Business Consulting Testimonials

Taking Our Business to New Heights…It’s worth it!

Before we went to Own Your Money, we were stumbling through our business marketing and operations.  We knew what we needed to do, but couldn’t shape it correctly.  When we initially contacted OYM, we felt relieved just by talking with them. They took the time, and didn’t make us feel embarrassed for not knowing all the answers in running a business.  When we met with Belinda, it was comfortable, refreshing, and knowledgeable.  We now have a sequential plan to follow and she gave us some great ideas on how to proceed.

I’m in the process of updating our website, have increased our marketing database, and have realized that my BS (belief system) was holding me back and I needed to let go of some old thoughts. We also learned that we don’t need to re-invent the wheel and that we actually have a lot in place already that just needs to be re-fined and organized succinctly.

While it seems like a lot of money for a growing or grassroots company, it’s worth it because OYM has consultants that know business. Often times, people in small business know their trade better than anything else, and while that’s essential, you also need to figure out the “business” side of things.  OYM is helping us with that and we appreciate the pro-active approach and the fact that it was professional, yet laid back, humorous, and comfortable.

I’ve always owned my business and my passion to teach, but I’m realizing that my self-worth for my skill set was neglected until I met with Belinda from OYM. We appreciated the expert guidance with a humane touch with what we needed to do—and the sounding board you gave me and my team. We absolutely see ongoing value over the next 1-5 years for us, and we look forward to working with OYM in the future!

~Amy Gordon, Second Nature Social Skills, Plymouth, MA,

What a difference…

I can’t think of a better person to have in your corner if you’re serious about growing your business and wealth. Picture the scene: Me, stuck in a hotel room one late night, needing smart ideas about a presentation the next morning. Not only did Belinda give me her free time that evening (which I know she has precious little of) over the phone but her ideas were so tremendous and impactful – that I truly have never had such a response from a group. The minute my presentation was over – I had to call Belinda to let her know what a difference her ideas made. I can’t write enough about what a difference she made to me – and can make for you.

Elizabeth Freedman, Founder & Principal, Elizabeth Freedman & Company

Brought in $24,000 in revenue in 4 days and more than quadrupled my effectiveness!

What is your before, during and after story?

Before: lucky if I got 1-3 people from a single tele-seminar at $2,000 to $2,500
After: got 8 at almost $3,000 each (that’s almost $24,000)!

Belinda helped me with pricing, being present and real, rather than nervous and scripted, crafting my message, demonstrating value, and enticing subject lines for emails. And the two-payment pricing option that Belinda suggested I add brought in at least 3 of the new people—that’s business I never would have seen—at least not this time around.  She also taught me the power of tenacity.

We worked together for 6 sessions over 4 months, and she helped me quadruple my results (in new clients) from my teleseminar preview calls and more than that in income, since we increased prices.

I am eternally grateful and so happy that she is my money and business coach–I would not have had the success I did in this launch without her support. I am thankful she put in so much time and added her brilliant ideas. I can’t wait for our next round of coaching—we have quite a few areas to tackle and I know this will be so valuable.

Why did you decide to work with Belinda Fuchs and Own Your Money for private coaching?

I was nervous about making such an investment in my business. But I could tell that Belinda’s the real deal. I knew she had the savvy to help me make better decisions and fill in some gaps where I had weaknesses, like: making the most of my speaking engagements from a financial perspective, value pricing, getting a better hold of my expenses (which she’s done), systematizing my sales and follow up, writing more enticing copy (and subject lines) for my sales related e-mails. Business planning and focus.

I certainly had a sense all along it was a good decision, but it couldn’t be more obvious when I brought in $24,000 in revenue in 4 days with her support and more than quadrupled the effectiveness of my tele-seminar preview call.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting up coaching with Belinda?

It’s the best ROI I’ve ever made in working with a coach. Plus she’s fun and inspiring. She really gets my business. Her financial background and sales acumen are a rare and brilliant combination.

