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Your information is ALWAYS perfectly safe with us.

Just last week, I received a dreaded letter – my identity had now been officially compromised through the Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem data security breach.

And I am very much not alone.

According to Identity Theft expert, Robert Siciliano, a BILLION records have been compromised in the last year, and yours could very well be one of them.

Robert took a break from CNN and Fox News to do a quick video interview with me so I could share this important update with you.

As he says, “Consider your information breached … and in the hands of a criminal right now.”

Watch this informative video now:

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I chose to participate in this and give away some very valuable templates because I want this to be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for that will burst open the door to your freedom, your big profits, and your powerful life!

Don’t wait. Get your gifts now. And then have a fabulous weekend!

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I’m famous for this… helping people reframe what is happening in their life and finding the positive — and often profitable side — of things.

(In a hurry and want a quick Friday laugh, check out this new video, courtesy of our 20-month old son, Seth.)

Your car dies. No problem, I’ll help you get a better car for you at a better interest rate for lower monthly payments.

You lose a client. No problem, I’ll help you raise your rates and replace that one with 2 more at higher rates.

You want to take something personally. I remind you that it’s not about you, so you bring acceptance and compassion to the circumstances — everyone wins and you learn to approach all situations differently.

MONEY TIP: Perspective and attitude are EVERYTHING. How you see things really does affect what you see. From your bank balance to your relationships, this works. So pay attention to your feelings around money – and you’ll be amazed at how things start to shift for you.
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Today is April 15th – also known as Tax Day in the United States. And for most, “tax season” is stressful, right?

[So opportune… I re-opened my Own Your Money Training Program for 1 more day based on a ton of requests, but we close registration tonight. Read more here so you can join us – just in time.]

We find out just how much we actually made, how financially organized we really are, and how well we truly understand our money.

And every year, clients email me to tell me how much easier and “less scary” filing taxes is for them now that they have taken control of their money and have an intentional plan – and so excited they filed on time without another extension.

Happy clients who send emails like this one I received last night, “Our taxes had become a nightmare and cost us an outrageous fortune, topped with a horrible mess with the IRS. The nightmare is now OVER!”

BUT, I have also been fielding the freak out calls from people who don’t yet work with me. Here’s what the freaking out sounds like…
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