I am SO excited to announce that Abundant is now open for applications – so excited that I couldn’t wait until Monday to check in with you on this!

All the details are right here

Over the last few days, we’ve hosted a live workshop with a taste of the training you’ll find in Abundant, had fantastic live coaching sessions with early-bird participants, and started changing lives and futures for the better.

Let me ask you a question – what do you have planned for the next 90 days?

Probably work, family obligations, weekend chores – normal stuff, right? (As it’s Sunday, it got me thinking how every week seems to be like every other week…)

What if in those same 90 days you could completely change your relationship with money?

What if you could grow your income, multiply your savings, and shrink your debt – all without working harder?

I KNOW – it might sound too good to be true, but it’s completely possible with the tools we teach in Abundant. Don’t just take my word for it, though –

Before Mary Ann and her husband joined Abundant, any discussions they had about money turned into fights. Because of this, Mary Ann was afraid of money altogether and didn’t know how to dig her family out –
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The doors are open – and I am waiting for you with open arms!

I was sorry to see you missed the live workshop last night… It was 90 minutes of live training and then an hour of coaching and questions — whew, such phenomenal growth and solutions we created together. I’m already so proud of everyone who joined in!

If you missed out, have no fear – we have decided to open up video replay access until this Sunday, August 20th. The video is right here.

You’ll especially love when Vaughna and Dennis came on at 41:40 to share how they paid off over $7000 of debt and are consistently making $1250+ more every month plus the live coaching at 79:30 too — and lots of inspiration and practical training all along!

We’re now kicking the doors open to our life-changing program Abundant and you’re invited to apply. If you have been wanting to work directly with me but waiting for your chance – here it is!

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Hey there!

The bad news? Being smart and successful can actually HURT your future and your money’s growth. (I hate to bring you bad news on a Monday — really, I do. Don’t worry — being smart can HELP you too plus there’s GREAT news at the end, so keep on reading.)

I just did a Facebook live on Friday where I talked about this very topic. It’s right here if you want to check it out (and I’d love it if you liked our page while you’re there). (You’ll even get a tour of our new offices — and yes I do look at the camera too I promise!)

FB Live screenshot 081117

Back in my corporate roles, I was in the same boat — first person in the office, last to leave, working like crazy — only to wonder… why? Why was I working so hard and still not on top of my life financially? I mean, what was all this hard work and perseverance for if I was just barely getting by?

It took some time — years, actually — and some serious soul-searching to figure out where I was going wrong.

Once I figured it out, though, my whole life changed. I’m not exaggerating.

I used to feel like my life was just the hours I spent working so I could pay the bills. I felt out of control, and time was my worst enemy. While I really enjoyed my work, not having control of my money made dragging myself into the office feel pointless.

Now, though, I’m the one in charge — of my money AND my future — and I’m actually delighted to get out of bed every Monday!

Today’s MONEY TIP is a simple one that you MUST take to heart before you can feel this way, too —

There’s more to life than just paying the bills. You are NOT too late to get on top of your money, and it’s ok to ask for help if that’s what it takes. When you’re ready to own your money, you have options.
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I want to tell you a story… about a smart, successful young accounting major who graduated college at the top of her class, then landed her dream job.

It wasn’t long before this young woman could hold her own as a staff auditor…getting a nice big paycheck… heck, she even got paid to travel on the job!

But suddenly, her life took an unexpected turn. Her father had a stroke.

Consequently, she became the head of the household, family CFO, and the main caretaker for her father in New York — all at the tender age of 21.
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You can only imagine how hard this must have been…

Her father eventually stabilized, but it took years. Now 28 and again moving up the ladder in her career, she was back at the top of her game at work.

BUT (and this is a big “but”), her (and her family’s) personal finances were a mess. The mail and bills had taken on a life of their own in unopened, chaotic mounds, nearly on every free surface in her apartment.

(Find out how to avoid this happening to you here.)

Yes, she was an A-player in accounting… yet her own finances were a mess. How could this have happened?!?

Then one day, in response to a query from her sister on how things were going, she summoned the courage to gather all of her bills together and stacked them in three very large piles on her dining room table.

As she surveyed the frightening landscape of unopened bills, panic set in. She could barely breathe.

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. “What if my employer finds out…can they fire or demote me for this…?” “What if my dad gets kicked out of the nursing home…I’m so late on all of these bills…” “What if people think I am a fraud… and find out that I really don’t have it all handled?

She was paralyzed by fear.

And then something changed inside her.
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