Personal Money Management Testimonials

I Am Now in Control of My Money!

I had a lot of anxiety around what to do with my money, and how to do it. My money was all over the place, especially the investments. The sessions forced me to reflect on how I was handling my money. [I] did a lot of self-reflection, and took my time with setting up the structures and habits. I was very determined and detailed with what I wanted, and followed up after each session to ensure that I was clear on what I needed to do. I came out of the sessions feeling that managing my money was not an impossible task, and that there were other women out there just like me, who did not have a handle on their finances. I don’t feel like my money is controlling me. I am now in control of my money.


From Uncertainty To Clarity — Benefitting For The Rest Of My Life!

 Before I started working with Beth and Own Your Money, I was coming from a place of fear and confusion about my finances and my job situation. How much could I spend? How do I establish a saving or a spending plan? What would I do if I ever lost my job? Beth worked with me to move from uncertainty to clarity with respect to both my finances and my professional aspirations. She helped me to establish certain habits for myself while holding me accountable to prioritizing my finances in my very busy life.

The balanced support taught me to be “in action” to get the results I said I wanted to make happen. I definitely own my money more than I ever have before – I have a much better understanding of how much money I have, where it’s being spent, and how my money translates into resources for me if I should ever need it. The financial skills, abilities, organization, and awareness that I’ve learned I’ll now have—and be benefitting from—for the rest of my life. Beth and the Own Your Money team helped me to learn things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know!

While I saw progress throughout my coaching program, my first real moment of financial clarity came when I did my 2010 taxes in early March 2011 and I realized just how organized and knowledgeable I had become about my finances by working with Beth – I was very validated by this exercise and felt empowered to have so much control and to have my taxes feel easy for once! Also, the work we’ve done together regarding my professional skills and qualifications, as well as how to present myself in the marketplace to maximize my value, will be critical skills for me to have for the rest of my life. It’s been invaluable to have Beth’s outside perspective to better understand my past experiences and how to promote my best skills and abilities—whether with my current employer or with other companies and industry colleagues.

I would recommend working with both Beth and Belinda—it’s a good thing!  I’ve told many people about both of them (i.e. co-workers, friends) and about the work that we do together and the value that I’m getting from the coaching!”

~ Laurie Fife, Technical Services Department Manager

Completely turned my thinking inside out…spectacular!!!

OMG, this woman is really spectacular!  She totally lifted my spirits and I realized I AM in the poverty mentality, not just for me but for all others in my world too. I’m so worried that others can’t pay my rates, even the wealthy ones and I undervalue my gifts.  YIKES.  Total reality check.  Belinda completely turned my thinking inside out and expanded my vision to limitless.  As always it’s up to me (and the team) but I feel so much better.   Belinda is such a gift.  Thank you.”

~Jackie Van Dusen, Light Soul Therapy

Creates new wealth consciousness!

Stefan shares the quantum wealth consciousness shift in his life. He shares his before and after story. From the “not enough, place of fear” to his now “it’s all about wealth” and “it’s coming to me”. The unintended consequences are even more surprising, and he even tells what it felt like to write the initial check.

It is remarkable and inspiring.

Credit score is up almost 200 points, Taxes filed, and Optimistic now

“I wanted to take a moment and share some wins that I’ve had because of your help. I logged on yesterday to check my credit scores to see where I’m at and found that they have increased considerably! I scored over 700 on one service, and 683 on the other two. When I came to you last summer my scores were in the low 500’s with some outstanding issues. Needless to say I feel great about this and look forward to making sure that they climb even higher in the months ahead. Some other wins include:

Taxes – I filed my tax returns the earliest I can ever remember(Feb 1st) and already have my state refund back. It feels great that I didn’t procrastinate and my refunds will be going to my “rainy day” fund in case of an emergency or other need…

All of these wins feel great and I want to Thank You for your support and help. Despite all the craziness going on in our financial system I feel very optimistic about the future. I know that there are a lot of opportunities out there to improve my financial well being but I am also very grateful for what I do have already. I appreciate your help and friendship and look forward to seeing you soon.

~Jim, Client Services Manager

Couple working together with freedom and ease- “Awesome and Fun!”

“Working with Belinda has you see very quickly the “shell” we limit our financial lives around. Once seen, she pushes you to crack open that shell. She then mentors you to stretch, extend and reach to a greater world of financial wellbeing. This kind of work is an adventure, and worth every moment!” ~Dan, Sales Manager

“Belinda inspired me to be in action with my money and career, despite my fears. She helped presence me to my own financial power.” Jana, President, ThriveWell-Being

Caught up 2 years of tax filings

“Better than a diet! How many pounds equal nearly two years of avoidance and denial? Thanks to Belinda’s recent coaching, I’ve caught up on two years in back tax filings. I feel lighter every day!” ~Cynthia Heiland-Davison, Journalist

Attitude shift – avoiding to “in control” – already saved $3,200…and counting!

