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There’s a saying that “It’s all about who you know.” And while we know this to be true, most of us feel sleazy or uncomfortable when we think about “networking.”

However, knowing how to build strategic yet authentic relationships is THE secret for getting ahead in any career or business, while you build yourself a high-end brand and get (more) publicity.

(I’m going to be giving you access to a special networking resource on this topic so be sure to read on…)

networkingMONEY TIP: Yes, it’s who you know. AND it’s about so much more. Allow yourself to be a relationship manager, where you create, manage, and maintain a relationship with your new networking contact.

You aren’t solely focused on handing out more business cards or have more people “know you.” Often we get stuck in thinking it is a volume game. –>

The shift for me came when I understood several other and different related concepts.
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Bring on the experts…!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Expert AdviceHiring experts to enhance my skills has been such an important part of my progress – and success. I definitely don’t do it alone.

Just like I can help you shorten your learning curve on making more money, saving more money, and stressing less about it, these experts will help you shorten your learning curve in other important related areas too!

Here are some quick links, depending on what you are ready to work on in 2015:

(1) Money Mindset: Millionaire Mind Intensive – held in 15 cities, including Boston THIS weekend:

(2) Website Upgrade: TONIGHT 8pm ET Marisa Murgatroyd’s “4 Quick Fixes To Make Your Website A Lean…Mean…Conversion Machine, plus 3 of her super valuable Home Page templates:

(3) Website “Copy” (i.e. what to write on your website): Listen in TONIGHT 7pm ET as expert copywriter Stella Orange does live website makeovers with tips you can use right away to help you create a website that better explains who you really are and what you do. You’ll likely get a recording of last night’s training call too once you sign up here:

(4) Creating Programs/ Products: Many readers have let me know that they want to develop courses (like my Making Money Course Series) that allow them to work from home and help hundreds or even thousands of people. So when I met Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing a few months ago, I quickly understood he was the real deal. Having grown his own business to seven figures in less than three years, Danny’s track record speaks for itself. When he agreed to share his new video training course with me – and has given me the link to get it to you – I was thrilled.

Danny just released Video #2 TODAY on how you can sell a new program/ product (that doesn’t even exist yet!) – plus you’ll get access to his Video #1 which explains why you need to understand the new paradigm in online marketing before you create any course in the first place.

If you are considering creating a new program in 2015 or 2016, DEFINITELY check out Danny’s videos. Here’s your link to get instant access to his Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Pre-Selling Your Pilot, PLUS both videos: I’m watching them too – Danny is just that good – so email me back once you take a watch with your greatest take-away.

Onto your next level of learning and growing in 2015!

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Yes, a new year has begun. Great intentions are being set – and many already forgotten.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes the difference between resolutions that stick and resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside.

Last week, I provided a ton of valuable info on setting you up with a new system for your mail along with finding the time to review and handle it all – addressing some of the BIGGEST stressors that I see people have with their bills – even before it even comes to paying them! But the key is… have you put these life-changing (and relatively easy) tips into place?

Einstein thinkingMONEY TIP: Nothing will change unless you do. Consider this Albert Einstein quote…

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

So something in your mindset needs to shift to begin to create different results – with a new solid commitment to actually complete them this year.

Here are some questions to ask yourself now…

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily while others are destined to struggle?

Is the difference in their education, intelligence or skills? 

Do they have the right timing, contacts or luck?

Or is it their choice of jobs, businesses or investments?

The shocking answer is… it’s none of the above.

Unfortunately, most people will never achieve what they want financially – or if they do, it may only be short lived.


Because there are big differences in the way highly successful people think and make decisions, as compared to people who just scrape by.
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People like to pick my brain – I get it. I’ve figured out a ton about how to set up systems and ongoing practices to get in – and stay in action with your money, especially for the most avid avoider (yes, kind of like me at heart).

So just last week, I was enjoying a local Italian dinner and my friend Kate says to me, “I just REALLY want to get a mail system in place so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with all the piles and paper that keeps accumulating. I want to start the new year off right. PLEASE can you help?” So I’ll share with you, ~Contact.FirstName~, what I told Kate…

Direct-Mail1MONEY TIP: You need a system – specifically a mail system (and an easy regular practice to keep up with it). The mail will keep coming. The bills will keep coming. The overwhelm will keep happening. AND it all gets solved with a system that you can actually keep up with. The key is that whatever you set up is easy to maintain – and even fun and rewarding to do.

ACTION STEPS: So here’s how you get going:

DAILY: Keep the following supplies/ equipment close at hand to where you usually just put down the mail: a letter opener, a recycle bin, and a basket (ideally with divided compartments). As you bring the mail in, put down the other stuff in your hands (including a purse, briefcase, or a child, for instance!) and immediately decide if the item of mail can be recycled, needs to be opened and checked for next steps, or can be opened and then added to the short stack of items to be handled during your “money date” to be paid or reviewed.
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