Nothing fires me up more than seeing people make SMART money decisions!

People who ask the questions, get answers, and make purchases which make their life better.

That’s why I LOVE seeing all the questions roll in about The Money Makers Academy.

It shows you’ve got exactly the right attitude you need to get on track with your money.  (And you’re exactly the kind of person who will SHINE in the Academy!)


But there are literally only a few more hours to join.

If you already know it’s the right choice, don’t waste another minute.  Click here to become a REAL money maker!


So… as I sit here typing this message, I’ve decided I’m going to do something for you that some people might think is absolutely bonkers…

I set up a cell number that you can call or text with a direct line to ME.

Here it is → 617-299-7236.

If you’ve been really thinking (or even overthinking) about joining the Money Makers Academy but have some lingering doubts or questions, reach out to me right now, and let’s talk for a few minutes.

I’ll answer / reply to the number myself.

This is your life. Let’s get money on your side (instead of feeling like it is working against you).

Call or text me → 617-299-7236.

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Don’t miss out on this TODAY.

Wondering what all the hype is about?

You may have noticed that I have been giving away LOTS of free trainings for 2+ weeks.

Well all this excitement is coming to a close today and we are about to get back to “business as usual”, taking care of our clients and students, and sharing weekly money tips.

But before we do, I would be remiss in not taking 2 minutes to fill you in now, because enrollment for my most popular signature progam ends TONIGHT. Here’s the scoop:

The Money Makers Academy is the only step-by-step course that helps you master the inner AND the outer game with money.  When you have the mindset AND the practical skill-set, you take action and achieve positive results.

No more wondering about what you need to do with your money. You’ll know WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

And all for less than the cost of a dinner out each month! (If you’re not even sure you can spare the cash,  then you’ll love the bonus I just ADDED so you can make back your investment for the entire YEAR — in the first month!  

It’s the easy, smart, money-making choice.

Tonight’s deadline for The Money Makers Academy is coming up fast.

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“I’m just not confident with money — and at my age, I’m ashamed about it.”

“I’ve tried searching on the internet but got totally overwhelmed.”

“I’ll NEVER get out of debt. It makes me give up before I ever really get started.”

“I’ll do anything I can to not talk about money, especially with my partner.”

Underneath these comments, and sometimes even tears, is usually an unspoken longing for a better, different way. A system that works!

In fact, some of the ladies (and the two smart men!) who were on the Livecast know just what it’s like. Watch the replay now.

Livecast screenshot

Over the four hours, we heard from 7 different people plus I taught all along the way. We talked about tracking, your money story, learning to get out of your comfort zone and take action, making more money, accountability, how to spend less on groceries, get your grown child off the ‘payroll,’ and so much more!

So check out as much of it as you can tonight before it all comes down tomorrow night (6/22).

They shared their vulnerabilities, best tips, and provided REAL inspiration for what can be possible for you too!
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We’re going LIVE!

Tune in now, we’re starting up the livestream training:

I’m so excited for you to learn this…

Kiana tells all about how she’s making more money – and so is her husband!  In fact, she and her husband are more in love than ever now the ‘money tension’ is gone!

Susan shares how she paid off a STAGGERING $18,000 – in less than a year!

Shellie reveals how she went from a single mom to 3 teenagers who was in debt to the tune of $10,000 – to paying it off, sending her daughters to college, AND is an Accountability Coach for The Money Makers Academy!

And… 2 surprise guests who span the globe and will share how they learned to find their own voices with money, grow their businesses, and even get a grown son off the ‘payroll.’

Plus I’ll be teaching in between our guest appearances on how to use my “4 Million Dollar Money Roadmap” and what specific money skills you need to implement — and in what order — for maximum effect and minimal effort!

We’ve all got a LOT to share.  Learn our tips, tricks, and advice and see how you can have a ‘money success’ story of your own!

Join now!

P.S. We will be on for 3+ hours so join for as much of it as you can and I trust you’ll meet the student(s) and get the training right for you to hear!


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