Lisa Tener, Write Your Book, Book Writing Coach

Lifelong friend, first time client: How I gained a valuable partner in my business

My internal voice sent me mixed signals: “She could really help us…. But why should we hire someone to help us do what we should be able to do on our own?”  “We make plenty of money, we just need to spend less of it….So how is spending money on Belinda’s services going to help us keep more for ourselves?” ” Sure, she’s smart, talented, contagiously positive, and empowering….  But what makes her so sure she can deliver results?”  “I’m so busy already….  Do I really have the time to spend on this?”  And on and on it went….for the next two and a half years.

So after 2 1/2 years of putting off gaining a valuable business partner in Belinda, Glenn shares his story of overcoming the avoidance and a sample of some of his results so far…

What finally tipped the scale was my realization that I could use some help transitioning my 17 year freelance career producing and editing political advertising, marketing, public relations, and other media into a small business that would support my family well into the future.  As my focus expanded from media production to growing a business, a whole new realm of responsibility opened up before me:  building an office infrastructure, investing in equipment, hiring, bookkeeping, negotiating deals, handling client services, and long term planning to name a few. Some of these I’d done before.  Others were entirely new to me.  So, I hired Belinda.

An executive level business consultant with a unique ability to grasp the big picture while drilling in on the details, Belinda has helped me turn the corner and create a solid foundation for growth.  I have no question that the past two months have been more productive, and more fruitful, than if I’d gone it alone.  I’ve come to see her as a valued partner in my business, checking in with her regularly as a means of staying on track and for consultation on specific issues as they arise.

Belinda’s advice helped prepare me for an important meeting with a past client, turning a dead relationship with no revenue for 2010 into a series of 4 projects totaling $26,000, each paid up front in terms I feel good about… and a 20% rate increase for future jobs to get this client’s fees up to market rate. Belinda helped me get past my own angst to create a mutually beneficial relationship with clear terms and responsibilities.

Glenn Greenstein, Founder of MeanGreen Media

Now making more sales calls, clarified packages, and 2 new prospects called!

I started doing the booking calls that you recommended today. It was nice, not stressful, kind of fun, even! I presented everything as packages in a clear and concise manner, so nobody gets confused. Today is the first day in months and months I’ve made calls. Today was also the first day in months and months when two separate places called me about bookings! And I had never heard of them before! Talk about being a clearing…”

Simon McEntire, President, Circus Theatrics,

“For the first time in 25 years, my business has $30,000 in savings!!”

Why did you decide to work with Belinda Fuchs and for private coaching?
“After speaking with Belinda, I realized that even though I owned my own business, I knew very little about how to read and analyze financial reports so that I could drive my business in the direction of consistent growth and expansion. I was confident that Belinda could help me become a very educated money manager in my business, which would undoubtebly create more profit, more clients and less stress.”

How long have you been in the program?
Eleven Months

What tangible results have you achieved in that time?
“For the first time in 25 years, my business has $30,000 in savings!! Belinda has fine-tuned my bookkeeping process so that my financial reports are meaningful. She has also addressed and transformed how I communicate the value of my practice in a way that has significantly generated more new patients. I have a far better understanding now as to what is important to the general population in terms of their health care. I can see now that after 25 years in practice, I had lost the “patient’s perspective”.”

What intangible results have you noticed?
“I definitely have more confidence as I interact with the public about my practice. My presentations are much more polished and engaging. And I definitely have much more peace of mind about the financial viability of my wonderful practice.”

What would you say to someone like you who is considering a Private Coaching program with Belinda and
“It is absolutely the way to go. Having that one on one time with Belinda is priceless. She understands the emotional as well as the business sides of finances. Having her as a part of my life kept me accountable and on-track. Thank you so much Belinda!”

Dr. Karen Moriarty, founder of Northboro Chiropractic

Made extra $10,000 at one event

How did photographer Dov Freeman turn his ‘Tough Times’ mentality(and reality) into record-shattering business? Dov and Belinda met last year when he was the conference photographer. Dov was selling headshot sessions to the attendees and speakers. Belinda bought a session and they exchanged information. A few months ago, Dov called to see if Belinda could help him with his business and finances.

