Whew – well another April 15th has come and gone.

If you will be a receiving a tax refund, then you are likely among the 84% surveyed who wanted to use the bulk of their refund in a responsible manner, e.g. by saving, investing, paying down debt, or making a necessary purchase.

Certainly a portion of those surveyed wanted to spend it on some extravagance, but interestingly many had mentally – or physically – spent the monies already. Plus the more the refund was, the less likely people were to spend it on fun. (More on this Tax Refund report survey is outlined in this Huffington Post article.)

Tax refund

MONEY TIP: Take a moment now to be intentional with your tax refund. If you deposit it into your checking account, or even into a linked savings account, it is essentially delayed spending and will likely be gone in a blink of an eye.

Instead of feeling scared (to do the wrong thing or squander the money), now is your time to be smart and savvy instead. And given that the average refund is $2,831, it’s well worth it to stop and plan what you will do with this “extra” money.

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Some companies have Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers. My company, OwnYourMoney.com, has a Chief Money Motivator – that’s me.

After last week’s thought-provoking money tip to help you connect with why you want more money in your life, I reclaimed that title and now am going to take it one step further.

You see, once you allow yourself to think beyond the necessities that need to be paid for, you open yourself up to being able to truly give in the bigger areas that are important to you.

GIVE image

MONEY TIP: Charitable giving helps you to recognize the bigger impact that your earning and overall wealth can have on the world. You can give of your 3 T’s: Treasure, Talent, or Time, and your Treasure can be in dollars or other resources/stuff. With this giving, you help to increase your positive money flow, because you are giving to others and not just to stores which merely acts as a direct exchange of your money for their goods.

And don’t get caught up in the dollar amount right now. As Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Further, as you connect with the causes that matter to you, awesome unintended consequences also happen.

Just last night in my Rich Life Mastery group, Laura (a realtor) shared that she wanted to gain/close six new listings by June 30, 2014. When I coached her to connect with her deeper why of this goal, she connected to her passion in making sure that everyone has a safe comfortable place to call home.

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FBM mag cover - 2014 - Spring IssueATTENTION MOMS:

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I hope you take a little time to review it (and read my article for my 5-Day System to Organize Your Financial Clutter in this issue)!



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“It can be so… Empty. Meaningless. Pointless.” I hear this all the time and it makes me so sad.

What is “it” you may be wondering?

Money. Specifically, the striving for more of it.

MONEY TIP: Striving for money solely for money’s sake can feel hollow and yet be addicting. People tend to want more and more, yet live disconnected from the real why of the more money.

When people have a hard time engaging in both spiritual and financially successful activities, it is usually because they are equating financially success with an empty life lacking meaning. (often originating from programming picked up unconsciously from childhood). Many people feel they must choose and thus be EITHER spiritual OR financially successful, since these two seem misaligned and thus impossible to enjoy BOTH.

freedom pic

However, try this instead…

Recognize that you want more money in your life because of what it allows you to have, what it enables you to do (for you, your family, and your community), and who it supports you to be. In summary, it is FREEDOM. Freedom to make choices not constrained by money but facilitated by money.

You work because you earn money for that work. Then when you get hungry, for instance, you can use some of the money you have earned to buy food to enjoy and nourish you (and your family).

So, let’s get specific…

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