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When I think of you and money, it makes my heart hurt.

Seriously. I feel a pain in my chest.

Because every time I speak with people just like you, I hear that you aren’t getting to do all the things that you’d like to do in life (for yourself or your family), you’re holding onto money stress (which takes a real toll on your health), and you aren’t able to be nearly as present or happy on a daily basis as you deserve.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

This “not-so-rich” life gets compounded by the fact that you work really hard, come home tired from all that work, and then barely have enough energy or money left to do the activities you love, play with your kids/friends, or eat what and when you want to.

But this has become life. Your “not-so-rich” life.

It’s not that your dreams are too lofty. It’s likely that you are settling for little dreams. Then when you get them, you try to be happy and accept that is all there is. A part of you may have thrown in the towel.

That settling can come to an end. TODAY. Yes, WOW.
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Story time!

I had a breakthrough session with a woman recently. We’ll call her Susan.

Susan signed up for a session to talk with me about growing her business, after a major illness pulled her away from it a few years ago.

But what we ended up talking about was her relationship with her husband.

When she was sick and stopped working, he became their sole source of income. Even though it was a good salary, it was a lot of pressure on his shoulders. And now that Susan’s health is better, she feels like there’s a lot that’s gone unsaid between them.

“He’s beyond ornery with me,” Susan told me. “He’s pissed.”

She wants to get her business off the ground, so she can continue to stay home with their kids.

He wants her to go back to her old job, with its predictable income.

Here’s the thing I want you to get about money: Money touches everything. From where you shop for groceries to what you say – or don’t say – to the person you’ve promised to stand by for the rest of your lives. For better or for worse.
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“Whoa – where did that come from…?!” If you (or someone you know) has ever had a reaction to a topic or activity about money that seems totally blown out of proportion as compared to what the item really was, then this will shed light on what was happening…

stressedHere are some examples:

1- You get a credit card, bank or investment statement in the mail and an odd fear, stress, or need to procrastinate washes over you.

2- Your partner or family member buys something and it throws you over the edge – you blow up as if they just bought a new car (and they hadn’t).

3- You call or email someone about something important (to you) and they don’t respond. Then you write them off as not interested and think worse of them.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you want to make sure to join the Final Encore presentation tomorrow night 7pm ET of my special “Your Guide To a Rich Life” training. More info here:
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A lot of people applied for a Rich Life Money Makeover.

I mean, a LOT.

And it got me thinking… A lot of smart people need help with their money. But there’s not a lot of places they can turn where they can talk through their problems without judgment — and get advice about what to do next to move forward.

So I decided to do something about it. itstimeforyourbreakthroughI am opening up a limited number of Rich Life Breakthrough sessions on my calendar next week (and even a few this afternoon). This is your chance to talk with me personally about your money situation — the issues you’ve tried to fix, but nothing seems to work.
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