53116502 - credit score report with penManaging your credit — credit cards and your credit scores in particular — can seem so confusing and even a little scary.

You don’t want to do anything to hurt it, but it seems like even the smallest wrong move can hurt your credit score. (Plus, it is so hard to know what a wrong move is, when even just having a high current outstanding balance can hurt it.) And even the smallest ding on your credit could affect the rate you get, or worse, if you even get the credit card or loan.

Besides the clear alternatives to raise your credit score like paying down debt and disputing any inaccurate or incomplete activity, you can improve your standing in the major category of Amounts Owed, which represents 30% of your credit score, and even in the 35% Payment history, as we will be ensuring the credit due are paid on time.

If you use your credit card during the month and don’t pay it off before the statement is issued, that statement balance will be reported and show as “Amounts Owed” on your credit report, thus reducing your available credit and increasing your debt utilization.

BUT in a recent interview for the Money Makers Academy with Gerri Detweiler, Head of Market Education for Nav.com, the only site to give small business owners their free business and personal credit scores, she shared a quick hack to help reduce the impact of your credit card debt and thus raise your credit score before you apply for credit.
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51913840 - 2017Brace yourself—this isn’t just one more “Happy New Year” or “New Year, New You” email. I’m pretty done with those and maybe you are too.

(I of course wish you THE BEST for 2017, and I want to actually show you HOW to live into that.)

Before you open your mouth with one more “Happy New Year!” I want you to stop and ask yourself — even just for a moment…

* What specifically am I really wishing for this person?
* Is “Happy” overused and underachieved?
* What does it even mean to me to have my own “Happy New Year”?

I see the same thing happen the first week of every year… we all wish each other a “Happy New Year!” set resolutions, and then take very little (different) action.

Yup, the definition of insanity right there. Doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result.

MONEY TIP: For 2017 to create different results for you, you will need to commit to different actions and beliefs. But this is NOT a suggestion to create a laundry list of unsustainable wishes, aka goals, for the new year. That is what most people do and that will likely not set you up for success.
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Do you know what Santa and Mark Zuckerberg have in common?

belinda-and-becca-dec-23-ezineThey both inspire us to put on our best face — to be “nice”, “like” life… where everything is joy, joy, joy! We are all smiles and everything seems perfect. (See below for what happened a few minutes later…)

Don’t get me wrong… there are certainly moments when that is exactly the case, but not every minute is like that.

That is what everyone sees on the outside. But what is just under the surface?

That feeling of comparison?
Of not meeting expectations?
Or sadness and guilt because of what you don’t have figured out yet or your inability to do everything you wanted to do this holiday season (like travel to family, buy expensive gifts, or take time off)?

Well I am here to let you off the hook!
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Will you celebrate with me?

file-dec-13-10-54-27-amToday is my birthday, and we’ll be continuing the fun this Thursday (a continuation of the GBP — the “Greater Birthday Period”) on two live webinars AND open your eyes with the how-to’s so you can enjoy More Than Enough money in your life.

Register now for one of Thursday’s LIVE virtual workshops (they’re FREE!): http://ownyourmoney.com/video/more/

Here’s the thing… Maybe bills stress you out.

Maybe you’ve got this low-grade feeling of disorganization.

Maybe you’re in denial about how much you owe.

Whatever your situation, it’s probably safe to say that handling your money is probably not your favorite thing to think or talk about.

But what if I could make it simple for you?
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