Since they worked together Dov’s business has soared. He went back to the same event where they met a year ago and by implementing a marketing and sales strategy that they designed beforehand, he made $10,000 over last year– that’s a 150% increase–at a single event.

Dov Friedmann, Owner of Photography by Dov

Raised rates 25% and now charging what I deserve

“In the first three months of participating in the OYM Small Business Success Program, my relationship with money (in both my personal and professional life) went from almost completely unconscious to concrete. I realized that my belief system around money had me ‘giving my work away’ for over 20 years. Since that time, I have raised all of my service prices by 25% and I finally feel like I am charging what I deserve.”

Tricia Newell Bennett, Family Therapist and Minister, Martha’s Vineyard, MA,

Now has direction, clarity on who target market is, and how best to help them!

“In just one session, Belinda helped me get clear on who my ideal client was, what problems they were facing, and how I could communicate clearly what I could do to help them(Elevator Speech). I finally feel like I’ve got some direction and know exactly who my target market is. Belinda is so knowledgeable and full of creative ideas, all I can say is – Thank you, thank you, thank you”

E.C., Dallas, TX

Saved over $58,000

“Working with Belinda and the coaching program really opened my eyes about how I viewed money. Once I realized and decided what I was worth, I increased my rates 10-28%, raised my monthly revenue by over $10,000, now only work 4 days a week (instead of 5 1/2), and can spend more time with my baby and wife. After that success Belinda helped us reduce our credit card debt and save over $58,000 in interest and 5 years of payments. What great family and business wins!”

Darren Boles D.D.S. & CEO, Dental Expressions Corporation

“It’s made an incredible difference!”

Judy Eisenberg shares how she transformed her fear of survival in this economy to instead increase her prices, bring in 3 new clients a week, and get back almost all of her prior year clients.

$35,000 in just 4 months!

“In 2008 I was a brand new realtor and I didn’t make any money. And then the market dropped and I thought I was doomed for sure… until I found Belinda! Now I’m making more money than ever before and I believe in myself for the first time.

After growing up in a family where the subject of money was more taboo than sex, my relationship with money has been fraught with shame, worry, and a sense of helplessness. I started participating in Belinda’s club in September of 2008. Since then I’ve received the training and guidance my parents were not able to provide. Belinda’s club has provided a well rounded, supportive, educational experience. The group calls have released me from a sense of isolation and shame, as I heard the other members asking the same questions, or confessing similar struggles that I was experiencing.

Belinda is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about managing finances, and club members experience her sincere care toward those whom she teaches. Belinda enabled me to face the terrifying demons of my accumulated debt and helped me to create a plan for my financial future. I am delighted to report that my three year debt exit strategy has been reduced to a one year plan. My income has been growing exponentially. In a real estate down market, out of my office’s ninety three agents I am currently in first place for sales in the month of April. It’s only April and I’ve made over $35,000 this year already!

Thank you Belinda for your club’s participation in my surprising success.”

Ylva Kristin Ellenbeck, Realtor, DFH Real Estate Ltd., Victoria, B.C.,

From Paycheck to Entrepreneur

I joined the club in September 2008 because I had recently been laid off and began thinking about starting my own
photography business. I knew how to take great photos, but I didn’t know how to make it a business. The tools and
coaching Belinda has given me have allowed me to go from a paycheck mentality to an entrepreneurial one…I am now making an income doing what I love!

I was recently featured in a national publication, giving my new business some greatly needed exposure and credibility. From that article I was able to land several small jobs in the last 10 days…and now a contract with a film company as a set photographer for an upcoming motion picture being filmed here in Austin, TX.

I’d always planned on making photography my retirement business. Were it not for my involvement with Belinda’s club, I probably would have jumped right back in the corporate world rather than living a much happier life pursuing my passion right now.

Don Bender, Photographer, Austin, TX,