I frantically rummaged through EVERYTHING.

Every jewelry box.
Every drawer.
Every ‘safe spot.’


The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach nearly made me want to throw up….

What is my husband Marc going to say?  How do I even tell him? How could someone as responsible as me make a mistake like this…?!

Let me rewind.

It was the night before filming the videos for the Money Makers Academy enrollment.

I admit — I was a teensy bit stressed about filming.

With an ambitious goal of filming 13 videos in one afternoon, there was understandably a lot on my mental plate.

Add to that the voices that wondered… Am I going to sound good? Will these new lessons be inspiring and move people to action? Will you be able to see my grey hair showing through since my hair dresser cancelled on me? (Yes, seems funny now… but all true.)

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TODAY is your day!

Tuesday was my “day” on the daily Women’s Advantage 2017 Shared Wisdom calendar and, not surprisingly, it was all about taking action…

(Funny enough, yesterday was also the day that I was featured in the Masterclass Series called Money in the Bank: How to Eliminate Debts, Reduce Your Taxes, and Cash Flow Your Business. And you can listen for free for 72 hours!)

You see, I gave a quote a few years ago for a daily calendar. It got picked back then AND was picked again for this last Tuesday.

Here is the quote:

“Someday is not a day of the week. Take action now.”


So it got me thinking… that is a motto of how I live my life. I’m all about asking for what I want, taking action, and believing that so much is possible if I take a stand for my dreams – and yours too.

So here’s the challenge:

If you could submit a quote for a daily calendar (on money and success), what would it say

MONEY TIP: What you answered (we’ll call it your “money motto”) is based on your beliefs and story about money. Think of this as summarizing your attitude, context, and approach to money.

Is it positive? Is it supporting you? Does it have any negative words in it?

(Even mine could be better without the “not” phrasing – but this version got picked over the other one without it. It beat out “Own Your Money.” lol)

ACTION STEP: Now let’s make today YOUR day. Consciously choose a motto that WILL support you – and your goals and dreams with money. (Don’t put too much pressure on yourself… just get quiet for 10 seconds, ask yourself the question, and listen for what emerges.)

Let me know now by commenting below.

THE PAYOFF: Without recognizing what your own motto is, you may be unconsciously sabotaging YOURSELF. Which actually may be GOOD NEWS!

Here’s why: If you are the one that has been in your own way, then with a few deliberate (and even simple) shifts, we can clear a path to more success, prosperity, and abundance for you.

That’s why I said yes when Elena Forbes approached me for an interview to delve into the real reason that people struggle to make and keep “money in the bank.”

I pull back the curtain on this brand new video interview titled: 4 Steps to Make More Money: Close the Money Skills Gap, Rewrite Your Money Story and Collect More Cash!

You can get FREE access for 48 more hours by joining in here:


Besides my interview, you’ll have access to 30 other experts that you can pick and choose from. Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll discover by watching:

  • Practical strategies for creating more money in your life—jumpstarting your cash flow and eliminating debt—so you keep more of what you earn.
  • How to create and spot wealth opportunities all around you so you’re generating more money without having to work harder.
  • The one element of financial planning so many people ignore, and how doing so leads to huge, unexpected bills.

I’ve seen the speaker list for this series, and it looks so great that I’ll be attending as a speaker AND a listener! I’m looking forward to it, and I hope to “see” you there.

Remember, let me know what your “motto” is – and let’s make sure it’s leading you on a prosperous path to your goals so we can make TODAY YOUR DAY.

Have a great weekend!

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You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to lately…? You guessed it (or not):  clearing my closet.

File Jul 07, 1 33 01 PM resizedIn honor of the July 4th holiday, Canada Day, and honestly overcome by the mess that had piled up when I wasn’t paying attention, I decided to gain a new sense of freedom – from my stuff!

I’d walk into my closet and be afraid it would literally come crashing down on me. Talk about a burden, as I have been suffocating under the grip of my clothes and shoes.

So far, I have collected 8 bags of shoes, clothes, and purses for donation – and I’m not done yet.

Yes, just like I encourage you to ask for help, I called in an organizer/ stylist to come over and help me let go of more, decide faster (without the emotional connections), and stay committed to the outcome.

I just took a break to write you this week’s money tip…

MONEY TIP: Find your freedom! What do you have too much of? What do you feel burdened by? What is holding you back from moving forward in your job, business, relationships, health, weight,…? You name it – let’s free you from what isn’t working!
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Nothing fires me up more than seeing people make SMART money decisions!

People who ask the questions, get answers, and make purchases which make their life better.

That’s why I LOVE seeing all the questions roll in about The Money Makers Academy.

It shows you’ve got exactly the right attitude you need to get on track with your money.  (And you’re exactly the kind of person who will SHINE in the Academy!)


But there are literally only a few more hours to join.


If you already know it’s the right choice, don’t waste another minute.  Click here to become a REAL money maker!


So… as I sit here typing this message, I’ve decided I’m going to do something for you that some people might think is absolutely bonkers…

I set up a cell number that you can call or text with a direct line to ME.

Here it is → 617-299-7236.

If you’ve been really thinking (or even overthinking) about joining the Money Makers Academy but have some lingering doubts or questions, reach out to me right now, and let’s talk for a few minutes.

I’ll answer / reply to the number myself.

This is your life. Let’s get money on your side (instead of feeling like it is working against you).

Call or text me → 617-299-7236.

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