As we in the United States are all preparing or for the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought a quick laugh and a reminder would be in order.

RICH LIFE TIP: We all have our fair share of interesting family dynamics. Yet this year, I’d like to clue you in on a secret. Instead of expecting your family to be the same way they’ve always been, make a conscious choice to see THE BEST in them.

You see, there is greatness in all of us, but oftentimes we are so busy expecting THE SAME that we don’t create space for THE BEST to emerge.

Things are often not what they appear. Check out this Thanksgiving “cake” for instance… watch the video below and see what’s really cooking!
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Are you feeling the pressure too?

As we begin to head into the holidays, many of my clients and students are already beginning to feel the pressure to be an outstanding “consumer.”

You want to buy nice things for yourself and those you care about AND you want to be responsible and not add to your debt (or put yourself into debt).

It doesn’t help that the retailers have created some really great deals that even start on Thanksgiving Day itself – no more waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Holiday gift list

Ironically, the newest 2017 savings stats now show our savings rate (the ratio of personal saving to disposable personal income) has decreased from 5.4% to 3.1% in the United States.

Translation: Americans are spending 96.9% of the money they bring in every month – so saving only $30 for every $1,000 brought in – it’s no wonder so many feel they are on a financial hamster wheel with nothing left over each month!

Oh boy… so what’s an “owner of their money” to do this time of year?
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“Well, at least you’re not bleeding… too much.”

As soon as I opened my mouth and the dental hygienist Donna peeked inside, she was pleasantly surprised.

You see, almost 9 months ago I came in for my (overdue) teeth cleaning, and my teeth needed a lot of help – the plague had built up, my gums were hurting, and the off-white shade was starting to be noticeable.image

(Donna felt so bad for the pain she put me in that she even gave me her rose when it was done! Seriously. Well, it was Valentine’s Day – not an episode of The Bachelor.

Those eye protectors were on me SO long they even left a mark on my forehead. I must look overjoyed in this pic because the torture was over!)

Throughout the process, I just couldn’t understand how it got this bad.

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Do you ever find that instead of cute kids knocking on your door, you find your own fears knocking – and keeping you up at night?

With all the talk about fears around Halloween time, I wanted to chime into your inbox with the fastest and easiest way to shift from fear to excitement.

MONEY TIP: Take a breath.

ACTION STEPS: Instead of falling into the usual downward spiral of fears around money, try a new easy 3-step approach:

  1. Take an extra breath.ezine11317
  2. Remind yourself of all you have going for you in your life.
  3. Recognize that whatever you are afraid of or worrying about is only a temporary problem. (Your new mantra can be “This is only temporary” and your new theme song can be Pharrell’s “Just A Cloud Away”. Go check out the lyrics and you’ll see why!)

Because really the only difference between fear and excitement… is one breath. Literally, the only physiological difference between fear and excitement is in the exhale.

Either you tighten up and hold your breath when you’re afraid, or you release it with an “ooohhh,” an “aaahhh,” or even a “wheeee!” when you’re excited.

You may have lots of fears around money — fear that you won’t understand what it all means, fear of taking the wrong action, fear of the math involved, fear that you’ll fail at it, fear that you’ll be found out that you don’t have it all together, fear you… you get the point.
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