Talk about a whirlwind of excitement and connection and laughter and tears and some genuinely heart-wrenching epiphanies these past five days of the bootcamp!

I know you weren’t able to make it, so I’m giving you the shortcut with a few high-level takeaways and another ready-to-use money tip!

If there’s nothing else you remember from this past week’s bootcamp (besides getting a few extra emails from me), please remember this:

If you’re struggling with money, you’re not broken, and you don’t have a motivation problem. You’re simply missing the needed skills.

We exposed that truth early last week, with the release of my special report The Big Money Lie!

Next we started to get into exactly which skills are needed with the release of the 4-Minute Money Skills Blueprint, helping you to quickly identify gaps in your ability to handle money effectively.

And then of course, we had the bootcamp these past five days, basically helping you develop each of the four essential skills to help you actively start moving towards the financial success you crave — and deserve…

spend-graphicOkay, now for today’s big, juicy money tip:

You need to connect a dot from spending back to your income.

Whenever you’re about to complete a purchase, remind yourself of how long it takes to generate that exact amount of money required to complete the purchase. It contextualizes the price tag and immediately helps you to thoughtfully consider whether or not the cost is truly worth the effort (not just if it is “worth” the money).

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Sometimes you don’t see it coming.

Several months ago, when I first embarked on this labor of love, I had no idea whose lives (and financial futures) would be affected by this week’s Financial Fast Track Bootcamp.

And even now, I don’t know exactly how deeply this new money conversation is affecting you.

But here’s what I do know:

a-better-lifeYour mindset directly determines your ability (or inability) to make money, save money, and stop stressing about money.

Sadly, most people just passively allow what they’ve heard, seen and experienced to force an unquestioned narrative on their mind, instead of willfully and actively shaping it.

The reality is that you can create a new, positive money story to tell yourself (starting today, right now), and then build on that to increase your income.

The story you tell yourself determines the life you live.

However, before you’ll take any risks and step out of your comfort zone to make money, you must understand WHY you want to make more money.

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The first live training session of the Financial Fast Track Bootcamp happened last night, and is officially in the record books.

Here’s one insight I shared on the call:

We all have a predominant belief about money—like a song that keeps running in our head.


And unfortunately, without care and attention, these predominant money beliefs are usually non-supportive and negative.

Then because our mind likes to be right, we constantly look for evidence to keep proving why that embedded, predominant belief is still true.

So we keep subconsciously repeating the same thinking patterns, while at the same time wondering why we keep getting the same results.

Essentially, we keep ourselves locked into the same negative behaviors because of these reinforced negative beliefs.

Here’s what you can do about it:
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fasttrack1You’ve probably noticed you’ve been getting way more emails than usual from me this past week or so, and might have been wondering what all the hype is about!

Here’s the quick version:

You’re invited to join me this week for brand new training — at no cost! :-)

Starting tonight ET, I’m leading a bootcamp-style of live training webinars to show you how to put the 4 essential master money skills into action — but you are about to miss out once we reach the registration max. [Once you start using these skills in your daily life, money can finally make more sense.]

Like everything else in life, learning to be proficient with money is no mystery, it’s simply a matter of developing the right skills.

If you want to get serious about tennis, you go to a tennis coach.
If you want to get serious about cooking, you take a cooking class.
And if you want to get serious about money, you enroll in my bootcamp.

The first session on ”Mindset” begins tonight @8pm EST // 5pm PST. (If you can’t make it live, then the replay will be available shortly after for the next ~24 hours.)
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