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Harriet, an attendee from a recent presentation for the Women’s Initiative Network of a large financial services company has a new inspired action plan!

Gwen Foster, attendee at the Administrative Professional Conference, is inspired to talk with her husband about money (after 27-years of struggle):

Wanda Hill, attendee at the Administrative Professional Conference, shares her “a-ha moments”:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Michael Rubin, personal finance expert and President of Total Candor LLP:

Amy Perry, Regional Director of Education for Money Management Inc.’s Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Southern New England:

National Association of Women MBAs

“Thank you again for presenting to our group last night.  You did a fabulous job making the event fun and interactive! I feel many women obtained some great money advice from you, including myself.  I want to try the money date with my husband and add in the romance component – I think he’ll then look more forward to the conversation. I will share your advice with my friends and colleagues and also refer anyone that I know is looking for help to you!”

~Tina Ahladianakis, Vice President, Programs – National Association of Women MBAs (Boston Chapter)

Bryant University Women’s Summit 2011 and 2010

“I’ve always bristled against personal budgeting and have only had one period in my life where I was a good saver. Belinda actually got me truly excited about finding ways I can spend less money and “find the money leaks” as she put it. She made it so much fun–I truly was inspired to look at my expenses and find that hidden money. I couldn’t believe my own enthusiasm for what had always seemed like a dreadful project. I came home to share my enthusiasm with my husband who is much more interested in cutting expenses–so I envision a wonderful project budding in our shared look at expenses and saving.”

~ Lisa Tener, attendee, received via email the day after the presentation (March 10, 2011)

“Many thanks for your participation as a speaker at the 2010 Women’s Summit at Bryant University, New Decade. New Directions. Your generous contribution of time, knowledge, experience and presentation skills are equivalent to a valuable lasting gift to those who attended your session. The Women’s Summit would not be possible without you and your ability to provide such an enriching educational experience for our attendees.

Thanks again for your time, talent and your ability to connect with your audience in a very meaningful and empowering way!”

~Kati Machtley, Director, The Women’s Summit (March 11, 2010)

Harvard University- Smart Women Securities

Thank you so much for speaking at the Harvard University Women’s Week and Smart Woman Securities personal finance workshop on Monday, March 8th.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best, most enlightening speaking events I have ever heard. (Clearly, we liked you as this is the second time in just over 2-years you have spoken for our organization.)

When I first entered the room, I knew this was not a typical event that always comes onto campus.  The mood of the room was different: there was a kind of energy that resonated.  The music in the background, the signs and posters that filled the room, and even the coins on the floor all told me that we were in for a real treat.  And we certainly were.

Your story of how you came to become a successful businesswoman is inspirational. Your seven step system to taking control of our money was moving, informative and life-changing.  You engaged the audience and they loved listening to you.  Your ability to utilize audience participation to make a lasting impression of personal investment and the need for action NOW worked well.

From your presentation, we understand what we can be doing and actually have the motivation to go and do it. One graduate student already went to her bank with her first $1000 to invest—you’ve helped put her on her path to a more solid financial future.

At our university, where everyone is busy and has crazy schedules, it’s hard to capture the attention of so many in such a short amount of time.  It is only the best—the most entertaining, the most educational, the most inspiring—that can engage the audience as deeply as you did.  Wow is all I can say!

Thank you once again for speaking.  We loved listening to you, and I heard countless others excitedly chatter about how much they enjoyed your workshop.

We appreciate the difference you have made for the 100+ students and for making such a huge difference in our financial lives, and I am confident you will go on to change many more lives too. There are not enough words to express our gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Celia Zhang, Harvard University Smart Women Securities

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