We’re Hiring!

by Belinda Rosenblum

Hiring All 3 PositionsWe at OwnYourMoney.com are in a really exciting growth time and hiring 3 new part-time work from home team members (experience required):

1- Salesperson/ Telemarketer to help explain our programs and help people find the program that is the right fit for them. More at: http://ownyourmoney.com/hiring

2- Money coach that has experience with money mindset and/or money management (come with one and I can teach you the other!). More at: http://ownyourmoney.com/hiring-coach/

3- Operations manager / Online Business Manager that is a strong virtual assistant and has operated in and likely managed an advanced online and offline business.


Please send us an email at Info@OwnYourMoney.com with any recommendations or questions. I’d love to build my team with fantastic readers like you – we both know that hiring great people is key!


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You can do everything – but not all at the same time.

For me, right after the excitement of the Ditch Your Debt Challenge and Rich Life Mastery program opportunity (thanks for sticking with me and the increase in emails during the launch time!), I refocused on my home and personal life.

And boy, did I learn a few things that I want to share with you today… IMG_9763 (3)

We were having some handyman work done around the house. Our “honey do list” expanded beyond our capabilities – and so it was not getting done. (Including these new pictures hung in my office.)

We hired someone based on a referral but quickly ran into a few challenges – and so it became a tremendous learning opportunity for me and for you.

MONEY TIP: Before you spend even $1 on hiring a handyman or house contractor, be sure you ask these questions: [click to continue…]

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I hate missing deadlines. I beat myself up, second-guess why, but almost 100% of the time it is avoidable.

You are about to miss out on the Rich Life Mastery programIf you’ve been on the fence, now is your time to join us.

At 11:59pm PT tonight enrollment closes.
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I became our family CFO (Chief Financial Officer) after my dad had a stroke. I was 21 and I totally didn’t take the role seriously.

I should have been firedI should have been fired.

It wasn’t until I was 28 – as our whole financial world was about to come crashing down around me because of my avoidance and procrastination – that I decided to get honest with myself, enlisted some support and created a step-by-step plan.

I fired that old identity and chose a new one.
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