Are you financially fearless?

Greetings from San Diego! I am at FinCon, THE annual conference for financial bloggers, podcasters, and speakers.

And dang, am I meeting incredible brilliant people that I’ll be sharing with YOU.

As a start, before you head out for the weekend, watch this quick video that I recorded with “America’s Money Coach,” Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. (You may have seen her on Good Morning America… yesterday morning!)
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Remember when you were EXCITED to start school?

file-sep-16-12-54-16-am-resizedMy son Seth just started pre-K and he was beyond thrilled to be learning and in community having fun with his new “friends”.

So where did we lose that enthusiasm?

My guess is … when it became hard, we lost the play, and we had a lot more at stake. So it really mattered how we performed.

And after a long series of steps, we are where we are today…

Making the money we are making, and often resigned to whatever comes in on our paycheck or client checks.

But WHAT IF (and stay with me here)…

You have MORE control over your income than you may realize right now.
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We women may control more money than ever before (whether we’ve earned, married or inherited it).

Just last year, the tide has turned so now 51% of America’s personal wealth is in the hands of women and on the rise.

But if you’re like the whopping majority–no matter how much you have–money remains a source of stress, anxiety and pain.


MONEY TIP: Money remains stressful because you don’t know how to use, enjoy, or tap the power money brings. 

(This is why my friend and colleague, Barbara Stanny is doing something that she has never done before. Check it out here >>)
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If I could end one thing in this life, it would be to end the struggle we feel with our money.

If I could end a second thing, it would be to end the struggle we feel with our bodies.

And aren’t they really SO connected…

I’ve seen what happens when an otherwise smart, capable, caring woman (or man really too) is distracted and frustrated by any of these challenges:

  • lack of energy and focus to go after soul’s true desires
  • healing of deep health/ money issues is slow and painful
  • relationships suffer
  • work and income suffer
  • joy and hope seem like distant memories
  • cravings plague and annoy, causing self-loathing (the worst)

All of this because of a struggle that really is fixable.

(And my friend and colleague Alex Jamieson will be teaching exactly this in relationship to food in her new video series.)
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