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We’ve been getting lots of questions about the Rich Life Mastery program. And I realized that you may have the same ones, so I’m answering them here, to help you make the right choice about joining the program.

Q How did Karen actually save $23,687 in interest charges?

Debt is costly. Not just emotionally but real dollars that you are essentially wasting if you maintain any balance. So when I revealed on Tuesday how Karen is saving $23,687 in interest and having her $25,044 of credit card debt paid off in only 3 years (26 years faster!), I seem to have caused quite a stir.

What did Karen do? She made a big internal commitment to pay off her debt (she joined the Rich Life Mastery program and put me on her team), put down all the facts of the current debt, we worked up a plan in the first month of her participation, and then she followed through with support from me and our special RL community. Whether it is debt or simply extra cash to save or do more of what you want with more freedom, it all begins with a commitment to change and improve your situation.

How do I know if I’m living a “Not-So-Rich Life” or already living my “Rich Life?”

A If you are asking this, then you are likely settling for a “not-so-rich” life – making a daily unconscious choice. This can manifest itself differently so keep an eye out if you experience ANY of these indicators around money… stress, worry, confusion, indecision, lack of power, don’t feel supported, not held accountable, unopened bills, debt, disorganization, procrastination, lack of control as to where your money goes, or the nagging feeling that there are things you don’t know about money that could really help you manage and grow yours better.

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I want you to meet one of the people I work with.

When “Karen” came to me about her finances she was stuck in a bad spending cycle.

She was making a six-figure income, but still living paycheck to paycheck. Then something would happen – her dog needed an expensive trip to the vet, she had a health issue that landed her in the emergency room – and the added expense would go onto one of her four credit cards.

Every time something came up, the credit card would come out. And even though she was making payments toward the debt, she was always coming up short.

In her own words, she felt like she “just couldn’t make a dent” in her debt.

Like so many of the people I work with, Karen was paralyzed when it came to facing her debt.

She wasn’t even sure how much she owed, because the thought of opening the bills and examining them that closely was too much to face alone.

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RLM announcement imageWhen I think of you and money, it makes my heart hurt.

Seriously. I feel a pain in my chest.

Because every time I speak with people just like you, I hear that you aren’t getting to do all the things that you’d like to do in life (for yourself or your family), you’re holding onto money stress (which takes a real toll on your health), and you aren’t able to be nearly as present or happy on a daily basis as you deserve.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

This “not-so-rich” life gets compounded by the fact that you work really hard, come home tired from all that work, and then barely have enough energy or money left to do the activities you love, play with your kids/friends, or eat what and when you want to.

But this has become life. Your “not-so-rich” life.

It’s not that your dreams are too lofty. It’s likely that you are settling for little dreams. Then when you get them, you try to be happy and accept that is all there is. A part of you may have thrown in the towel.

That settling can come to an end. TODAY. Yes, WOW. [click to continue…]

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Story time!

I had a breakthrough session with a woman recently. We’ll call her Susan.

Susan signed up for a session to talk with me about growing her business, after a major illness pulled her away from it a few years ago.

But what we ended up talking about was her relationship with her husband.

When she was sick and stopped working, he became their sole source of income. Even though it was a good salary, it was a lot of pressure on his shoulders. And now that Susan’s health is better, she feels like there’s a lot that’s gone unsaid between them.

“He’s beyond ornery with me,” Susan told me. “He’s pissed.”

She wants to get her business off the ground, so she can continue to stay home with their kids.

He wants her to go back to her old job, with its predictable income.

Here’s the thing I want you to get about money: Money touches everything. From where you shop for groceries to what you say – or don’t say – to the person you’ve promised to stand by for the rest of your lives. For better or for worse.
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