I know you know a lot. About a lot of things.

Some things are worth money to people, and other stuff helps you win trivia games. (Like: Who did Kim Kardashian marry, where, and what is there baby’s name? Answer: Kanye West in Paris and baby is named North – yes North West. OK so I got help on that one…)

Highly Paid Pyramid

People are always asking me how they can make more money.

MONEY TIP: If you want to make more money, deliver more value. Be the expert at your job or in your field. This takes learning and often experiential training.

I love how Debbie Allen mapped it out in her new book, The Highly Paid Expert. Here’s a page out of her book (literally), with my own 2 cents:

1) Novice – this is the beginner level where you haven’t yet figure out how to differentiate yourself and stand out. You are still understanding your own value and learning how to articulate it.

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I get asked all the time… “So how did you go from a corporate finance executive to a highly paid expert and coach?”

What’s your best guess?

It wasn’t luck.

Nor good timing (folks were HIGHLY skeptical when I started back in 2007).

It was a lot of things actually – way to many to name here – but they all are grounded in bringing my passion, skills and talent to meet the needs of the people I want to serve. If this sounds like something you might want to do too, read on…

Whether you are already an entrepreneur or want to become known as the expert in your field, you’ll love this new resource that just came out – today.


It’s an amazing book from my colleague and friend, Debbie Allen, entitled the “The Highly Paid Expert” where she explains the new business model that is prime for our new business economy.

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Industry leaders are writing outstanding reviews… here’s just one of them…

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Did you ever wish someone charged you more for their services?

Rarely does this happen, so let me share the scoop and then I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Computer Doctor

I faithfully bring my computer to one local computer shop. The owner, we’ll call him Jake, does right by me and, dare I say, that I trust him with my computer.

If you’re anything like me, you know that this is a big deal – trusting in general and especially with something as valuable and important to my life (and livelihood) as my computer. It’s not quite another arm, but close…

So when I contacted Jake recently to do a tune-up on my computer as it was acting a bit funky, I was shocked to hear a voice-mail that he was closing his business and not taking new work.

He referred me to someone else he trusts – who did seem to do a great job – and charged double for a similar service. When I mentioned the price for the work, he said “Maybe that is why he is still in business.”

MONEY TIP: For service providers (i.e. business owners), you aren’t really helping anyone by undercharging for your products and services. In the moment, you may want to charge less so you can help more people, but in the long-run, it may mean that you have to work a lot more hours to make the money you want/need, you may feel more stressed about your money, and worst case (like Jake) you can’t even stay in business.

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What are the things you do every day?


Probably things like brushing your teeth (hopefully), eating lunch and dinner, and checking your cell phone (the average user actually checks their phone around 110 times per day!).

You have created well-exercised muscles in these areas – whether for good health, sustenance, or satisfaction (or dare I say, addiction).

But what about the things you wish you did with more ease, speed, or joy?

MONEY TIP: You have created pathways in your brain (which translate to your body) knowing exactly what to do when, just as you have always done them. It’s as if you’ve built up muscles in these areas and regularly exercise them each time you behave in this same way.
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