Do you ever feel a little ‘lost’ around money?

No matter WHAT you try – it seems like you don’t really get ahead.

One day you try following tips from friends and family…

Another day you ask your online BFF (Google) and get LOTS of advice… and lots of conflicting advice…

Maybe a different day you even met with that guy at the bank, but then left more confused and frustrated than ever.

Really, you want practical, easy to understand, and easy to do money advice which works.

And that’s exactly why I’m sharing this with you today!

Coming up, I’m giving some of the tips which have helped THOUSANDS of people all around the world increase their income, pay off their debt, and grow their savings.
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Free-StuffIf you’re a last minute Lucy like I often have been, then you will appreciate this super quick reminder…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am a contributor in a special giveaway so my readers can access 50+ gifts of done-for-you products and services.

That’s done-FOR-you, as in things you don’t have to create or implement yourself… you just get the benefit. Cha-ching!

If you want to make more money but are running out of time each day and especially if you aren’t yet generating the money you want from a business so you can pay for all the services you want, this is a fantastic FREE answer to kick start one of 50+ needs you may have.

You may even get my customized Cash Flow Plan for Consistent Higher Income, or gain access to my updated Tracking Templates. Either way, you win!

Enjoy your gifts!

P.S. Want more amazing? I’m cooking up some great free trainings for you for June. You’ll hear about them soon! In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you to ensure I address what you’re looking for… what is the #1 thing about money that keeps you stuck? Let’s head right to the heart of the matter, so that you can step up to your true destiny with money (and not feel trapped based on your current circumstances). Just comment below and I’ll write you back myself!



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Have you ever felt like life is an uphill battle?

Well if you have, I have some interesting news…

First, the answer may be MUCH simpler than you realize.

And second, it may actually be costing you a lot of money.

Does this sound familiar…

You are going into work every day, but the joy and fulfillment just isn’t there. You aren’t sure if you’re not getting a promotion / raise because of it, but then again, you aren’t surprised since you’re not happy there.

(I had this one – big time at my last full time “job.” Every morning when I walked in the office, I felt like I was checking my personality at the door. I couldn’t be who I wanted to be.)

If you run a business, then you may find that although you are trying to make more money in your business, and so you ask for more money for your services, programs or products. BUT you are just not getting the yes’s that you are looking for.

How ever you choose to earn money… You may find that you say you want to get paid $X (that’s what you decide your work is “worth”), but then you ask for it (with hesitation), and (not so surprisingly) you don’t get it.

It is most likely a core Misalignment.
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I got on the bandwagon – and I think you may want too. (Here is another amazing bandwagon to jump on – see below for more details.)

Belinda Vivofit resizedFor Mother’s Day last year, I got a Garmin Vivofit. It tracks my steps each day (plus lots of other things I haven’t figured out yet).

By the 2nd day using it, I realized how pitiful my daily level of exercise had become. I barely crossed 3,000 steps each day – I had a feeling I wasn’t active enough, but it didn’t bother me until I saw the startling numbers (or lack thereof).

Ignorance had seemed like bliss… The fact that I was now tracking the amount I was walking, i.e. my steps, made me want to improve my performance.

Translation: I WANTED to walk more. Ever since then, even when I was in full day and evening meetings (funny “power” pic at right), I’m inspired to get outside and get walking.

The great news is that not only will this affect my health – it will also affect my money. And can help yours too. Here’s how…

MONEY TIP: Money loves attention – and tracking. Just think about how your attention heightens when you track your steps/ exercise, your food, and your money. The more you bring awareness to how much is coming in, how much is going out, and where it is going, the more you empower yourself to act.
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