“Working with Belinda has been a great experience for me. I completely changed my attitude towards managing my money. I used to avoid making big or small decisions and used to spend all I earned like there is no tomorrow. I was putting things off for weeks, months,…and it’s been years! (Since 2005 even on 1 major item!)”

NOW it feels great to be in control of earning and spending my money and of following a short-term and long-term plan. In the 1st month, I already saved $3,200 of expenses a year…and counting! There’s a lot we are doing together and it is making me realize how much I was ignoring. It’s not so daunting anymore. Belinda has given me great resources and accountability to get a new accountant, financial advisor, and bookkeeping set-up support. I’m now following through with my own “money dates” and taking action. I feel more free every day!
~Tania Naaman, Banking Operations

Way more than a financial coach…a professional a$$ kicker!

“For Belinda to call herself a financial coach doesn’t define all that she actually does for her clients: financial coach, life coach, big sister, psychologist and professional a$$ kicker.

You begin a meeting with Belinda expecting to discuss x. She asks about current events and then asks follow up questions that somehow seem to sidetrack the meeting and uncover deeper issues that require attention before forward progress can be made.

My husband and I end the meeting in fog trying to figure out just how she intuitively figured out all the other things going on in our lives that ultimately affect our professional and financial lives as well.

Ultimately, we wind up focused and determined to unearth new paths and opportunities to reach our goals and believe that with Belinda looking over our shoulders, we CAN get there!”

~Joanne Wolforth, Senior Paralegal at Virtual Paralegal Services

Reduced expenses, Debt-free in 5 years—New path to financial security

“We just can’t say enough about what Belinda and Own Your Money have done for our family and our company. As small business owners and parents of 3 children, we came to Belinda with a desperate plea to help us get on top of a mountain of debt, plan for our children’s education and grow our company to a size that will support the lifestyle we really envision for ourselves and our children.

After just three months, we have reduced our monthly expenses to a much more manageable level, created a debt-management plan that will allow us to be debt-free in 5 years and begun to map out a business plan for the coming year that will have us well on the way to financial security. We both feel much more confident about our relationship with money and are dreaming bigger than we ever thought possible. Imagine money discussions being fun and exciting rather than anxiety-provoking and destructive! We never would have believed it, but here we are, and here we will stay!”

David and Mari-Chris Russell, Owners, Russell Education

Achieving long-term goals and now on track

Belinda Fuchs is an amazing financial coach. She has helped me to achieve goals that have taunted me for years around money. She helps me to stay on track, provides me with tangible insights and gives me the strength I need to continue to move toward my professional and personal dreams. She has been an invaluable asset to my life.”-Judy Giovangelo, CircleWorks

Desperation and despair gone!

“Well, I’m feeling much better today, my moments of desperation and despair have passed. Thank you so much for your reassurance.” ~Tracy

Shame replaced by openness

“Thank you for being my lifeline just when I was feeling such despair. My money DEFINITELY owned me(or lack thereof). I am so ready to be done with shame, fear and struggle and feeling like a failure without a safety net. I know they are just thoughts(with financial evidence) but they have got me held prisoner at the moment. So, I have been sad and very disempowered. Considering I have HUGE dreams and a big purpose, I am open and ready.” -Sarah

Saved $10,000 per year

“After participating in Belinda’s Money Mind Makeover course and her individual coaching program, joining the OYM Club for entrepreneurs (now the Small Business Success Program) in the Fall of 2008 was the perfect next step! Participating in the club has given me a sense of discipline around budgeting my money, and has kept me consistent in tracking my spending habits. As a result, I have saved the equivalent of $10k per year! By working with Belinda over the long term and in various ways, I have been able to finally understand my money beliefs and how they were holding me back. This, combined with all of the useful tips she provides for business owners, has been invaluable to me and I’m so thankful that I ran into Belinda when I did!”

Kendra Strasburg, CRAVE Health,
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It’s Amazing!

“It’s amazing what you can do when you just pay attention and stop feeling guilty!
The weight of the debt I had was something I wasn’t even aware of. I truly feel a lightness now! I see life without the debt, which is super exciting. There are so many possibilities for our future savings and investing.
It’s about what you gain and not what you lose by doing this.” ~Meg D.