power over my story.
Power to take action and make changes — yes, even the changes that I had been dreading owning up to.

Good news!

Seth’s been getting help for 16 months now with direct attention from 3 different therapists every week, plus some soccer and the daily playground, to add extra fun and learn in community all at the same time.

I’m happy to report that he is responding and progressing well — getting help is making a HUGE difference.
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