bel-and-seth-tgiving-resizedJust a few minutes left until the roads get jammed with the start of the 48.7 million Americans that AAA says will be driving at least 50 miles to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Whew – fortunately at some of the cheapest gas prices in a decade.

Before you head out, some super quick tips to thrive this holiday season:

1 – Given this holiday is THANKSgiving, please be sure to appreciate at least one specific person in your life this weekend.

Here’s a few quick easy steps: Take that special person aside. Tell them why you are grateful for them and how much they mean to you. Amidst the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, it’s easy to lose the purpose of the day in the busyness. But in just a few seconds, you can bring yourself present and happier.
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Almost a week later (since our system boycotted any emails going out last week for an unknown reason)…and many of us in the United States are still swept by emotions. Raw and in shock.

We are creating so many beliefs and opinions about the current events.

But really, at this point, all we know for sure is that we can:

* only control our own actions and behaviors
* choose the meanings and impact we allow these events to have on our psyche.

And really, the same applies to money. 

10kTry this quick exercise…

  1. Write down: $10,000.
  2. Then add a plus (+) in front of it. Good news! You now have that in your bank account. How does that feel?
  3. Cross out that + and instead add a minus (-) in front of it. Ugh! You now owe that much money. How do you feel now…?

Notice how emotional triggered you are by even the thought of money in your bank account — or owed. In my life’s work, and especially in the Money Makers Academy, I teach you how to turn those negatives into positives.

MONEY TIP: Let’s make it black and white. They are just numbers. You are adding the meaning. You are the one telling yourself those things. Your bank account balance does not dictate your self worth.
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When I logged into Facebook this morning, it told me that one year ago today, I posted a pic of myself dressed as a Money Angel at a Halloween party in 2008.

Eight years ago…what were you doing eight years ago?

I wish Facebook could look eight years in the future.

Actually, scratch that… I wish Facebook could look even one year into the future.

Where will you be one year from now?

Think about it for a moment… fast-forward 12 months from today…
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“How are you…?” (really)

by Belinda Rosenblum

How are you?

We get asked that question a lot over the course of a day, and to be honest, sometimes we get numb to it… we fall into the pattern of saying “fine, thanks, how about you?”, even when we’re far from fine…

We’re tired, we’re frustrated and we’re living under a cloud of fear and shame because of one small but powerful part of life: money.

What would your life be like WITHOUT that dark cloud over you?

This is where the Money Makers Academy (MMA) comes in.

Over the last week or so, a lot of people seem to be wondering if the MMA is for them, so I wanted to drop you this quick note to fill you in, and help you figure out if the MMA is the right fit for you.
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