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You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to today…? You guessed it (or not):  cleaning my closet.

IMG_6020In honor of the July 4th holiday coming fast, I decided to gain a new sense of freedom – from my stuff!

I’d walk into my closet and be afraid it would literally come crashing down on me. Talk about a burden, as I have been suffocating under the grip of my clothes and shoes.

So far today, I have collected 6 bags of shoes, clothes and hangers for donation – and I’m not done yet. Yes, I asked a friend to come over in the morning and help me let go of more, decide faster (without the emotional connections), and stay committed to the outcome.

I just took a break to write you this week’s money tip…

MONEY TIP: Find your freedom! What do you have too much of? What do you feel burdened by? What is holding you back from moving forward in your job, business, relationships, health, weight,…? You name it – let’s free you from what isn’t working!

After I backpacked around India for 4 weeks in 2006, I came home and gave away ~1/3 of my stuff. I saw how simply – and happily – these people lived and decided that I wanted more of that simplicity and unburdened joy in my life too. (I tell more of my India realizations in our book Self Worth to Net Worth.)
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Instead of a long list of things to do, what if I told you that you only need ONE thing each day on that list – and you’ll actually get a ton more done?

Here’s what I mean…

Becca 1-month + BelWhile my time feels like it is not quite my own as I remain on maternity leave caring for one-month old Rebecca, I have been learning many very valuable lessons.

As a start, I am learning that besides keeping everything rolling here (baby fed, naps (for me and the baby), our almost 2-year old Seth getting his attention, showering, etc.) that I can get ONE other main financial/business task completed, and possibly some other small things too, but no guarantee.

That ONE thing varies. Recently, they have been activities like a call with my assistant, a new partnership opportunity, writing this weekly money tip, or drafting the leases for my rental property.

The key is that it is just ONE thing – and it is the one most important thing to handle for that day.

So when I have my limited window of time to tend to “business,” I decide what that one thing will be and I Just. Do. It.

Then I realized that you could use this strategy too…

MONEY TIP: Trade in your long list of items (that likely overwhelms,  confuses, or frustrates you) and follow my new simplified approach – and then enjoy the results.
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Underearners can be hard to spot. The traits are not widely known. The term isn’t even in the dictionary.

An underearner is anyone who earns less than her potential despite her need or desire to do otherwise. Underearning:

* is rarely a conscious choice.
* never leads to a saner or more satisfying life.
* always involves self-denial—not just money, but also time, freedom, choices, joy, and self esteem.

Figuring out if the label fits can be tricky. Yet it’s critical to your success that you’re able to pinpoint the problem so that you can rise above it.

So I’m bringing you THE expert who literally wrote the book on the topic of Underearning (one of her books is titled Overcoming Underearning), Barbara Stanny herself with this week’s money tip.

Barbara Stanny[If you don’t know Barbara Stanny, you need to. Growing up, she never worried about money as she relied on her father (the “R” in H&R Block) and then let her husband ”take care” of everything. But it turned out her Prince Charming was a compulsive gambler. After they divorced, he left the country leaving her with three young daughters and over $1,000,000 in tax bills.

Barbara’s father wouldn’t lend her the money. She had to do something. And she did. Not only did Barbara become a high earner, but she wrote four financial books, and for 20 years has been teaching Overcoming Underearning courses. Clearly, she has learned the hard way and she really knows her stuff!)

MONEY TIP: All underearners, without question, share one common trait: A high tolerance for low pay. But don’t let the symptom fool you. “Low pay” is a relative term. You can make six figures and still be an underearner. Conversely, you can earn far less and not fit that category.
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Even the most educated, talented, and experienced individuals may feel this way sometimes. So maybe you think these thoughts at times too…

“I don’t know if I have what it takes.”
“I’m not sure I can pull it off.”
“I feel like a big fake.”
“I don’t have enough experience to help people.”
“I feel like a fraud.”

Fraud FactorCan you relate?

You feel like a fraud – you’re afraid if you make a mistake, don’t know the answer, if someone complains, then “they” will find you out.

They’ll call you out. They’ll call you a fake, they’ll know you’ve been talking out of you’re a$$ the whole time and you really don’t deserve to be here… and then they will take it all away.

So you spend hours preparing, double-checking, making sure that you know all the answers, or you bow out altogether from anything that makes you appear incompetent (after all what if THEY see you making a mistake) and you stick to the familiar, what you’re already good at even though deep down you know it’s not where your heart is.

If this sounds familiar, find out what you can do about it in this new teleclass: “The Fraud Factor: How to Go From ‘What if I’m not Good Enough?’ to Confident, Successful and ‘Damn I’m Good!”:
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