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Ready for a better paying job, new clients, and an improved ability to explain what you do?

It all happens on LinkedIn, but only once you know how to best use it.

I call it: Leverage.

Here is how it works… You maximize the return on your money, time, and energy by finding the best and highest use of your resources.

Enter: LinkedIn.

You have free access to it (on your computer or even your phone) and most people barely tap into its power.

Karen Yankovich LinkedIn 30 Day ChallengeSo when Karen Yankovich, Social Media Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Evangelist, and Rich Life Mastery success story, offered my readers to participate in her new 30-day LinkedIn Profile Challenge (for FREE) – designed to help you uplevel your profile to stand out from the crowd – I jumped on it for you.

Here’s your easy access:
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A quick video for you today… en route to San Franciso!

What do you do when your flight is delayed? Read, worry, eat,… well, I took a few minutes to record today’s money tip for you.

In a bold moment, I decided to fly solo with Rebecca to San Francisco so we could surprise my sister for her 40th birthday. (Talk about going outside your comfort zone!)

While I was awaiting my flight yesterday, it gave me a chance to share both my excitement and the super easy and essential four steps to launch you into significant progress with your money (and help you jump on a flight whenever you want to too!).

Pay careful attention to step 3, the missing ingredient in how you approach money that is likely holding you back right now from realizing your own dreams.

Take a quick watch now and leave a comment below with your WHAT – that is, the what that more money in your life would help you be, do or have.

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A quick note as you start your week…

I had to make sure you saw this because Ann opened the doors to her Financial Freedom University last week, but your last chance to join in is tomorrow – so if you can spare a few minutes of free time today, you’ll want to get started with her videos now (here’s a special link with my free ALL ACCESS PASS).

Ann Wilson-video 4 with titleClick here for all the details on how you can register and also get my new Money Scripts as an extra bonus too >>

AND I scored 9 discount vouchers for 10% off the program – that I get to share with you. When you sign up, enter “belinda” in the “Promo Code” field at checkout for the 10% discount.

Financial Freedom University gives you the step-by-step, point-and-click, tactical instructions on how to create your Financial Freedom master plan, set up your financial foundations and wealth management tools, how to get out of and stay out of debt, how to start investing in all the key asset classes including stocks, property and passive businesses, how to manage your wealth pots as they grow and how to protect yourself and those you love financially.
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This caught my eye – and I think it will catch yours too.

We all want more income – but just having a big pile of money isn’t really the goal…is it?

What we are really wanting are the things money can create for us.

The feeling of security, of freedom, of having choices, of helping those we love and those in need, of experiencing all life has to offer, of feeling alive.

We want to live a life we love while we create wealth – a life full of adventure, experience, joy, friendships, love and contribution.

And this is why I love this new free training from Ann Wilson, “The Wealth Chef”.

MONEY TIP: Financial Freedom IS possible AND you need to learn how to create assets that earn income FOR you.
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