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I was looking through the registration list and I didn’t see your name.

I was surprised that you haven’t signed up yet for the live class I’m hosting tonight on the 5 money leaks that are costing you precious cash, and the #1 secret to keeping more of what you earn this year.

coinpurse_holeImagine yourself walking down the street with your entire last month’s salary/ revenue in cash in your bag. It is full when you leave your house, but by the time you arrive at your destination, you only have a few $1 bills left. Then you notice there are 5 holes in your bag. Those are your money leaks – and they are draining your accounts every month.

TONIGHT, I’ll be sharing the specific areas where you need to look to be plugging those leaks so you can keep more of your hard earned money, every month – once and for all. I’m covering both the direct leaks you may not be recognizing and those sneaky indirect leaks that are literally pulling money right out of your pocket and your bank account.
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Too often, I hear from people that no matter how hard they work, they can never get their money working for them and it feels like – month after month – where their money goes remains a mystery.

Well, I will let you in on a little secret: you may be getting “had” by the financial system (and your money!) and not even know it.

This makes me so mad!

I really get that you want to improve your situation, but there are REALLY important things that you don’t yet know, and as a result, the system takes advantage of you.

Check out these ridiculously high interest rates as a start, like:

* 13.9% (or even 8.9%) for a car loan.

* Credit cards at 24%, 29% or even 33%!

* Special credit cards to help you fund your pet expenses… they seem like they are being “kind” so you can care for your pet, but then they charge you 27.9%!

Plain and simple – it’s predatory and it drives me crazy.
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Let the March to Money continue! Here’s Day 29 – Organized Chaos

Escape the “Organized Chaos”!

Watch today’s VIDEO 29 for our Daily Money Minute to drop the chaos and find the peace in your life.

Then share this video and leave a comment with where you are going to get started!

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the new “liberated” Shellie

by Belinda Rosenblum

It’s Saturday, so I’ll be quick…

I’d love for you to meet Shellie… 

She could have resigned herself to her debt, decreasing earnings, and the negative self-talk she still heard in her head from her parents. She easily could have given up. 

But she didn’t.

Shellie first came to me as a widow, raising her three daughters alone, not opening her mail, and $10,000 in debt.

“I avoided my money, always,” Shellie shares. “I was too afraid of what I’d find if I really looked closely. Two of my daughters were getting ready to go to college and I was looking toward retirement…I knew I wasn’t prepared for all that.”

And when the girls turned 18, she would lose 1/3 of their family income from her husband’s social security – that would be $2,882 less each month coming in.

She was open to another way.

So she took her first step toward change when she joined our Own Your Money Training Program…
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