Fraud FactorThe webinar is starting soon…

Remember the old saying from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”?

Well I think you CAN,  you can stop living reactively with money and start living the life you really want… confident and in control of your money.

BUT you do need to let go of what my friend and Master Coach Amy Pearson affectionately calls “The Fraud Factor.”

Here are all the details:

It starts in a few hours, so be sure to claim your spot now.
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Have you ever gone down this path…

“I need to get X done.”

(X could be taking a good look at your money, getting organized, asking for a promotion/ charging higher rates, dating, restarting an eating/ exercise regimine, or almost anything that feels risky to move forward and take action on because it might not work.)

“But… I don’t want to do X.”

“Because if I do X and it doesn’t work, I’ll feel like a failure.”

“And if I’m a failure, then I’ll judge myself that I’m not who I present myself to be.”

“Then people won’t see me as smart or as knowledgeable (as I think I am).”

“And then maybe that means that I’m not really that smart after all.”

“You know what…why bother? I guess I’m just a big fraud, so why try in the first place…”

And then BAM!
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File Jul 15, 3 56 54 PM resizedCongratulations!

As a successful person, earning a good living, caring about their financial future (since you’re reading this now), you’re a member of an exclusive club.

And yet, you may feel like there is more to this money “stuff” than you have figured out yet.

MONEY TIP: Mastering the inner and the outer games of money is a continuous process. You don’t learn one or two things and then you’re done.
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The simpler, easier, better, faster way to “do” money

LonelyHandling money can feel so lonely.

Like everyone else must know what they are doing… but for you, it may feel overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.

Oh I get it… I used to look at my piles of bills and paperwork and feel like such a failure.

Until that one turning point moment when I realized that financial independence did not mean that I had to do it alone.

To the contrary actually! I could be MORE confident, MORE clear, and enjoy MORE money once I got some assistance and support.

AND it doesn’t have to cost a month’s salary. It’s just $79 to get started.

Join us now — enrollment for the Money Makers Academy closes tomorrow 11:59pm.
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