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Oh where does the time go…?!

time_is_moneyAs I wrap things up from this busy week, I find myself scratching my head and wondering how it is now Friday afternoon. Maybe you are too…

Well my new rockstar client and time productivity expert extraordinaire, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, has figured this out.

MONEY TIP: The first step to taking back control of your time and your life is to overcome three common barriers to success.

In the first chapter of Elizabeth’s short, impactful book, How to Invest Your Time Like Money, you’ll discover these simple, yet powerful mindset shifts will allow you to move forward in your time investment so that you own your time instead of it owning you.
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What if you could make your wealth happen on purpose – instead of feeling like it is an accident waiting to happen, or maybe if you are really lucky, it is a happy accident and you somehow turn out wealthy…?

Plan-to-save-a-lot-of-moneyGiven the choice, I prefer to have a lot more of say in my success.

* Sitting back and waiting for my financial future to turn out prosperous didn’t work.
* I choose not to blame others for what I don’t have.
* And I don’t use hope as my financial strategy – nor do I want you to either.

Well, what about you… Do you plan for your own success? Are you in charge? Do you own your own money – or just feel owned by it most of the time…?

I am committed to you owning your financial power and living the life you want – now AND in the future.

So, when I got a hot-off-the-presses copy of the brand new book “Rock Your Profits” from my colleague and double your profits expert, Jeanna Gabellini, I wanted to share some of the scoop with you…

It’s yours at no cost for a limited time here.
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Snow. Partying. And a smart groundhog who predicts 6 more weeks of winter – and likely more snow if you live in the Northeast area like me.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Victory Parade(I could have predicted that without seeing my shadow…)

So what do these 3 things have in common – and more importantly, how can they all affect you making more money?

Snow – we covered that in last week’s money tip, so make sure you know how to build up your own cushioned landing

Partying – yes the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, and Boston has been celebrating ever since! I’m even wondering if someone considered snow plows instead of duck boats for the team to ride on for yesterday’s parade – that would have been quite a sight!

MONEY TIP: If you watched the Patriot players interviewed after the game, there were a few themes that stuck out for me, and each has a direct effect of your own winning of the money game…
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IMG_1320Not sure if you heard, or if you are living through it too, but here in the Boston area we are literally digging out from 35+ inches of snow. The snow is literally taller than my son Seth – and almost to my shoulders once it got piled up! (My husband did all the heavy lifting, and Seth and I got to enjoy it –>)

With all of this emergency planning, it serves as a good reminder of something very important for you…

MONEY TIP: Don’t wait for an emergency to plan for it. And don’t settle with the insecurity of not having an “emergency” – or what I prefer to call a “cushion” – fund before you need it.

I’ve spoken with three clients this week who are all expecting to get some money in from either a tax refund, Christmas bonus, or year-end bonus. Their first instinct was to pay off debt, do some home renovations they have been wanting to do, or to buy the item that they didn’t indulge in over their holiday shopping trips.
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