Brace yourself—this isn’t just one more “Happy New Year” or “New Year, New You” email. I’m pretty done with those and maybe you are too.

(I of course wish you THE BEST for 2018, and I want to actually show you HOW to live into that.)

Before you open your mouth with one more “Happy New Year!” I want you to stop and ask yourself — even just for a moment…

* What specifically am I really wishing for this person?
* Is “Happy” overused and underachieved?
* What does it even mean to me to have my own “Happy New Year”?

I see the same thing happen the first week of every year… we all wish each other a “Happy New Year!” set resolutions, and then take very little (different) action.

Yup, the definition of insanity right there. Doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result.

MONEY TIP: For 2018 to create different results for you, you will need to commit to different actions and beliefs. But this is NOT a suggestion to create a laundry list of unsustainable wishes, aka goals, for the new year. That is what most people do and that will likely not set you up for success.
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We are in the home stretch, but don’t throw in the towel quite yet!

A few quick final notes of the year for you:

A – Concerned about the impact of the newly passed U.S. Income Tax “Reform”?Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.20.43 PM

Check out this helpful article outlining the changes, and a more detailed article here, and then contact your trusted tax preparer to address your specific situation. Ask if there are any actions to consider taking now before year-end, especially as some deductions are changing, like this video outlines. At a minimum, talk about it when you are preparing your 2017 returns to reduce surprises down the line.

B – Do this quick 3-step exercise before year-end. Last night on our Money Makers Academy group call, the members got excited celebrating their wins for the year and looking forward to 2018. Amy paid off $20,000 in debt in just 6 months and Melissa asked for $10,000 more from her new job offer – and got it. What do you want to celebrate?

(Not in the Academy yet and want these wins for yourself too? Be sure to get on the wait list now so you are the first to know when we reopen the doors in 2018.)

These exercises will help you to stay positive and head confidently into the new year:
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As we in the United States are all preparing or for the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought a quick laugh and a reminder would be in order.

RICH LIFE TIP: We all have our fair share of interesting family dynamics. Yet this year, I’d like to clue you in on a secret. Instead of expecting your family to be the same way they’ve always been, make a conscious choice to see THE BEST in them.

You see, there is greatness in all of us, but oftentimes we are so busy expecting THE SAME that we don’t create space for THE BEST to emerge.

Things are often not what they appear. Check out this Thanksgiving “cake” for instance… watch the video below and see what’s really cooking!
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Are you feeling the pressure too?

As we begin to head into the holidays, many of my clients and students are already beginning to feel the pressure to be an outstanding “consumer.”

You want to buy nice things for yourself and those you care about AND you want to be responsible and not add to your debt (or put yourself into debt).

It doesn’t help that the retailers have created some really great deals that even start on Thanksgiving Day itself – no more waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Holiday gift list

Ironically, the newest 2017 savings stats now show our savings rate (the ratio of personal saving to disposable personal income) has decreased from 5.4% to 3.1% in the United States.

Translation: Americans are spending 96.9% of the money they bring in every month – so saving only $30 for every $1,000 brought in – it’s no wonder so many feel they are on a financial hamster wheel with nothing left over each month!

Oh boy… so what’s an “owner of their money” to do this time of year?
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